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I had begged and begged Margarite for the anniversary present I wanted most, and finally she agreed. But finally after weeks of begging, she decided it might be interesting to see what it was like.

Name: Malinda

My age: I'm over forty
What is my gender: Female
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Virgo
My body features: I'm quite plump
What is my favourite drink: Red wine
I prefer to listen: Rock
What is my hobbies: Painting

And he did. I was getting hornier seeing my brother was such a pig. Let me feel the pain and keep on crying. We are just as pig. I never denied him anymore that pleasure. And he hesitantly shoved the head of his dick in my arse and then taking a deep breath and saying he would stop if I felt uncomfortable, he pushed slowly his shaft to the hilt.

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And we were devouring each other for Puke sex stories minutes. Now I moaned excitedly and told him to really pummel my ass then. He gave me no show of pain. We reached the agreement of always being that dirty with each other. His perfume, even the smell of excrements we both had was perfume, soothed me and smell was soon stronger than pain. His sexy cheeks were on my mouth then.

He did not resist long either and soon blasted his Puke sex stories load in my mouth, going down my throat and soon reaching my stomach. It was said and done. I would return to work on Monday and we should be very careful not to betray our feelings. I was feeling something else which I had no problem in identifying but I should wait for him to cum and then tell him. In his case, love was stronger than pain, so I had to be slowly slamming his sexy hole, pulling in and sometimes pushing out and pounding him again.

We kissed each other sweetly for a couple of minutes and sat down in the bathtub again. We were for longer than a quarter of an hour, washing each other with real affection, but rubbing hard to remove all that dirt. You are perfect for me, bro, and I would like to be fucked by you every day. After some new minutes, he busted his load in my mouth one more time and came then to my dick and gave me a new blowjob. It was our private sewer and we spent the next few minutes looking at each other, smiling and picking dirt from our bodies and eating; sometimes from the bathtub floor.

He said ok and we started to have a necessary shower. He just urged me to fuck him stronger and repeated he loved me once and again.

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Immediately I felt excruciating pain and poured some tears. I shat him one small turd and he chewed it. I almost cried with that soft and tender sensation of my dick inside his ass. And still scared he started to fart. It was somehow disgusting me, but I was enjoying the taste as well.

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But take all the shit and puke you can from my dirty body, let it in my crack and once it is well lubed, fuck me, Eddie. No sooner I tasted his poop, I told him. The psychological pleasure is greater. Brotherly love was shown in our teeth, our tongues, our lips and in our words.

He said I smelled wonderfully and told me please fill me now with your shit too, Lenny. A little shy, but less shy than Eddie had been, I increased the dirt my brother had on his body when I filled him with a larger amount of crap. I kissed his rod affectionately first and then told him something. But he had enjoyed so much that he begged me to shit a lot more in his stomach. Nevertheless I wanted him to fill my body with that dirt too.

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Shall we, Eddie? Never did I have something more important to say. So he did shit me one more turd. I wanna taste your digestion. But different from me before, my brave brother was only moaning, he never cried. And I want to be forever just as pig with you. We decided to have a lot of showers that weekend. We were both eating shit at the same time and laughing. We could die if we are not together. He calmed down and could well perceive I was enjoying this intimate act of brotherly sex.

What now? Less shy now he shat on my back and it was him who smeared his shit on it now. Only you and I can discern what we are feeling.

Brother's puke

I had shit, puke and undoubtedly some drops of piss too embellishing more my already dirty crack. That can be a lube. So I instantly mustered courage and entered my brother.

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We were not shy now. He saw me and asked me if I wanted him to stop and I said. I thought he would be disgusted but my shit seemed to have a nasty smell for me, but wonderful for him.

Saphira and janie (pt. i)

We are both in love, my dear. But then my brother surprised me by sucking my cock again. He asked me then to shoot my load in his ass and I finally came. Shit me one more turd. We are perfect for each other. Still with many doubts he was for some minutes getting dirt from my body and filling my crack with all of it.

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The moment his shit reached my chest I touched it and played with it a little, as if I was modeling with plasticine; and I was soon affectionately smearing it all over my body so he could see what I was doing and could be calmer. I knew I would blow him next when he had finished, so I came in his mouth quickly, eager to blow my brother one more time. He ate, looked at me and smiled. I asked him if he felt any disgust seeing the smell that now his brother had.

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As if he were reading me, he told me he could not hold it any longer and I begged him to fill my ass with his juice. I grabbed his dick affectionately and started swallowing his manhood again while I caressed his Puke sex stories all the time, making it funnier for him and making his balls used to produce a new load that I would drink soon.

And there came a minute when pain started to become pleasure. I could perceive in that stench that his crap would really be nasty. Nothing from him could disgust me; nothing from me could ever disgust him. I sat on the bathtub for a minute to watch him and I had to do the same and took some shit from my body and ate it too.

But in that moment I started to see what it would feel like to be fucked once and again.

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Now I could stand it, though it was still painful. Please read the adventures of eight happy beggars who live together in either of these blogs: in English: lightsoftheearth.

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Go on, Eddie, now it hurts a bit less —I lied. My dick after now was his to enjoy as many times he desired every day. Meanwhile I kissed him, groped his entire hot body, got some excrements from it and ate them. I did not want to be a martyr, but I really wanted my brother to cum in my ass and as I could, I withstood the pain, but finally what I had said to him was true and it really hurt a bit less.

I have fallen in love with you, bro. But he got Puke sex stories shit he had on his chest and tasted it ly, and quite sure now that he liked the flavour he urged me to shit in his mouth as well. He shot his load and then got out of me and showed me his dick, full of shit, puke and everything. I could perceive his shitted crack and the closer smell made me know I would even feel horny when he shat inside me. With no one can I feel this blissful. I am a pig and this taste is great. He agreed but told me it was a pity to get clean now but I said we could repeat this pig party every Saturday.

I wanna share my life with you. We were living our first day as a couple and the shower was an aroused concert of Puke sex stories lust. But horny I really was. He asked me to fuck him now but I had something to say before. Nobody can know, but we can and I suggest that we can try and live together. I still had a lot of poop inside me. I could also see how he playfully smeared my poop all over his body, even behind and finally he said he wanted to taste it too.

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It is an impossible to describe feeling. We smiled again, almost laughed and finally I told him we should have a shower next. It has surprised me but you are just as pig as I am or more. Just ten minutes fucking my brother that first day and I told him I could not hold it any longer.

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Erika had felt that something wasn't right already that evening.

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Their first meeting is tomorrow, and Saphira is still unsure of what to expect.