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Priest Erotic Stories


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He was only eighteen and so had been open to her seductive charms. From then on, she became addicted to sex and, in particular, very sinful or exotic sex. She held the back of his head as he slavishly ate her out, then impatiently she grabbed him by the hair and brought him up to her face where she savagely licked her own juices off his face then thrust her tongue into his mouth. By the end he was in a state of high arousal, almost forgetting to tell the man to perform the Act of Contrition, his mind filled with lustful images of voluptuous Vivienne.

He was pleased how his deep voice resonated through the church, giving his words a power and weight, and he could tell from the sea of faces before him that he had their undivided attention. To the sexually curious young men of the town this, of course, made her all the more intriguing and several applied for jobs that she would advertise in the local newspaper.

She rather liked the thought of all those shocked faces Priest erotic stories seeing her present, and she felt that perhaps now was the time to return to her religion and confess her sins to this new priest. Father Michael Harrington was about to make a new start, having been informed by the Bishop that there was a vacancy at the parish of Blackmoor, where his duties were most needed, as the Bishop had heard rumours of misbehaviour spreading amongst the community.

Have you never been tempted by the wonderful sensual pleasures of the flesh? He sucked greedily on each nipple, moving his head from each to each, Biblical quotes of sin and vice running through his head, the voice of his conscience, but he was past caring now.

True confessions heard by a priest

Father Michael sat in muted disbelief as he heard their tales of wickedness and carnal abandon. The people of Blackmoor had been easily influenced by her charms but a man of the cloth seemed a much trickier proposition, and one she could not resist. She removed her hat and her long, curly black hair unfurled down her back, which Father Michael found mesmerizing. Wild tales of maids employed there experiencing erotic encounters with Miss Mercer began circulating around the town and while they became embellished along the way, they were far from without foundation.

She knew full well that his chosen life of celibacy was unnatural for Priest erotic stories man, a dam of sexual frustration and desire waiting to burst, and so it proved. If only he had not been cursed with such a strong libido such matters would not torment him he thought to himself, finding he was becoming aroused at the thought of her intimate confessions.

In Blackmoor, though, the old woman raving on her doorstep was right, sin and vice of the lustful kind had indeed seized the souls of many in the town. She explained how she would find some fun in flirting with the gardener and other workmen who visited, but she never cheated on her husband. She pulled her dress up over her hips then over her head, revealing her full, pert breasts caught in a black sheer bra, her thick, swollen nipples protruding through the fabric.

He had mixed feelings about leaving, for he had grown fond of the quiet, innocent village of Leighton where he had been the Catholic priest for several years. He wanted to be shocked and disgusted, but he Priest erotic stories himself more and more asking for prurient details, even letting himself rub his throbbing erection through his cassock which made him feel deeply guilty. He finally stepped down from the pulpit after his final address and the congregation began to slowly disperse.

She smiled to herself as he began licking her with a passion and intensity she had rarely experienced. Vivienne was dying to see what this priapic priest had under his cassock, hoping to find him hung like a stallion. He politely bade her farewell and hurried to the clergy house, opening the front door with the key he had been given and spent the evening in his lounge reading Bible verses about Sodom and the dire consequences of being lead astray by carnal desires.

When he died though, and she received his vast wealth, she moved to Blackmoor to put it behind her and found herself with so much time on her hands that sinful thoughts began to take hold of her once pure soul. Through the lattice screen he could see her hitching up her dress over her thighs to reveal black stockings. Arriving fashionably late, however, was Vivienne Mercer, whose footsteps echoed through the church as she walked in, he turning to see who this latecomer could be.

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It was obvious now…. She was greeted with a few gasps but mainly stunned silence as people realized this was no stranger.

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He was a sensual soul by nature but his calling to the church had made him deny himself, and now it burst out of him as if he were a lion let loose from a cage. She thought how surprisingly adept he was at cunnilingus but he was going purely on instinct.

‘priest’ stories

The man left having been told his sins had been forgiven, and this began a procession of the people of Blackmoor, both men and women, young and middle aged, all confessing their descent into debauchery at the hands of Miss Mercer. Father Michael listened intently, feeling himself drawn ever more deeply under her spell, the mesmerizing sound of her deep, sensual voice captivating him, his whole body on fire with mounting desire. It had all begun when a rather mysterious dark haired woman had moved into the town, living in a large house located in the hills above the main part of the town where most resided.

She certainly made an impression on Father Michael, who found himself thinking about her often during the following week, even waking up sweating in the middle of the night from an erotically charged dream where Miss Mercer had appeared as naked Eve tempting him to eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

Father Michael awoke on the Saturday with be of sweat on his brow from yet more feverish, erotic dreams of Vivienne Mercer. She then brought his head to her breast and he gorged on her red, swollen nipple through her sheer bra, then her hands slipped round her back and unclasped it, revealing the full glory of her breasts to him. With that, she turned on her heel and made her way out of the church. He looked around as he got off the bus, thinking what might be in front of him during his stay here, and made his way to the Priest erotic stories house as instructed.

Vivienne Mercer was a complex woman with Priest erotic stories mesmerising charisma and charm, aware of her ability to influence others but not entirely unrepentant about her sexual over indulgences. Father Michael shifted uncomfortably in his chair, his involuntarily erection straining under his cassock. The people there were so pure and innocent that he rarely had to listen to a confession and even then it would be of a very mild nature.

By now, he had lost all control of himself, his lower desires taking full hold of him. It was an area of himself that he had struggled with the most. Sunday soon arrived and Father Michael was as nervous as a schoolboy on his first day. She was here to seduce him, not to confess. He pushed apart her legs still wider with his hands on her knees and then ran his tongue slowly over her soaking wet snatch. He saw these desires as Priest erotic stories of the testing of his faith and refused to let them get the better of him. He found himself leaving his seat and entering into her side of the confessional, whereupon she smiled and splayed her legs wide.

There was an awkward silence. This content appeared first on new sex story. It was more than he could bear, and his desire seemed to overwhelm him. Through her latest maid, she had heard the news that a new Catholic priest had taken residence and would be giving his first sermon on Sunday. He had sworn to a celibate life when he took the Sacrament of the Holy Order as part of becoming a priest and he was often plagued by sexual thoughts and dreams that tormented him.

He noticed her steady, assured gait as she walked up to him and introduced herself, her footsteps echoing as she reached the altar. He had prepared his sermon on the perils of giving in to lust and sin, quoting the relevant parts of the Bible. The thought of tempting a priest to fall from grace was hugely appealing to her, and represented her biggest challenge so far. Father Michael was in his priest attire so it was obvious and he introduced himself to the rather frightened looking lady. She was his Jezebel, his great harlot and as she spread her legs he could see she was wearing no panties, the sight of her trimmed bush dimly visible through the lattice screen.

She was a lapsed Catholic, but the ideas of sin and redemption still had a strong hold on her, and she genuinely feared she may go to hell for her wicked ways.

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Not even the burning flames of eternal hell seem to scare them! Father Michael was right to suspect Miss Mercer for, though she was a lapsed Catholic and part of her did want to be redeemed, she was driven by her need to satiate her desires and found nothing more exciting than tempting others into sin. Father Michael found himself getting aroused as the man confessed how the widow had seduced him by exposing her bare breasts to him in his tool shed, asking him if he wanted to lick them.

Warn them about Sodom and Gomorrah! He was quite alarmed to see her there unexpectedly but she got up and approached him. She rode it up so high that he could see her stocking tops and he could barely breathe with the effect it had on him.

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There could be no going back to innocent Leighton now, how far away that place seemed to him already…. Her name was Vivienne Mercer and she was the rich widow of a business tycoon who had made his fortune in oil but had died in his late forties in mysterious circumstances. He explained it had been years since his last confession but that his venial sins had all been carnal in nature.

As he read it back, he was worried at how heavy and intense it sounded, but he knew he had been sent here for a reason, to try and redeem the lost souls of Blackmoor.

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Father Michael had no idea who she was yet, but could sense the power of her personality and was drawn to her effortless allure. When he was the priest of Leighton, it was such an innocent, idyllic place that temptation was never placed before him, in fact not one confession had ever been about carnal weakness, almost to his disappointment. He braced himself as he got himself ready for confession, knowing this was going to be a long four hours, with Miss Mercer arriving at the end with a long list of sins to confess. The sermon lasted an hour, Father Michael keen to make a strong impression and he felt he had their rapt attention throughout, which pleased him.

Father Michael stood watching her, mesmerized by her powerful presence and charisma. He would smile quaintly to himself as they would confess some minor transgression or mild venial sin that they had been feeling terribly guilty about for months. Priest erotic stories sinners of the flesh will pay the price!

Perverted priest

He felt clammy and tense as he awaited her arrival, then heard the unmistakable sound of her footsteps slowly walking across the stone floor of the church, then she entered the confessional…. He spent the evening alone in the rectory wondering if Miss Mercer was truly repentant about her supposed sins or was simply a plotting temptress sent to test his faith and thought Priest erotic stories the old woman ranting on her doorstep.

Thinking the church was as full as it was going to get, he made his way up the steps of the pulpit and placed his sermon on the podium ready to begin. His tongue ran wild, running along the inners of her thighs and even Vivienne herself was taken aback by the force of his passion.

His other reason for being nervous, that no one would turn up and he would be stood alone in an empty church, was soon placated as he approached the pulpit from the rear entrance and saw people arriving and taking a pew. Father Michael knew instinctively that it could be none other than Vivienne Mercer and the confessor continued that every time he worked there she would seduce him, sometimes dressed in the most alluring way with heavy make-up and perfume that would overwhelm his senses and reason. In fact, he was startled to see how many were arriving to hear him, but knew now was not a time to panic and took some deep breaths to retain his composure.

Father Michael gripped the sides of the pulpit with trembling hands but steadied himself and addressed his new flock, their faces expectant as they waited for his first words.

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So prevalent did these rumours become that her house became known as the Mansion On The Hill, and young men were warned to stay away from her as she would lead them into disrepute. She was wearing a large black hat that covered her face a little, so retained an air of mystery. She crossed her stocking-clad legs and rubbed one against the other slowly, knowing Father Michael could see, his downward stare visible through the screen. She spent a vast sum on expensive lingerie and provocative clothes then found she had a gift for seduction. As he boarded the bus for Blackmoor he started wondering what the nature of their misbehaviour might be, wondering whether alcohol had resulted in domestic violence or maybe even drugs, though he knew he was rather naive about things like that, not having been exposed to it before.

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