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Pregnant Masturbation Stories


This story from Babybaby has been read 3 9 3 9 8 times. Pregnant and horny Written by Babybabyongenre group sex Twenty two years old: my whole life ahead of me, and I get fucking pregnant by some coward who runs the other way when he finds out. I don't blame him. It's all my fault, really. Or at least I take responsibility for being so careless.

Name: Danyelle

My age: 33
What I like to drink: Absinthe

I imagined repeating that scene to be relieved. I had jilled off that morning after my husband left for work and tasted his cum mixed with my pussy juices. I was in the zone.

Insatiable preggo - sex with a pregnant woman

I was going crazy down there. I become hooked on marriage sex, taking a puff when Larry was around or not around. I was horny as heck. He took out his member. In fact, I decided to go with it, but Pregnant masturbation stories and secretly so that no one except God was going to know. This was before travel. Or I looked guilty like a little girl with her finger caught in the cookie jar. No calls and I was far too horny to think even about prospecting for new contacts.

Since I have been a keeper of a journal, I have those times of my life written down, including how my horny masturbation practices intersected with making love with Larry. I quickly took my hands out from under my dress. My cousin talked about smoking that I way.

I could find great deals for my customers and sometimes I found great deals for me and my husband. The fact was that this pregnancy masturbating happened almost every day.

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Her husband, Jake, was a firefighter who had flex time. I kept my breathing quiet, though I had privacy the wall were paper thin. I started crying. I orgasmed right there. But horniness and masturbation were sweetly present in both places. I arrived home to our suburban home desperate for an orgasm.

Pregnant passion in the dressing room

I had to be careful not to be caught. He would have one week off at home.

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She and her husband had four children from ages She had a great marriage and had no qualms about talking about sex especially to me. She loved working part-time as a travel agent. He let me know that his dad and mom were on their way to take us out to dinner. The fall into pregnancy masturbation happened that afternoon working as a commissioned sales travel agent. I stayed away from the confessional booth in those days.

I was close. Someone knocked on the door. Larry came home two hours later. Larry wanted to hear my memories of pregnancy masturbating — every detail. The moment I starting pregnancy masturbating I loved it. We wanted to go to as many places as possible before the little one arrived.

I was blushing.

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Larry followed me into the bedroom and put his arms around me. I leaned forward over the washer while my hand was fixed on my pussy from under my skirt. He would rather watch me masturbate than watch Bears football. The vibration of the car and the road was making my sexual desire race ahead.

Has anyone ever had a weight shifting, leg moving orgasm?

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I stopped and pulled my panties down, while I pressed my fingers against my pussy. I liked the feeling so well. She said the moment see took her first puff she was hooked. I drove home with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand with parked at the lips of my pussy. Poor Jake had to service me day and night. I applied pressure without moving my finger.

I worked in a very private office in those days.

Masturbation after miscarriage: 14 women share their stories

I just wanted to do him all night. My pussy was getting wet. I also noticed that my crying was exciting Larry. I could not even make it past the laundry room. Larry and I took advantage of this opportunity especially after I found out I was pregnant with our first. The best part is that I liked feeling that way.

He would work one week straight, living at the firehouse. Larry wanted me to take my journals and write erotic stories based on those journals and then share them with him and Marriage Heat readers. I thinking it was pregnancy related. It was Jeannie, a lady fifteen years older than me.

‘pregnant female masturbation’ stories

I was sitting at my desk thinking about how I masturbated after Larry left for work. I wanted to be a travel agent because I liked travel. My husband, Larry, found out that I secretly masturbated when I was pregnant with our three children. In the s travels agents were needed. I felt manic; I would vacillate between highs and lows, laughing and crying pregnancy hormones.

Even now.

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We were not Catholics, but I did feel guilty about pleasuring myself to orgasm. They were Catholic Christians who did not believe in birth control. He is my 1 fan.

Pregnant passion in the dressing room

Jeannie was ready for a break. I just put my finger under my dress for just seconds, and I was cumming.

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Larry encouraged me to masturbate thirty years ago. He loved it. It was a quiet day. Larry often commented how horny I was when I was pregnant. I remembered that but was still crying, and I left the room to go into the bedroom, still crying but essentially horny still.

Pregnant and horny

She may have noticed that I was flush from that orgasm. She brought the subject of sex up. I felt the wet through the cotton. I thought that masturbating was perverted. We took our break, and I got back to my office. I was shifting my weight, moving my legs.

‘pregnant female masturbation’ stories

They did believe in having sex. I felt his hard on against my ass. I continued to cry and for some reason I was getting wet in my pussy. Some days were more tame than others. I imagined Larry screwing me from behind against the washer.

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Pregnant sex stories: I love pregnant women who masturbate Being one of the Phone Sex Girls affords me so many opportunities to hear about the sexiest experiences and fantasies.

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This story from Babybaby has been read 3 9 3 9 4 times.

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My name is Maggie.

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Pregnancy is an exciting time.