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Pregnant Male Stories
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Male pregnancy—"mpreg," for short—is an internet subculture that's growing bigger, no pun intended, every day. Reviled as "disturbing" by many and explored more fully by few, mpreg enthusiasts have remained mostly silent about who they are and what they're about. Until now. If you're not familiar with mpreg, the conceit is fairly simple: It's an online fantasy world of images and stories exploring male pregnancy.

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Do we have a name yet? That was very difficult to navigate. We grew up in not great neighborhoods. In our case, immediate threat to the life means, like, literally dying on the table. In a special t project with GQ and Glamour, I set out to find those stories.

Male pregnancy

We spoke at a rally in Albany and started to share our story directly with the legislators, just to try to get some context as to why the current law was problematic. If we continued the pregnancy and made it through birth, the baby would not be able to breathe. We went to the clinic, and everyone was surprised I was there.

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Is it our first one? In my early 20s, I got my girlfriend pregnant. They had a really, really hard first ten years afterward, raising the kid, my older brother, at such a young age.

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We had to organize an appointment in Colorado. She went into Sinai and was induced and effectively had a stillbirth.

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There were other women there, girls. They looked at me and her, and they knew what was going on. We were devastated. Pregnancy is such a public thing, and people feel very comfortable invading your privacy to ask about it.

They ended up sending her home with the abortion pill.

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There was one girl who was shaking while waiting. There were a lot of protesters outside. Some knew immediately that abortion was the right decision. Abortion done, no problems. The men varied widely in age, location, socioeconomic class, race, and ethnicity, and included everyone from paramedics to barbacks to professors.

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There were bilateral clubbed feet. To protect the privacy of the women at the heart of these stories, we have changed the names of many of the men included. The reality is sometimes someone is in a very shitty situation with their pregnancy. We went to a Planned Parenthood clinic. Similarly, in Georgia, male legislators who voted for the fetal heartbeat bill, which banned abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy, far outed the female yea votes. To us, it seemed like the sort of compassionate, humane thing to do, both for us and for this potential life.

Caesarean birth

The receptionist told me that less than 10 percent have men to hold their hands. We were pissed off that we had to go to Colorado when we have some of the best hospitals in the country a mile away. After the abortion, some moved on quickly, eager to get back to life as usual. Made jokes about the invader.

Scientists say it could be done. and my better half is the perfect candidate. all i have to do is convince him.

Others were haunted by the thought of the fathers they could have been. By the next day, the pregnancy was aborted. We had to go through logistical shit. Men, it's clear, are a part of the abortion experience in America. Then things started to happen. Right now, men are over-represented on the anti-choice side of this conversation. They had no one. At the time, the law in New York only allowed an abortion to be performed in the state after 24 weeks if there was an immediate threat to the life of the mother.

Vaginal birth

Two men told me they desperately wanted their baby, but their wives were forced out of medical necessity to have third-trimester abortions. Eventually we decided it made sense for us to share our story. No one to hold their hands.

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Some of their stories are hard to read. Get hotel rooms.

How your fetus grows during pregnancy

I was kind of just baffled that this is what you do. I ended up going to grad school. Eventually, they started seeing that the hands were clenched, and again, these things are We were certainly hopeful. They did some anatomical scans and stuff like that, and nothing seemed to be wrong.

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What they decided we should do is fly to Colorado, get an injection to induce fetal demise from the abortion provider there, and then fly back to New York that night. Is it a boy or a girl? Last Maywhen the Alabama state senate voted to effectively outlaw all abortions, every one of the 25 lawmakers who voted for the bill was a man.

We never doubted that we wanted to get an abortion once we found out the news.

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We were pissed off. These are 12 of their stories. She had had brain surgery a year before, and her brain surgeon was concerned about her pushing during a delivery, because it could potentially lead to a bleed in her brain and kill her. I had no money.

Scientists say it could be done. and my better half is the perfect candidate. all i have to do is convince him.

I found men through local abortion-rights chapters, online message boards, and organizations like We Testify and Shout Your Abortionwhich collect and publish abortion stories. For the record, 57 percent of men in the U. One in four U. Most, we can reasonably assume, were impregnated by a man.

In these debates, men talk about abortion as an abstraction, as something that happens to women out there somewherebut not to anyone they know personally. I held her hand.

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So we agreed that she should have an abortion. My dad got my mom pregnant soon after high school, and they had literally zero way of making it. We started working as sort of people with a sad story. More bad things started to pop up. Things sort of seemed to be going fine. Because of that, my brother and I, we grew up really poor. I was a senior in college in Texas.

A threat to the health of the patient or an indication of fetal nonviability—there were no exceptions in the New York law for that.

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It was just something in our way and something that really complicated the experience for us. Then we realized that there was an opportunity for patients to actually step in as partners and become actual independent advocates. We quickly made the decision to terminate. Our options were to carry the pregnancy knowing it was doomed and then give birth to who chokes for air and dies, or we could try to get ourselves to a provider who would give us an abortion this late in pregnancy.

Get a rental car. We had to get flights. They started talking to me and saying all this crazy stuff, showing me all these gross pictures.

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They decided to keep it and get married. Rarely, though, do men talk about their own abortion stories. Then we went in at 30 weeks, and Erika had a really elevated amniotic fluid level.

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