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Penis Milking Story


Devon was the owner of a brothel that was known far and wide for entertaining just about any sexual fantasy a man could dream up. He was a shrewd businessman with a good reputation. He treated his customers right, he treated his working girls right. His creativity helped maximize both his profits and his customer's pleasure. He offered both the basic and th

Name: Amil

What is my age: 49
What is my nationaly: Kazakh
Hair color: Gray
I can speak: English
My body features: My body features is quite plump
I prefer to drink: Ale
What is my favourite music: Folk

Linds immediately placed her foot in my lap and inserted my cock in between her big toe and second toe. She lifted each of my legs up and rested them on top of her crossed thighs. I really did not have a problem with that but played like I did. She was right about me feeling violated.

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Her doing this to me caused my body to tense up and raise my hips into the air. They agreed. She said it would allow me to remain hard much longer and my orgasm would be much more intense and longer. I will keep playing with your cock while she does it. Only half way, I still got more to go sweetie. Linds continued to stroke my shaft causing me to moan. I did as she instructed and watched as she took a seat on the bed between my legs. After a few more strokes she stopped stroking my shaft and began to rub her long thumb very slowly up and down along the sensitive glands at the head of my cock.

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All the while keeping me hard. She pulled her long hair back over her shoulders and then grabbed my already hard cock and began to fondle it. Maybe that would work. Keep him between your toes.

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They both continued to talk to me about it trying to convince me. This put me more at ease with her. Joan kept playing with my balls.

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It was driving me crazy and she knew it. She was beautiful, long brown hair and long slender shapely legs to match. I will let her explain it to you. Joan was directly in front of me and I had a great vantage point of her tight ass and shapely calves. I am going to pump his squirt button.

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The sight and weight of her smooth shapely calf across my abdomen excited me further. I relaxed a bit then Joan moved the tip of her finger back and forth against my prostrate. I quickly found out the real reason for their visit.

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I watched as they both slipped off their shoes. Linds raised up her other leg and laid it across my lower abdomen pressing it against the shaft of my cock propping it upright. See how he responded Linds? Finally after much deliberation I agreed. She began to jerk my cock the length of my shaft all the way up to the head where she paused and gently wiggled her toes back and forth a few times then stroked me again.

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Does it feel okay? She was relentless as was Linds who continued to pump my shaft. Joan reach down between my butt cheeks and I felt her gently separate them she lowered her face down a bit to get a better view. She finished each slow torturous thumb rub by squeezing the head of my cock firmly.

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I looked at Linds toes and saw be of my precum ooze out of my slit and onto her beautiful toes. I began moving my hips up and down and my moans of pleasure were coming more frequently. Each time she touched it I felt a tingle race down my legs and into my toes. They wanted to know if they could have a party at my place and to invite a few friends from college and the local area.

First time milking

Her toes were working me over good. However, being naked in front of Joan, whom I just met, made me feel a bit uneasy. Linds and Joan stopped what they were doing and Joan began to fondle my balls as she explained to me about how she wanted to milk me. Joan began to slowly pump her finger in and out of my rectum, each time ensuring she made contact with my so called squirt button. She also sat crossed-legged. She saw what her thumb rubbing was doing to me and smiled. I prefer to remain a virgin there. I have done this many times to Ron, my boyfriend, and he says it is so intense.

Joan concentrated on what she was doing to me as I felt her finger move even further inside me. Linds saw this and reached in with her left hand grabbing the shaft of my cock between her fingers and stroked it while Joan continued to relentlessly rub and squeeze my sensitive head. It did not take long before I started to ooze precum. Linds released me and leaned over to the bedside stand and pulled out the bottle of baby oil from the drawer. I had gotten over feeling uncomfortable in the nude in Linds presence. I could not help but tighten my muscles. And of course Linds knew just how to sway me over to Penis milking story way of thinking.

I had not seen Linds in a while.

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He bucked so high my knee almost rammed into my chin. I watched as her slender fingers worked their magic. Now you have to relax and let my finger slide in.

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Joan slid my legs off of hers and got up from the bed. After explaining all this to me I was pretty sure it was not for me. They both wore short skirts that hugged their figure. Linds kept my cock locked between her toes.

Linds sat on the bed cross-legged next to my right hip. I felt her apply the lube against my rectum and then she gently entered her finger up to the first digit. I can feel your muscles contracting Penis milking story my finger. Her legs were amazingly long and shapely. Stop stroking him for a while. I also felt a tingle at the head of my cock. She made her way over to where she had placed her purse and brought back with her a small jar of KY jelly. She assumed her position between my legs, only this time scooted herself in even closer causing my hips to spread even wider and my buttocks to tilt up higher towards her.

They stopped by to pay a visit and check up on me. She explained that she would insert her finger up my ass pumping it against my prostrate. She wore pumps and her high arches looked so inviting. You have to relax and accept me.

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Her calves were smooth and nicely formed. I further explained that the moment I said stop they would have to stop. Yet it felt amazing. I had never seen Joan before. With my legs raised atop her thighs she was able to scoot in closer to me between them. After a while I felt her finger enter me further. I could not help but move my hips up and down. I just have to work his head between my toes. You and I are going to be real close.

Linds was wearing pumps and Joan had on a pair of black mules. She stopped by with her friend Joan. At this moment you probably feel a sensation of being violated.

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I know what I am doing and I promise to be gentle. I remained hard as I felt her finger move in and out of me. Do not tighten it up. I fit very tightly between her toes. She applied more oil to her toes and reached down with a free hand to stroke my shaft while her toes began to squeeze and work harder on the sensitive area of my head.

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