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Turks Penis guillotine stories seeking male for humiliation

Penis Guillotine Stories


It is to be read by adults only. If this sort of material is not to your liking, then read no further. Credits: This story is based on a story idea suggested by The Sexecutor. The Authenticock Real-Cock Dildo factory concept, and the methodologies used to acquire the necessary raw materials for the construction of the phalluses are loosely based on a series of stories by Byron. Chapter 1.

Name: Silvie

Years old: 20
What is my ethnicity: Belgian
Eyes: Brilliant green eyes
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blond
I know: Spanish
Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius
In my spare time I love: Yoga

When they hit on me, I blow them off quickly by asking if I can torture their cock and balls. This really was a woman's clit!

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Paul now owned it. Don't even think about trying any thing described in this story. Paul walked over and plugged the two ends of the cable into the plugs on the clitoris guillotine. The man's body is strapped to these plates so he cannot pull out and with these cranks it is adjusted so the head of his cock is just beyond where the blade would fall. There are lots of rich, spoiled young men that come Penis guillotine stories in those clubs looking for young sub girls they can abuse and forget about the next day. I agreed, not sure what I was getting myself into, but reminded Paul that I got to do to him whatever he did to me.

He asked whether I wanted to try something more interesting. The bottle was filled with clear liquid and in the bottom of it was a semi circular mound of flesh. This looked much more like a guillotine. Paul leased the vineyards to other wineries in the area.

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He entered it in his cell phone, but I never expected to hear from him again. My heart was racing and my head felt like it was spinning. Paul seemed pretty tough. If castration is not your thing, Penis guillotine stories don't read it. If not, you draw a connector, put your clitty in the button cutter and let me push the button. I moved in front of the button cutter so I had a clear view of the carrot with the button on the end. This time the session was more intense. Paul held the bottle out and I took it from him. Paul opened the middle one like a door. I walked down to take a closer look.

All it takes is a few stitches on a woman. His wife is mega pissed of course. In fact he seemed intrigued. Would you like me to demonstrate how it works with a carrot?

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Paul dialed in a combination and unlocked the safe. This had to be the business part of the guillotine that could separate a lady from her pleasure button. Paul apparently lived there alone. He asked if I was a dominatrix. On the wall were several framed illustrations of BDSM activities. There was an inclined table with leg extensions so it looked like an upside down letter Y. A tall piece of equipment stood where the leg extensions forked from the table.

He reached in and got a small bottle and brought it over to me. Two weeks later I was surprised when Paul called. If you find any of that offensive, are under the age of 21 or such material is prohibited in your state or country, then stop reading right here.

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Paul got a large carrot and brought it over to the other device in the room. Most guys never call, even after mind- blowing sex. The button and the end of the carrot dropped away towards a stainless steel tray. It is pulled out as far as possible and then the clamps are closed like this.

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The others are all fakes that don't make the connection. It was a long drive, but I followed him back to his house in the hills.

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If the blade falls, you win my cock head. The smooth shinny metal tips closed on the carrot and firmly held it in place. This story is fiction, although some parts are based on real events. Then he picked up a button and some small tacks.

I turned to watch the guillotine as I pressed the button. Most of this story came strictly from my imagination. It slides along these tracks right against the clamps. I could clearly make out the clitoral hood with the head of the clit sticking out from underneath it. Paul walked back to the clitoris guillotine. Nothing happened.

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The button now stood about half an inch out from the clamp tips. This story is intended for mature adults only. Paul was good with his tongue, and I came with a shuddering orgasm that almost smothered poor Paul. The blade dropped swiftly and cut cleanly through the end of the carrot.

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The real one and fakes are indistinguishable, so when you plug the connector in, you never know if the blade will drop or not when the button is pressed. I unlocked Paul and tried to get my clothes on and out of there before he recovered his senses, but Paul sat up, thanked me, and asked for my. Show it to me. The Southern facing slopes of the hill and some of the surrounding hills were covered with vineyards.

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He must have placed it here just for this. I told him I was a switch, but only played with guys that let me abuse them first. The house sat atop a small hill, surrounded by larger hills. The tips of the clamp were very thin metal and slightly curved to reach into a woman's pelvis to grasp that most sensitive bit of flesh.

It may contain either male or female castration.

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Paul flipped the clear plastic cover over the button open and pushed. I handcuffed and tied Paul spread eagle in the middle of his bed.

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He had a long, thin cock, easily more than 7". The carrot dropped into a stainless steel tray as the blade came to rest with a thud. Paul wasn't taken back by that question. Odds are nothing happens, and we both get an incredible rush. Your odds are good, but you never know when you put you love button in those clamps whether you have the one live connector plugged in this time. I bet your panties are moist just thinking about it.

The guillotine story

I stood speechless trying to imagine what it would be like to see a cock Penis guillotine stories sliced off that way. It also contains torture and strong sexual content, although this is not really a sex story. The house itself was huge.

He was cool with that, so we arranged to meet at his estate in the hills again. I whipped his cock with a soft flogger, and then sat on his face and made him eat me out. Paul loved that idea, and we hit it off. It is weighted so it will make a clean cut. I tried to imagine how intense the pain must be when that blade slices away your most sensitive bits. A woman had wagered that bit of flesh that can bring the most intense pleasure and lost it forever! Paul placed the button at the large end of the carrot and shoved the tacks through the holes to connect it to the carrot.

How horrible it must be to never be able to feel the excitement of touching it, the release of tensions it can bring or the nirvana state that follows orgasmic ecstasy "And just like that a ladies love button is gone forever," Paul said. I mean really gone forever Only a small chance the blade will drop, but once that blade starts to fall, your love button is gone forever.

Paul said his father had brought this property intending to start a winery, but his father had become ill before he could complete that vision. Behind the framed drawing was a safe. Because he had been such a good boy, I rode his cock till he came with a big orgasm, something I hardly ever do on the first night.

Paul picked the end of the carrot out of the tray and brought Penis guillotine stories over to me.

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The guillotine was sitting on the kitchen table when I returned home from school that Spring day, left behind by my decade-older brother.

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All but one of us was excited to see the guillotine in action again.