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Peggy Hill Sex Stories


He opened the door and saw Bobby laying on his bed reading. He came home from the mall one day wearing an interesting costume….

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That dang ol' Internet, man.

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Hank said, "Luanne did you know that you were not wearing a bra? An' lotsa nekkid chicks on there, man. Talk about W-W-dot-W-com.

King of the hill - poker night

She let his hand linger a few seconds before she reached back behind her and grabbed his wrist, but made sure to drag his hand along her butt and legs as she pushed it away. Hank won the first hand of five-card draw with two pairs.

Did I just say that out loud? They all talked about their own topic of interest and the others would grunt, fart, belch or nod their he as if they were listening. It's real easy, man. Just want poker game do you know how to play? Peggy shuffles the cards and dealt them like a professional card shark.

They stood side by side with a beer in their hand, as each of them talked more to the trash can than to each other. As she sat down she felt a hand grab her ass and knew it was Boomhauser. He had always fantasized about Peggy hill sex stories Peggy naked in front of the world and watching proudly as she showed off her goodies.

As Peggy came out of the bedroom, the boys had already gathered at the car table. She looked at her hand and she had three fours, an eight and a seven. Peggy and Luanne proceeded to remove their blouses.

In truth, anne was a highly educated and profoundly religious person who cared deeply about her moral standing.

She made sure to caress each man on their shoulders and arms as if she needed their support to sit down. After several minutes of silence, Hank said out of nowhere, "Strickland Propane, taste the meat, not the heat. I always wear them win I play poker and I want to get lucky tonight. Dale getting annoyed said "Well hells bells woman!

I'm not very good at this game, am I Uncle Hank?

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As she approached the table the men fought over where she should sit and all pulled out a chair for her. The boys all had to wipe off the drool from their chins. Peggy picked up the deck of cards and was getting ready to deal, when Hank's year old niece Luanne came bouncing into the room.

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Peggy giggled and was pleased by the reaction her outfit she was getting and she felt a little tingle down there. They would soon be leering at her body, undressing her with their eyes and she hoped they might even get a hard on looking at her ass. Hank was so distracted by her beauty and he blurted out, "Peggy, you look good enough to eat!

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Her hands disappeared under the soapy water and soon found her smoothly shaved pussy. Peggy replied, "Why Hank Hill if you think that you playing poker while I watch is spending time together, you have got another thing coming. I can't see taking a wife to a poker game, its just isn't right. They made small talk drank a few brews, but when they saw Peggy, they all stopped and all eyes were on her. This the first time she had ever been to a poker party and she wanted to get it right.

That afternoon Hank told Peggy she could come to the poker party and she agreed it would be a great idea. She didn't bother with panty hose, but choose to wear a pair of six inch heels that made her legs look that much longer. Peggy's black bra displayed breasts and cleavage beautifully. Her hair was light reddish brown and up in a bouffant style and nicely accented by her horn rimmed glasses.

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He said, "Dang man, we love having Peggy around, she's a hottie! Bill was starring at Peggy's breasts intently and said, "Peggy your breasts are prettier than a two buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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Hank asked. You just go on there and point and click. You did not have a problem when you took me to that nudist camp did you? She put on black lace panties and a black pushup bra, a low cut blouse and a short skirt.

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Dale raised his sun glasses up and down wondering if he could get a better view with them on or off. I'm ready to play poker now. Bill said nothing with a blank look on his face grinning ear to ear. Don't ruin this for the rest of us man," Boomhauser said in horny desperation. Her fingers began to massage the inter folds of his pussy lips and she just getting into the required rhythm, when Hank opened the bathroom door.


Luanne started to unbutton her blouse and Hank stopped her. She was a college freshman and was in her cheerleader uniform. They stood motionless in the driveway drinking beer and shooting the shit. The poker game was being held at the Hill home and Peggy was thrilled to be included. But Peggy you mean to tell me that you would be OK playing strip poker and being naked in front of all of my friends? Feeling especially horny, Peggy picked out an outfit that would emphasize her best features.

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She sat down across from Hank, between Dale and Boomhauser. Dale had always been sweet on Peggy and loved it when she was around. You win, you can play, but just listen and learn," Hank said in his best pussy whipped voice. Hank blushed and said, "You know you're right.

Peggy said, "Why thank you Hank, that's the nicest thing you have ever said to me. Peggy was a little reluctant to respond, but she was determined to play, so she said firmly "Strip Poker. This was just like the dream he had every night for most of his life.

Click Click Click Click Click. Can you act like an adult? Luanne also bet her top as she intended just to follow Aunt Peggy's lead. She threw away two of the fours and her new cards were a king and deuce. She had prepared bowls of 10 different types of chips and crackers, six tangy dips, a tray of crunchy veggies, some cold cuts, cheese and various bre.

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He loved to talk about his work and the others pretended to listen to gas related stories. Peggy is one sweet piece of ass and I do enjoy it when she is being admired by other men. It's the only poker game I've ever played. Hank's face turned a bright shade of neon red and he chuckled like an old Dodge trying to start up on a cold morning. Hank said, "I wish I could play poker with you boys, but Peggy made me promise that I would not do anything this weekend that did not include her. It was a daily occurrence, a tradition that you just don't screw around with.

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It was not the first time that he had copped a feel and as he knew Peggy liked it, it would not be the last. Peggy leisurely soaked in the tub, shaving her long legs and of course her pussy. As Peggy lathered up her breasts with soap, her tits hardened at the thought of spending the evening with so many men. Hank knew when Peggy called him by his full name, it was over; period, end of story.

Then Luanne removed her blouse exposing perfectly round grapefruit size breasts and hard pink nipples.

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She always felt that her glasses gave her a Cat Woman look and she always made a "Meow" sound when she looked at herself in the mirror.

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