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Panty thief stories lady hunting for boy especially for pleasures

Panty Thief Stories
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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Three years ago my husband found a much younger woman and subjected me to the humiliating experience of being replaced by the proverbial trophy wife. Although I am in my early 40's and in very good shape, it seems that his desire for a 20 something year old bottle blonde with fake boobs was too much to resist.

Name: Ardelia

How old am I: I'm 31 years old
What is my ethnicity: Egyptian
I love: I love gentleman
Languages: Russian
I have tattoo: None
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I headed straight for her hamper and emptied out her clothes. There was this one girl in my dorm who I had a massive crush on. I would get scared and purge my collection, throwing them away and saying that I was done, but I would always return.

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Post « Fucking my maid. Next Post Younger brother jeet fucked me in jungle Next ». She thought she had locked herself out of the room so she just got a replacement.

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I slipped into her room and closed it behind him. Over time I would return and replace the cum stained pairs for new ones, but always keeping her dirty panties.

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This fetish turned for the worst when I was at college. Her panties was my ultimate goal. I came so much over the next couple weeks, absolutely soaking her panties and bras.

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My heart was beating fast as I had no escape if she came back at this time. I loved stealing them and playing with them on my own time, some times I would leave my cum in a pair of clean ones and return them.

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This is the story of how I was kicked from College 2 years ago, I regret my decisions and have changed my ways but I still get turned on by the thought of stealing panties and voyeurism. Since my method of the laundry room was shot down, I was getting riskier.

Panty confessions

In my room I had a box filled with over 30 pairs of pantiessome dirty and some clean. Eventually I had to stop since I had over 20 pairs of her dirty panties and was worried she would notice. I ran out of her room with like 10 pairs of her panties and a couple of cute bras. This started during my second year at college, I was living in a multi gendered dorm residence where males were on the top floor and females were on the lower floor.

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I quickly jerked off with her dirty thongs and emptied my load, literally spraying her panty drawer, shooting my cum across the entire collection. I rummaged through the room and tried to go through her ipad to find any pictures with no luck. Eventually after months of trying, I found her wallet in her gym bag when we were playing intramural sports.

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I waited a couple days before trying to use it to not raise suspicions. I would begin wearing their thongs to classes, I loved the feeling of their soft and tight material on my crotch while I talked to them, knowing that I knew what their pussy smelled and tasted like was such a turn on for me. s: 1 2.

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It started off small, I would go to the laundry room when no one was in there, open up the dryer and snatch a couple pairs, quickly cum in them and return them back. Home Fetish Panty stealing and voyeurism fetish during college.

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I already had a panty fetish but after leaving home I had nothing to tide me over. I quickly slipped her dorm access card like a magnetic pass out and kept it. Feeling extra horny, I was ready to cum again so I jerked off once more with her soft pantiesand came on a couple of her bras.

Panty thief

I chose a time where I knew she would be in class. I went through her massive panty collection and selected 5 or 6 more pairs since she had so many. I mixed it up a little to hide the cum. Eventually this turned to me keeping a couple pairs and it reached a point where I began to take pairs from each load, from every girl in the dorm until they decided to put a camera in the room due to so many complaints. I snatched the 4 pairs of thongs she had in there and shoved it in my bag.

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