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South chica hunt for men for Panty pooping story

Panty Pooping Story


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Name: Anastasie

What is my age: 34
Sexual identity: Hetero
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I guess it's because I've always enjoyed the feeling of pooping, but I don't know why it would feel so good to go in my pants. It was over ten minutes before the gaurd appeared, by then i was holding my bum with one hand and fidgeting quite noticably. You might stumble across a story with diaper pooping, but you'll have to search. Besides Wetset. I believe it was called the "Truly Epic Desperation Story". I made it to staircase in the center court when I lost control of my bowels. Sentinelchicken 11 posts. A few minutes later, I couldn't hold it and a full sized, mostly firm poop filled the seat of my briefs.

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God I really want to poop my pants again…but that would be so weird if I started doing Panty pooping story on purpose. That wasn't much of a surprise though, i was your one out of every five children who had bladder troubles when I was younger. My face burned red with shame and i began to cry as tears welled in my eyes. I was so glad i had put on panties because I knew i had a stain in them by now and it woulda been my sweats if i hadnt worn them. Forgot your password? LedinWind 13 posts. By ItsjustmeSeptember 2, in Off-topic discussion.

I would be in my room playing with my little toy soldiers or something, on my hands and knees or sitting, desperate to go, grabbing my penis, sitting on my heel to keep the poop from coming out, but not wanting to stop. Either way, I'll enjoy it a hell of a lot more.

The first time it happened was on a friday in july. Made my parents really mad. The baby blue material of my sweat shorts did nothing to hide what was happening and I just stood there frozen in shock while the massive load continued to come out. And, a actual accident? June 10, A gif I just found, haha. First story My only thing is, every time I read it.

Though, not many pure pooping stories on that sight.

Pantie poop story

She was wearing a skirt and when I would push her she would come flying back and the wind would pull her skirt up and I could see her panties. Throughout the entire day I was struggling to forget how badly i need to go, a few times i even had to sit on my heel until i regained control. The bulge on my butt was enormous and the poop pushed its way into my crotch too, it was the strangest feeling ever. I've had numerous close-calls and twice ive had an accident in my pants.

Panty pooping stories

I work in a cellular booth located inside a large mall, it is located on the second floor at the far end of the mall near a Dilliards. By I had to stay seated with my buttocks clenched as tightly as possible to avoid pooping my pants.

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Well, I've tried it, and much to my surprise it actually turned me on! I have green eyes and strawbery-blonde hair down to my waist that i usually wear in pigtails.

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My shift starts at 11am, and I'm the only one there until Sarah relieves me at 7pm. Hi I am a 24 year old female from the Midwest. I have alot of those dont I? After I reached my teens I realized that I enjoyed the feeling of pooping myself and that it was easier to hide than wetting.

I am 5'7'' lbs, size 6.

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I then went home to change and came back a little later to continue playing. They were white, but right under her butt hole was a dark, wide, brown stain. April 28, Another great Toiletstool story from "Amanda V".

March 14, What other sites to you check for poop stories, etc.? I remember once after school in elementary school I was at after school care and we were outside playing and I was at the swings with a girl a year or so older than me - we were maybe 7 years old - and I was pushing her on the swing. I had to poop really bad and was shifting and crossing my legs a lot. But even with a horrible bladder control history, i can honestly Panty pooping story i have never pooped my pants before. The bulge in my shorts was so big it looked as if I had a softball in my panties I waddled back to my booth without even goin to the ladies room.

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A wave of heat came over my body from being alarmed and my heart raced a little. It was obvious, however, that she had completely pooped a large solid turd into her panties that day at school. After I figured that out I went through a phase where a few times per month or more when I had time at home alone only child that I would deliberately poop in my briefs, watching the bulge grow in the mirror, pretending I was watching a girl have an accident, and then masturbate from watchinhg it no internet for watching videos back then - it was a self-made "video" with a little help from imagination.

I was so embarassed when i finally had to call mall security and ask them to send someone so i could go to the restroom. I told the security gaurd I had an emergency and had to leave. I started crying and his mom Panty pooping story me inside and helped me clean up in the bathroom. I asked her why there was a brown stain on her panties but she told me to never mind why there was a stain and tucked her skirt under her legs.

I always think that someone should re-create this either by art or by video.

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I've always hated peeing my pants and despite how many times I've done it it still upsets me when I have wetting accidents, but pooping my pants today was very very different…I don't know why I feel like I want to do it again.

Then I'd reach the point of no return and my face would get hot and sweaty and suddenly pee would flood into my shorts and the poop would pile up in Panty pooping story briefs and I could only sit there while I finished, sometimes leaving a wet spot on my carpet, and then get up carefully and waddle into the bathroom with full and dripping pants.

I began to fill my panties uncontrollably in full view of both the upper and lower levels of the center court. I probably wound up with either large poop stains or full on poop in my briefs a few times per month. For a long time when I was maybe years old I would be playing alone, doing whatever, and would just hold it if I had to go to the bathroom - pee or poop - and often would wait too long and have small or full on accidents.

He asked if I needed the bathroom, but I lied and said I was just dancing. Store policy forbids us from leaving the booth unless another employee is there or a mall security gaurd can be dispatched to keep and eye on it. Although I did it in the bathroom The first big pooping accident I can remember was when I was 5 year old.

Wetting Girl 6 posts. Most seem to have gone away. It was just after noon when I felt the familiar pressure of a large BM begining to move lower in my belly. It comes in two parts and they both deal with desperation and accidents of both accidents. Or in with one of these services. I had gone over to visit a friend down Panty pooping story street and he was swimming in their pool with another one of his friends.

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I would get a paper towel and fold it four times, and fold some toilet paper, and stick it in my briefs under my butt hole and you have a shield between the fabric and the poop - no messy undies to wash! I was wearing pants and normal clothes so I wasn't going to go swimming so I was just standing on the dock talking and watching. I think I remember one I have no idea how old I was, but it was in the middle of the summer and my family was heading out somewhere Let's just say that we had to turn back around and the only VIVID picture I can have in my brain is the family in the car with me in messy pants and sitting on a towel we managed to find in the trunk.

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I told him I would be right back and started to walk quickly towards the ladies rooms in the middle of the mall on the lower level. I didn't even fell myself peeing, I just looked down and my cheens were wet on my crotch and the insides of my thighs down to my knees. I had worn a tight pair of baby blue sweat shorts with a white silk tube top. MY toilet.

I had been constipated for two days prior and I knew it was going to be a massive load.

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