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Panty Play Stories
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I walked past the spare bedroom where my wife's older brother and wife was staying for the weekend. Both our wife's were out for lunch Richard was laying on the bed with the laptop open I walked in not realising at first he was wanking his very hard cock while looking at porn. He was very embarrassed that I had caught him wanking his quite large cock. God it has been quite a long time since I have submitted a story, all true, I have had so many naughty panty sniffing episodes as well. I cannot get enough of having those dirty smelly panties over my nose with the crispy gusset being rubbed over my nose and lips, the aroma and taste is simply intoxicating.

Name: Jaime

Age: I am 25
What is my ethnicity: Nicaraguan
Caters to: I like man
What is my gender: Woman
I understand: Spanish
What is my figure type: My body type is overweight
My hobbies: Swimming
Body piercings: None

I stroll over to the bed and bend over in front of you, giving you a clear view of my bare ass.

Late night panty play

You look disappointed, but you laugh at my antics. Panties, thongs, hi-cut, lo-cut, satin, sheer.

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I shiver. You press me firmly against you as you tease my clit, rubbing and tapping it, and rolling it between your fingers. Panty Raid 16 Votes Score 4. You plunge into me and my pussy flutters around your cock.

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A few moments later, I come out wearing nothing but a pair of lacy black panties. I let my head drop back against your shoulder as you spread the moisture all over my pussy. I disappear into the closet and come out in a tiny thong.

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Now. for Free! I come out wearing a baby blue thong. I flip my long dark hair over my shoulder and look back at you. I reach back into the drawer and stand back up.

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I scramble up on my hands and knees. You move slowly at first, sliding deeply then shallow before plunging deeper still. You pull me back against you and run your hands down my belly. You brush my pussy through the thin material with the lightest touch. I can feel your eyes raking over my body. It springs up and bumps against my leg. You stand up and free your hard cock from the confines of your boxers.

You slide my panties off my hips and spread my legs. Straight Sex panties thong underwear lace lingerie fashion show exhibitionism fingering doggie style.

Panties stories

This time, when I drop a lacy pink thong on the bed, you shrug. I disappear back into the closet and emerge in pair of boring white briefs. now to listen to this story. You groan and explode inside me, spraying your hot cum deep inside my pussy, and I come again, screaming out my release.

A colorful parade of lace and silk.

Playing and wearing girls panties

I start to buck and you drive your cock deeper inside me. You run your hands appraisingly over my body. You climb up behind me and kneel between my legs, forcing them further apart. I open my dresser drawer and reach inside. I saunter around the bed and pose in front of you. You slide your hands over my hips and squeeze my ass.

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When you bend me over, I brace my hands on the bed. I come up with my hands behind my back. Back to the drawer. You frown.

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You fuck me faster now and I can hear you breathing heavily through your nose. now to listen to this story Now. We sit on my bed, watching TV. Some reality show is on, barely holding my attention. I gasp and press back against you and my pussy tightens against your cock.

The show continues more quickly now. Positioning your hard cock against my sodden pussy, you thrust forward.

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You bend me over and stand me up again, looking at me from every angle. I drop a pair of sheer panties onto the bed.

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You smile. Published 9 years ago. You quickly choose a hand. You thrust deeply and grind into me as my second orgasm builds. I lock my arms and arch my back, letting you go deeper with every thrust. As the last shudders move through me, you push me further up onto the bed.

‘panty play’ stories

I get up suddenly and switch off the TV. You protest. Your body jerks once and you pull me tight against you.

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You push aside the damp fabric and let your fingers slide between the lips of my pussy. My pussy is tighter after my orgasm and I gasp as you enter me again. I giggle as I caper around the room and dance a hysterical jig. When I stand up, I notice a bulge in your boxers. Gripping my waist firmly, you press yourself deep inside me and grind your hips against my ass while my pussy contracts around your cock. You reach around and start to finger my clit, as you pound me from behind.

Dirty panties stories

The floor is littered with my discarded panties. You can see my shaved pussy through the mesh fabric. When you sink your dick deep inside me, my knees almost buckle. I squeal and buck against your hand, but you hold me tight, your cock bumping and rubbing against my ass.

Panties stories

Your cock strains to be released from your boxers. I feel an orgasm starting to build and suddenly, I am coming and you hold me up as my knees give way.

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Soon the drawer is empty and I disappear into the closet one last time. You pull out and drive into me again and again. I smile shyly as you make turn in a circle in front of you.

Panties stories

Your face falls. I shimmy and flounce and pose provocatively. You grab my hand and pull me towards you.

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My mom 39 wears skirts and tights so sheer that everyone can see her panty lines.

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I gasped, a deep groan of lust left my mouth as my hands dipped into our 38 year old female lodgers underwear drawer.

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We lived in an area that had very high temperatures and high humidity in summer.

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I am a raging panty freak.