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Paddle Spanking Stories


I grew up in coastal Mississippi. It was something we knew about and were leery ofbut usually it was the usual suspects, the repeat offenders. Supposedly for a first paddling offense it was two swats for girls, three for boys, and then five swats for any repeat offender in any given year. The only things they paddled for without warnings were if you got caught smoking, you cheated, or if you forged a ature.

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Katie shrugged and finished her breakfast. Would that be allowed? Now the pants felt really tight around the bottom area and she felt really exposed to the application of the paddle. I have an appointment to see Mrs Dinish at eleven. She could never fathom out why.

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The appointment was for eleven and it was approaching twenty after eleven. It keeps it fair for all students.

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Mrs Dinish picked up the telephone and arranged four coffees. The blade was slightly less than half an inch thick and one end of the paddle had been shaped into a circular handle about five inches long. I can see it would be a deterrent and I would have no objection to either of my daughters getting a paddling like that if their behaviour warranted it. In fact, they were unusually silent. Do you really expect us to be pleased? Would you like coffee, Mrs Whiteman?

Paddle stories

Keep paddling. The seat of her grey pinstripe pants tightened and she felt vulnerable and scared. She placed both hands on the top rail and took a deep breath before leaning forward. She immediately noticed Mrs Dinish seated behind her large desk with Susan Milner, a fellow School Board member and mother of three students at the school, sitting in front of the desk with a spare chair beside her. Sitting down might not hold too many attractions right now, though. Perhaps it was the wooden paddle Mrs Dinish was holding. Art Dickens looked to be six feet seven and at least two forty pounds.

Soon the coffee arrived and Art Dickens acted as host.

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Within seconds, a second loud bang and a corresponding surge of pain across the whole of her backside brought a second loud shriek from Mary Whiteman. Oh my God!!! The School Board member sniffed back fresh tears and breathed heavily.

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Say, Mary, can we see your butt? Already, Mary Whiteman was feeling vulnerable in just her pants and white silk blouse while the others kept their jackets on.

Katie and Monica Whiteman dashed down the stairs like they always did, stampeded into the kitchen diner and took their places at the breakfast table opposite their father. It gets my vote. As though hastening to oblige, Mrs Dinish swung the paddle well back and hurled another swat at the stretched pants seat presented before her.

Mrs Whiteman gave her bottom another rub before reaching for her jacket. Mary got up and went through the door being held open for her. Mary knew from experience that visits to the School Principal or even one of the three Vice Principals always made her nervous, just like back when she was a school student.

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Conversation was confined to idle small-talk for the most part and then the coffee was finished. A strained silence lasted while they ate. Mary Whiteman looked behind and saw Mrs Dinish to her left and holding the paddle firmly, while Art Dickens and Susan Milner stood behind and to the right where they had the perfect view of her backside.

Mrs Dinish will just be a short while.

Paddle stories

After sitting there for a few minutes getting herself together, she locked the car and headed for the main school reception. After sitting there for what seemed like ten minutes or more, and the tension slowly rising, Mary Whiteman started looking at her watch. As Mary Whiteman waited for Ms Harper to open up the counter and pass through, she felt the other secretaries looking up and taking a hard look as though they knew exactly why this School Board member was there.

Good luck for this morning! It was enough for Tom Whiteman to look up again, consider a rebuke, but then settle back to his newspaper.

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Christ, that hurt! Sometimes there are two witnesses but one is sufficient to comply with School Policy. Anyway, most students wore jeans and they had back pockets which her pants suit did not.

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Should Mary knock on the door and check? It impacted with another huge bang.

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We just wanted their views. What do you say, Sue? Oh, sure. Mary Whiteman had chosen her outfit for this visit with a lot of care.

As the two sisters left, Tom Whiteman downed his coffee and got up. Both she and Mrs Milner were now standing. Perhaps her daughters had a point after all. The secretary, who had looked up from her seated position behind the large circular counter that cordoned off the ten or twelve desks used by the team of school secretaries, stopped tapping away at her computer keyboard and looked up.

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With a lull in the argument, Mrs Whiteman turned away and started dishing up breakfast. Accept it as part of your punishment. You decided on doing this, no matter what anyone else thinks about it. Katie returned the sneer. Mary forced her head even lower. Mary pushed her head down and felt her pants tighten even more around her shapely bottom. A smart pants suit in light grey with an even lighter grey pinstripe running through the material was sufficiently business-like for a School Board member visiting the School Principal.

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Black tape had been wound round the handle for extra grip. She pulled open a drawer, delved inside, and withdrew a wooden paddle maybe twenty-four inches in total length with a blade four inches wide.

It met its target with the loudest bang of the spanking. The material was a cotton blend, appropriate to the warm fall, neither too thick to suggest she was taking an unfair advantage, nor too thin as to offer little in the way of protection. Just then the door opened and a large, smartly dressed man peered out.

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This is the true of how I received my first school paddling at a school in North Carolina.