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I found lady that loves Older women spanking stories

Older Women Spanking Stories


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Name: Sadye

Years old: 44
My gender: Lady
What I like to drink: Vodka
Other hobbies: Reading

I think you will find a touch of pain a little embarrassment and a little pleasure.

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Carol calmly said you had to invade my privacy, maybe I am partly to blame walking around in my underwear but this can't go on so you have till the end of the month to find new accommodation and you can explain to your mother why you are going and she walked out of the room. I will finally milk you before you go to bed. And an extra 6 for any other infringement of the rules such as masturbating or going into my space without permission you will then go into the bathroom and shower and I will help wash you and check you are properly clean everywhere.

I had already decided I had to stay and though how bad can a spanking be but best keep clear of the strap.

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What a wanker literally. The regime would involve me knocking on her bedroom door every work night at She then said "When I let you in I will put over my knee for a hand spanking, to start, oh buy the way you will be completely naked at the door. She then sat down on the chair in the centre of the room and pulled me over her knees and proceeded to slap my bottom it stung but she told me she would go easy on me as this was my first spanking it lasted about 5 mins but my cheeks where stinging never the less.

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Story Tags: older womanauntyoung manspanking. She lived on her own after the death of her husband about 2 years ago and at 55 years old she was not looking for a new partner so she said she would be more than happy to have me stay with her at a very nominal rent and I could help her out with the odd job around the house and garden. At I was shaking as I removed all my clothes and minutes later made my way to Aunt Carols bedroom and knocked on the door at exactly 10 o clock.

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Home Stories Tags Search Cams. The next few weeks went without event other than I got to see how Shapely she really was even at her age she had a great pair of tits nicely sized not small and not too large and an ass to die for, I found it hard not to stare sometimes and hard in my briefs as well but I had to be careful as my erection showed if I only wore briefs especially when we sat watching TV.

I was conscious of it a few times but on one occasion she just said don't be embarrassed its natural and you can look if you want to I take it as a compliment at my age.

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After a few days of trawling the rental sites I was starting to think going to a big city was maybe a mistake. She said she didn't want to impose any rules on me but needed to make me aware that she had habits that might seem a touch bizarre all I could do was gulp and wait for the next bit.


Written by: welshspanker. You had better go to your room as you have a lot to think about" I sat on my bed absolutely stunned I was excited scared confused and my cock was rock hard.

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I was too shocked to speak and just went over to the bathroom to clean my mess up sick to my stomach. My cock was now so hard it hurt and as I was only wearing boxers I took hold and slowly pumped it sliding my hand the full length of my full 7 inches. After the meal she finally spoke and told me that I had 2 options 1 find new digs or 2 I would have to accept her new regimewhich would be a mix of punishment and embracement to make up for the pain I had caused her and to keep me in line and not end up getting one of the girls I work with pregnant, but I don't want an answer yet because you haven't heard it all yet and it will become clear why I don't need a yes or no.

I went online and checked out the flats for rent but the price was very restrictive and I did not want to spend all my meagre salary on rent.

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If you are late the spanking will be followed by 6 strokes with my leather strap on your bare bottom. After a few days we where sat down in the kitchen having a snack when she said I need to talk to you about us sharing the house.

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All went well until I got nosy and decided to take a look around her bedroom while she was out shopping, I searched the wardrobe and found nothing unusual and finally looked through her bedside drawer unit in the bottom draw bingo there was a very large vibrator about 10 inches long and very fat I remember thinking how does she take that width and underneath some photos, very explicit of Aunt Carol and another couple and she obviously was not averse to other women but her tits looked superb the other lady was a bit on the plump side but again she had a very large pair.

I was a bit shocked and although I was 21 I had been a used to it in Uni it was with girls my own age.

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Eccentric mature Aunt Having just completed my degree I now had a 1 year work placement with an electronics company in Bristol before finishing my M. Living in North Wales meant we where about 3 hours away from my new post and I needed to find somewhere to live and not knowing Bristol I wasn't sure where to start. Please Rate This Submission: 1 5 best. I left that with her and didn't really give it much of a chance, but 2 days later she rang my mother back and told her she had a solution to our problem, although my mum did point out that Aunt Carol could be a little eccentric so not to be surprised if her behaviour was a bit odd at times.

Category: Mature Stories. She told me that she liked to be comfortable in her own home and when it was warm enough she did not wear a lot of clothing and enjoyed walking around in her underwear and although a bit bizarre not a lot different to wearing a swimsuit or bikini at the beach.


Then my mother came to the rescue telling me her best friend in school and I had always known her as Aunt Carol, now lived in Bristol and maybe she would ask around for me and she said I will give her a call its about time we spoke its been a few years. I got dressed and went to face the music, Aunt Carol was in the kitchen and I could see she had a tear in her eye I felt gutted. I apologised and told Aunt Carol that I would do anything to put this right and accept any punishment she felt appropriate if she would reconsider and let me stay promising that it would never happen again.

We arranged for me to go down in 2 weeks so I got a friend to drive me down with all my bits and pieces and settled in over the weekend. I had met Aunt Carol before but about 5 years ago but was still a little surprised to see how attractive she was for a lady of 55 plus and I couldn't help thinking what did my mum mean by a bit eccentric.

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I was washing my hair when I felt her hands on my legs washing higher and higher up my legs until she was washing my balls and the she grasped my very stiff cock and said" you are not such a little boy are you as she slowly wanked me pulling my foreskin back and forth I did not last long and spurted all over her hand and arm she then dried me of and sent me to bed saying at no time was I to play with myself as that would earn me 6 with the strap and if I got too hard to come and tell her and she would sort it.

She gave me a pensive look and then after a pause said she would think about it and give me an answer when we sat down for dinner at 7. That turned out to be the longest 2 hours ever, as we sat down Aunt Carol did not seem quite as angry with me and just eat without a word, I thought better of grovelling and sat in silence. She let me in and had me stand in the middle of the room as I tried to hide my raging hard on with my hands Older women spanking stories she just said " move you hands no point being shy I will be wanking your cock shortly", I think I grew another inch.

The only other rule was that she cherished her own space and did not like it invaded.

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I told her that was fine it's her house and I would adapt to whatever she wished, she replied that the same went for me and feel free to wear as little as I was happy with as long as I remained decent. I was now so close I thought I better make my way to the bathroom as I stood cock in hand Carol walked into the bedroom at which moment I could not hold back and my cum went everywhere.

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Right into the shower I was told I got up and walked into the en suite and ran the shower, which was over the bath.

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