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Nudist Colony Stories
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So, I ran a naked 5K. Which, in and of itself, was an education.

Name: Catha

How old am I: 45
Ethnic: Swedish
Eye tint: I’ve got bright gray-green eyes
Body type: I'm thin

I shave, wax and trim excessively and try to keep everything neat and tidy. Our friend Kerry answers these and other pressing questions about nudism!

‘nudist colony’ stories

Im still amazed by the fact that most people seem to be still upset or shocked at seeing another human being 'naturally dressed". When the time came to leave, I was dismayed at the prospect of having to put my clothes back on. Not everyone has an easy time of it, but it makes me wonder if the US, for example, had something like that, would it help with the body image issue, or would it have no influence whatsoever?

I'm not sure I'd ever try a nudist resort, but in Japan they have the onsen hot springsusually gender-separated though there are some gender-combined.

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Growing up, I had an insatiable appetite for writing and traveling and have spent all of my adult life doing those two beloved things. In fact, on the first day, I was probably more sunblock than flesh. It was a bit strange at first, but I kind of just jumped into it without thinking too much about it. As a naturist of 50 yrs im glad you have found the freedom and comfort of being naturally naked and the fact it has alleviated your negative body issues. She felt better once she saw other women.

Nudist camp stories

This is a couple retreat! This is particularly beneficial for women these days. You strip down to your birthday suit, clean off at the shower area and then just soak, naked, with everyone else. How very easy it was. I'm from Michigan, What does it mean to reinvent yourself and your life at 50?

To my surprise, not a soul even so much as glanced my way. Men are doing it, but women are so self-conscious that nude yoga for women or coed nude yoga is not profitable. They have a club listing that includes most of the clubs in the country.

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I've now been a nudist for over 44 of my 64 years and visited more than 50 clubs, parks, resorts, and beaches. Would you ever go to another nudist resort? I pulled the blind when we were in the shower together, lit candles for the romantic effect pfft and tried to insist on sexy underwear being kept on where possible.

Nudist colony stories

What's it like to do Teach For America? I suddenly realized what a huge waste of time that had been. Yes and yes!

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This is her story. For me, my main worry was body hair.

‘nudist colony’ stories

Though it felt bizarre to be unclothed in such a formal setting what if my ketchup dribbled? Honestly, there was nothing terribly wrong with my personage, I was just very, very real. Locating a sun chair, I glanced around to see men and women of all shapes, sizes and ages lounging by the pool sipping cocktails, while others played team sports or chatted.

I would love to go to a nudist resort. Keep it up stay bare! As I drove into the parking lot, I was greeted by three passing older gentlemen, swinging tennis rackets, clad only in sparkly white tennis shoes. I went to Avalon in northern West Virginia this past June with my girlfriend, this was the first time for both of us. How does one find nudist resorts near by? I recommend Sabliere in South France!

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I'm originally a New How would you navigate life if you lost your leg, hand, and eyesight to a surprise infection How would you cope with re-learning how to walk, parent, be a partner after something like that? It took a while to get into the game but the camaraderie made me feel instantly welcome. Would you ever want to become a classroom teacher in a low-income area That's exactly what Samantha did!

Nudist camp surprise

We both were amazed how quickly we were comfortable at a nudist clothing optional resort. My name is Samantha. Rather than being nervous, I found the situation impossibly funny. Palm trees, pools, tennis courts, bars, restaurants — the resort was like any swanky beach-side getaway, except this one was full of naked people.

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I think it promotes healthy attitudes to one's body. One day, while eating my toast and marmalade, I had a light-bulb moment. I wanted to get into naturism for years but my partner was reluctant. Do you have to carry little towels everywhere?

Nudist colony stories

At the weeks end, we both were sad we had to leave and put on clothes. Nudism is definitely about de-stressing, relaxing, and returning to innocence; accepting yourself and others for who you are, how you act, and what you say rather than what you look like, own, or wear.

What made you decide to give nudism a try? That's exactly what happened to Carol in This was really interesting. The mere sight of it could curdle my blood. Can you believe it? When we finally went to a resort she was comfortable with it with 10 minutes. Crossing the lot to Reception, two buxom ladies in their 30s whizzed by on a golf cart in nothing but sunhats.

First nude resort experience

As the day grew hotter, I ventured into the bar to order some drinks and food. Let me help you find it! But mostly, just push your fears aside and go for it. Alas, I honestly believe my mother had a dalliance with Bigfoot 25 years ago. What was the nudist resort like?

What really goes down at a nude, 'erotic' couples resort

What a nice, naked place it seemed. You may just surprise yourself. What are the logistics that go into wandering around nude all the time? What surprised you about the experience?

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And cool nude beaches some are creepy but many are awesome. I think this might be something I'd like to try some day. Tell us a bit about yourself! After lunch I was asked to in with a game of volleyball in the pool. I posed the idea to her and she was scared.

Submit Comment. Mostly naturists are very genuine and the least judgemental people that I have ever met. I know sooooo many people who feel trapped in their lives or career and they're not even 35! Google, or are there websites that list resorts by state maybe? FREE — Download now! Research resorts and contact them to ask whether they offer tours and complimentary day passes so you can try things out most do.

For the longest time, my way of dealing with it was to cover up. I saw stretch marks, tan lines and lots of flabby bits, just like mine. I love topless beaches but Couple Nudist colony stories ago My and my husband went to this amazing resort in California! They beamed at me and I beamed back. She has even taken up being nude in her house. I met my husband because we were both nudists.

I love every little thing about life and having this huge hang up was robbing me of simple pleasures. It was exhilarating and I felt completely liberated. Sea mountain inn resort helped me love my body!

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This was definitely an interesting read!

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My boyfriend and I excitedly opened the door to our gorgeous beachfront suite, unsure of what to expect when we entered.

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I have "Naked Eye" by Luscious Jackson stuck in my head now.

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My wife and I have been social naturists for the past 15 years and have practiced the liberating lifestyle at naturist resorts, clubs, beaches and waterfalls in over 10 countries to date.

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After reading a of stories on this forum it is time for me to add my story.

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Wife and I are in our mid's - been married for 5 years, and no .

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My name is Jerry and my best friend is Colin.