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Nude Aunt Stories


Aunt catches me looking at pictures of her nude. Has me enjoy what was in the pictures. I was staying with my aunt and uncle while working on their ranch when I was in my teens. I would often be left at their house alone.

Name: Rosamond

Age: 23
Eye tint: Lustrous blue eyes
Music: Techno
Hobbies: Fishing
Body tattoos: I don't have tattoos

Unfortunately I had no place to stay as they would be gone for a good three weeks with my Uncle and his new wife. Straight by master on December 28, Processing your request, Please wait Rate your experience on a scale from 0 to Report Abuse Other.

Aunt catches me looking at pictures of her nude

It was so tight, but so good. She then told me to anal fuck her. I pushed her against the wall of the pool and stuck my dick in her pussy, I thrust in and out of her a couple of times and then she turned me around to the wall and put her legs around me wastes.

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She wore a bright yellow tank top and some white capris because it was summer. I then ran to the closet and pumped myself up.

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Her face was covered as well so she could not see. She asked if I could help her for a moment and I said sure.

Aunt catches me looking at pictures of her nude

She then brought out some lotion and squirted it on her ass hole and my dick. I rolled her over and put her on her back, positioning myself over top of her, looking at her naked wet breasts, I started to push in and out, each stroke was amazing for both of us. My dick was a full on 7 in piece of meat now ready to be fucked. My aunt was not a skinny woman, she had a bit of heftiness to her, but all in the right places. We had rough sex for 2 more minutes until I came at the same time she did. So it was just me and my aunt, alone for an entire week basically.

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She was screaming I was moaning we were making noises like wild animals. We slept in each others embrace all night, until around midnight when she woke me up and dragged me outside still naked. I toppled off of her and lay next to her for about an hour until I was hard again. One hot summer day, about a half week into my vacation my cousins decide to disappear.

We then embraced, our naked bodies touching everywhere.

Nude aunt stories

I was holding up a planter so she could hang it, when she accidentally dropped a piece of rope. It was probably the best summer of my life, so far. When we climbed out of the pool she pushed my on the hammock and rolled around together nude. But honestly I could stop staring at her breasts, and she knew it.

‘aunt naked’ stories

I cam inside her ass and then fell on top of her. She then bounced up and down on my dick, I pushed out into the open water and we floated there, still inside one another, she was ever so slightly still fucking me though.

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She sat down on it and immediately screamed out in enjoyment. I agreed and delved in.

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She then gave me a big smile and said thanks! I got up from my relaxed position on my bed and put some sandals on and walked outside. Her yellow tank top was paper thin and you could see her white bra underneath it with her little bit of chub on her stomach. I immediately became flaccid as I was scared of being caught, pulled up my pants and hid the panties and closed the laptop in a matter of seconds.

Nude aunt stories

I immediately hated myself for ding nothing and when inside to play some video games. I looked at all of the soap over her naked, glorious body. I was quietly masturbating to a couple pics of my aunt from Facebook with a couple of her panties in hand when a faint knock on my bedroom door sounded.

My parents had decided to go to a bike rally out somewhere in South Dakota, Sturgis I think it was.

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She told me to stay where I was and she bent over, her ass sticking straight out at me and grabbed it, I was immediately hard. All of a sudden she washed off and I closed the door.

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I cam within a mater of minutes, but was hard again. She had a pool and we went skinny dipping.

‘aunt naked’ stories

She got down and put my dick in her mouth, she sucked me like a pro, hitting every spot right on the dime. She moaned with each stroke, and I moaned too.

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I then got inside of her and fucked her hard until about 4 a. She was of course up in age, maybe around 49, but with age comes beauty, she was so hot and my dick was about to burst. I set up my camera in a hidden place making sure to have an overview of the bathroom and her bed. After I did that five or so times I started to go faster, then even faster until I was full speed.

She stayed there for a moment to feel my erect penis, and then she shot back up like a lighting bolt. After a couple minutes of being sucked perfectly, she rolled on her back and I ate her out.

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She wanted me to hold some thing up while she was gardening, or something along those lines; but as I look back now I realize she probably just wanted to get my reaction from what she was about to do. She then acted as if she had to back up and then backed up straight into my dick.

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I smirked and then walked in. She then threw me on the bed and got on top of me.

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Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her face was smeared with a bit of dirt as she had just been in the garden. She walked out and I walked out, we were both naked and she stared at me, I stared at her. We fell asleep, I was still inside of her. My uncle however was away on business for 2 weeks starting on the day after I arrived.

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