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Non Consensual Gay Stories


Total 0 votes. He had always watched her as she moved through her various stages of development. Now as she ripened even more, he noticed the sultry full lips, her round breasts ripe and ready to be plucked and the apple firmness of blossoming ass. It was all he could do to stop from staring as this beauty developed into a magnificent woman. Now he felt the familiar tightening in his crotch as he watches her move around the house each day.

Name: Valina

What is my age: 20
Eye tint: I’ve got huge gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
I like to drink: Mulled wine
I like piercing: None

They meet several other boys and one special one on what they hope is a fun and wild adventure. In line follow Jack and Jake, the fifteen year old identical twins. Lost in the Fog, by Sarge tt tb — tdom oral humil 6, words 12 s Link to story Two boys set out on ish dare without realizing that a bully was well aware of their plan and has plans of his own for them. Eight and Bullied, by Debonair tb — coer mast oral anal — interr bond toys 4, words 8 s Link to story A white kid submits to the bullying and sexual lessons of a young black teenager.

Mother knows how to handle the boys.

That is at the heart of our tale, where you will meet many more characters, good, bad and in between. Come along for the ride. John's house near the school has a secret rooms. We follow Miles Dunn, a former major in the marines who just took a job at Saint Xavier Academy for boys. Depleting his wealth, reputation, favors, and even his sanity has left him empty-handed, no closer to finding his. Is he still nice when he meets a naked young boy playing in the mud? What will he do if he can create his perfect, mindless slave? He tries in his own way to deal with the event.

Two thirteen-year-old boys with the nine-year-old brother of one of them in tow, plan on playing a trick on a strange, crabby old man in their neighbourhood, not realizing the man has a few tricks up his sleeve himself.

Getting Jimmy, by Billy the Kid tt — non-cons oral anal — violence humil bond ws 4, words 8 s Link to story School nerd Jimmy and his brother are raped by a gang of 15 year old boys. Gary indeed likes young boys, but not in the way most mothers like.

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Hope has given Smithington a second wind to find his kids, and make their kidnappers suffer. This, is my story, a tale of domination.

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Liam and Luke's Halloween Adventure, by Cowra tb — non-cons oral — bond 9, words 19 s Link to story Two brothers who a haunted house show with their brothers. What do you do when you have been a closet boylover all your life and there are no more rules and death is everywhere? I agree that anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in this story needs to be turned over to the local cops for the harshest penalties the law allows If this type of material offends you why are you here?

This is not all however, I won't be spilling anymore spoilers but be ready for a lot of unexpected twist and turns, be ready for a really, really long story. John Thornton, by Tommy Mb — non-cons anal — humil bd spank 17, words 35 s Link to story After a carrier in ancy, boy-lover John Thornton becomes a school teacher.

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There will violence and cruelty, death. What will become of him and the boys he met there? On his first day on a new school he is bullied by fourteen-year old Macaulay, who later wants to be his lover, or something else? Will Hunter make it, or will he the hundreds of dregs who wash out? Chris uses the submissive boy's dilemma to his advantage.

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Little Peter, by Tommy Mb — Mdom mast — bd spank toys 15, words 31 s Link to story A boy is kidnapped and is told that he has to stay in a 'Boy Centre' for some time. The man is wealthy, the boy poor; soon to be the property of another, what will be the outcome of the struggle for the boy and his body. My parents loved each other so much they devoted their time to making babies. Halloween Pranksters, by Daemon Way demon-t tt Mb — non-cons anal oral — mind-control 6, words 13 s Link to story Halloween is a time for treats, and for some, playing tricks.

We then move forward the ten days until all three youngsters are together.

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Forever Wet, by Quantum Fantasy Mt — non-cons anal oral — med cbt body-modification 17, words 35 s Links to chapters: Link to story Sequel to Tardies. His mates punish him for this, but that has some consequences they didn't encounter for Michael's Strict Regime, by Anonymous Mt — Mdom mast — humil spank 10, words 20 s Link to story Correspondence between Peter and Craig about Michael's education. Until his three children went missing.

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They are photographed and the ransom note is submitted to the American Government, demanding cash and release of prisoners in exchange. Now at the mercy of the giant-size schoolmates, Jimmy now has to survive by serving as a unwilling pet boy to his giant captors. In that struggle, he gets himself into an even worse predicament.

Finished story — Work in Progress — Story was never finished — Status unclear. Keeping Master Happy, by Phill later Brian MM Mb — non-cons oral anal — spank bond 7, words 15 s Link to story A 20 year old slave had to get a young boy for his master. Later on, you will experience a major shift as the story morphs into a more macabre theme. That's when 'The Boy Agency' appears to offer Christian the deal of his dreams. Non consensual gay stories as one can enjoy violent videogames or movies without committing or condoning violence in real life, a person can enjoy violent fantasies of abuse without promoting abuse in real life.

He's seven years old on the brink of eight, but he's already appeared in some TV commercials and has done a bit of acting in minor roles for some TV shows.

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Gabriel is trained to be a pet boy and sex slave. I understand the difference between fiction and real life, I do not condone these actions in real life. Another shift in the plot line will be when Thomas Connors, the main character, retires unexpectedly from his career as he finds and teams up with the 'right people' for a new, less requiring yet money-making job. Gabriel at the Farm, by Debonair Mb tb — Mdom mast oral anal — incest spank tort best 4, words 8 s Link to story After the death of his parents, a boy is sent to live on his grandfather's farm where he learns the extent of the man's depravity.

Jacob and James, the twelve year old non-identical twins, Jeremy the eleven year older, and Jed, the nine year old family pet. In a rather awkward situation she meets three boys.

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Gabriel's Nightmare, by Darkfire Knight Mb — Mdom Fdom anal oral — bd electr scat tort toys wswords s Links to chapters: Ten-year old Gabriel and his brother and sister are sold or rented for two months by their mother to a group of perverts. A major pandemic hits the world, killing most of the adults and bringing chaos. Eric gets abused regularly and is turned into little more than a sexual plaything, always at the whim of his new master.

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This man keeps in prisoned and transmogrifying him Fun witch Chuckles, by Daemon Way tt bb bt t-dog b-dog — nc cons mast oral anal best — humil toys ws spank cbt bond scatwords s Links to chapters: 35 Sixteen-year-old Charles is coerced into dressing up like a clown Chuckles and together with fifteen-year-old Shane making sex education videos, and the subsequent enlightenment of six-year-old Kenny who receives the videos from a "nice man in the park" and tries out the fun things Chuckles suggests with his best buddy Aaron.

That's the reason why we are several brothers.

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In for the ride of your life? What does this person want with him? First there's me, the seventeen year old first born. Thirteen year old Randy is kidnapped and brought to an old man. His legal guardian, Christian Smiths, who also happens to be his godfather, has gone through the boy's short career striking good deals for the boy and his mother.

After chapter one, we go back in time ten days: when a sixteen year old lad was taken by the same terrorist group and spend some chapters on his experience.

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Be warned however, short of snuff, this story will deal with almost every single type of perversion known to man, from dehumanization, humiliation, sadism, to rape, torture, fetishes and everything that comes in between. Lawn Work, by Coybum Mb — coerc mast oral anal 5, words 10 s Link to story Zach Carroll, a shy 8 year-old boy, needs money in a hurry. But through that, a much deeper experience emerges. Yes, male only. Held to Please, by Leonard Mb — non-cons oral mast anal — kidnap bond whip tort 32, words 65 s Link to story A man kidnaps eight-year-old Eric and, in several vivid scenes, ties the boy up in numerous exposed and vulnerable positions.

A First Time for Everything, by Phill later Brian Mb — non-cons mast oral anal — first spank 8, words 17 s Link to story Mothers think Gary is a nice teenager who helps young children at the playground.

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Football Camp, by Bbillings Tb — Tdom coer reluc oral anal — first humil bond 5, words 11 s Link to story When one boy makes a bad choice in truth or dare, he learns what a boys summer camp is all about. The deal sound too good to be true and makes Christian wonder, what's the catch? The Aftermath: The young boy recovers from the tortuous weekend with the recently released convict. When he is at his bleakest, darkest moment, a sliver of light is handed to him: a video of his youngest boy, Ben, alive, but not unmolested.

Imp's Special Christmas, by Cyberboy Mb — cons anal — bond 7, words 15 s Link to story A super-hero story where the boy sidekick of a super-villain receives and unexpected present for Christmas. But also, hope, friendship, love, heroism. Graduating, by Ramrod tb Mb — non-cons anal — incest 1, words 3 s Link to story A young boy graduates from victim to abuser. His school believes in corporal punishment. Will he let him go when he's done? sociální síť pro dospělé

The Hostages, by Greenfrog Mb Mt b-dog — nc mast anal oral — bond spank chast interr body-modification 55, words s Links to chapters: Two twelve-year-old boys are abducted by The Liberation and Freedom Fighters Army. By clicking a link on this and reading the stories I declare that I am of legal age of majority in my area, I like to read fictional stories where boys are kidnapped, raped, tortured, etc. It turns out to be wild, but not so fun for three of them. Jean, the fourteen year older.

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