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Naughty Aunt Stories


Naughty aunt. Cheery March 20, Views. Hello everyone this is my first story I hope you all will like it.

Name: Karry

My age: 27
My sex: I'm lady
Languages: I can speak English and Korean
I like to listen: My favourite music techno
Hobbies: Drawing
My tattoo: None

The pants had a fly in the front, and I was wearing boxers, and she was able to pull my iron-hard erection through the holes. She lifted my penis and pressed her pursed lips against the fat head. And now, seeing her come into this crowded room, I could see everyone turn toward her like she was magnetic. She pulled back and giggled. I think you'll like them so much that you'll give me anything I ask for.

Naughty aunt

I'd never actually played Santa before, but as my Mom drove me to the fire hall I said I thought I'd figure it out. I couldn't believe it, my sexy Aunt Jess was down there, kissing my cock, and I waited anxiously to see if she would actually put my cock in her mouth She did. When I finally emitted a deep, rumbling groan her dark eyebrows slowly rose and fell, taunting me. She kissed her way down my shaft to my balls, loud, lip-smacking kisses that left dark red prints over the shiny skin. I called my mom.

Santa's naughty aunt

She pulled away. I guessed I'd pull it off. Put the whiskers on and the hat and damn, I was Santa Claus. I was getting erect from her grinding against me, and this suit wasn't exactly good for hiding it. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box.

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Naughty aunt

I was beat. Her dark blue eyes gazed up at me, gauging my reaction to her oral expertise. The kids were happy, my mom was happy, the other adults there were happy. I like the holidays, but I wish I didn't need a vacation when they were done. I was so turned on that I wasn't even worried about this being my aunt. Her mouth opened wide and she wrapped her lips around my big purple helmet and I felt all that wonderful warm wetness close around me. Could you stay awhile? She was a very attractive woman, her light brown hair cut short, and those blue eyes sparkled with a barely contained mischief.

She took off her sweater, her turtleneck, her brassiere, her skirt, her panties. I'd like to get the chance to tell you what I want for Christmas.

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It went off without a hitch. She left on her stockings and heels. Those emotions changed when she started taking off her clothes. OK, I've gained 10 pounds since I graduated, too much beer and eating out. Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved going to see Santa. I put my arms around her to steady her on my lap. Her breasts were incredible, huge and round and only slightly sagging under their tremendous weight. I resented this a bit. Then how about this? It was obvious she didn't know who I was. She bobbed her head up and down half my length, and I felt the naughty whipcrack of her tongue around my glans.

But mostly I'm big, I'm six-three and about and, well, about the exact same size as that asshole Vince Peterson, a neighbor of ours.

Naughty aunt

I just wanted her so bad that it didn't matter. Hey, wasn't I entitled to a little fun?

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She wiggled her ass against my groin, getting herself comfortable. I went to the men's room and hung out for 10 minutes.

Santa's naughty aunt

The room wasn't messed up at all, so I figured that would take just a few minutes. Do you think I've been a good girl this year? Aunt Jess was standing next to me, talking to another of the ladies, and I heard her say that she was there as part of the cleanup committee. I lifted my gloved hands to her breasts and gently caressed them.

Ask the kiddies what they want, say Ho ho ho, act jolly. I was shaking inside my suit. But before I could tell her who I was she said. Now I just want to give Santa kisses. Naughty aunt stories sat and watched her, admiring her lush body, her lovely face. Her laugh was deep and rollicking. The second wife of my mom's brother Don, Aunt Jess was a vivacious woman who loved to be the center of attention.

She giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck.

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I could have argued with mom for an hour and still ended up playing Santa, so I just shut up and went over there. I peeked out and saw that all the lights were out. You know when I've been sleeping, and you know when I'm awake. Her figure was full and round and deliciously curvy. I figured I'd get something extra under the tree for it. Oh, God, she did. I thought about "forgetting" to check my answering machine. I went back into the hall, worried that I might be locked in. Her face was just before mine, and my God she was gorgeous. I always dreamed that if I was very nice to Santa, very very nice, I would get what I wanted.

Naughty aunt

I got in there and there were several other mothers there, and they told me what to do. I ho ho hoed and got him off my aching thighs. I was about to call out, "Aunt Jess? The last kid sat on my lap and told me he wanted a Razor scooter.

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She slid off my lap and I was relieved and disappointed at the same time. Just when the line was winding down I saw a familiar face come through the door, my Aunt Jess to be exact. I always got the impression that she was thinking about sex as much as I was. I came home from a hard day's work to find an urgent message from my mom. She was a shameless flirt, and at family gatherings I never got away with less than a big hug and a kiss on the lips as a goodbye. Her wonderful mouth released me long enough to say, "You like that, Santa baby?

Because she was obviously excited and turned on herself.

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My mother had encouraged her to the church group, to get more involved in something constructive. Mom dropped me off but said she couldn't stay, she wasn't ased to chaperone this event. Aunt Jess was a piece of work. Too many 10 hour days, and with Christmas just around the corner I also had to deal with hordes of shoppers downtown and wondering what to get everyone myself.

She walked over, a look on her face that made me very nervous and very excited. But does he get enough of this? I started to sweat like crazy in the heavy red suit. I only have two hours before the kids come and I don't have a Santa. She moaned softly as I kneaded her big breasts and caressed her ass with my other hand.

I got to my folks place, accepted her repeated thanks, and got into the suit.

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I had to stop this right now. I couldn't believe what was happening, Aunt Jess knelt between my legs and touched the tip of her tongue to her upper lip. I was about to surprise her by showing her my face under the whiskers when she snuck away from everyone else and walked over to me. She crawled back into my lap and snuggled into my groin again. I was stunned and excited beyond belief. He was one of these guys who fancied himself God's gift to women, always flirting and making a nuisance of himself.

From the first day I met her I had a big crush on her, and seeing her now was a bit distracting. But there was something about her, something overtly sexy, that I could Naughty aunt stories put my finger on. I couldn't believe how much little kids weigh, they all must have put rocks in their pockets. Should I play along? Vince Peterson was going to play Santa, but he slipped coming down his steps and broke his ankle! I'd say that it's just one little thing, but I can feel it against me, and it isn't little.

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If she had jeans on when she arrived at the party then how could you see she was wearing a corset?

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Naughty aunt.

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Upon leaving the room, I go to the kitchen and retrieve a bowl of water, dropping in ice cubes to assist in the cooling.

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Naughty Aunt by Anonymous.