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Naked Hot Tub Stories


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Name: Frannie

How old am I: 23
Nationality: Swedish
Who do I prefer: I love male
Iris color: I’ve got huge hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My gender: Lady
Hair color: Chestnut
Body features: My body features is overweight
What is my favourite music: Pop
My hobbies: Fishkeeping
Stud: None

The conversation was unusually normal for a bunch of naked people. The attendant welcomed me and gave me the tour. There were various floors of tubs and saunas, including the rooftop hot tub that allowed you to see the stars and lights from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The showers were off to the side. Premarital sex?

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And a coed sauna, too? I took yet another deep breath and pulled my pants down and off. I grabbed my shoes and socks and pushed them towards the wall. One of the guys was especially hairy, like he had just come in from living in the mountains. I looked at her face and she was looking at my penis. She dressed and left. Would I have sex tonight? During the brief tour, I noticed that no one wore a towel.

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I was sure that I might die. I tried to be cool about it. My mistake.

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I found an available hook and removed my shirt. We talked about nothing in particular, and it gave me the chance to really study the female body. Not a chance. I missed the nude swim classes in public high schools and the YMCA by a decade.

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I grabbed my underwear and pulled it off. Will I throw up? They were on overdrive. As a sixteen-year-old in high school, we took the occasional shower after PE class.

Naked hot tub fun

Everyone was in their early twenties except for one guy in his 50s. Now she was the first girl to ever see me naked. I called the spa and asked silly questions. The tour was over, and I was set free to be naked among women and men for the first time. The hairy guy was extremely well endowed and his cock stuck out even in spite of his hairy bush.

With butterflies in my stomach, I walked into the spa, paid my fee, and put my wallet in the lock box.

Erotic stories

I could smell the faint odor of chlorine-soaked wood in the air coming from the pools and saunas. She stood in front of me as her clothes hook was next to mine. Will I die?

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I was in elementary school during the sexual revolution of the 60's. She smiled and I smiled back, still holding my jeans. She looked and continued to stand in front of me. My mind was racing.

I never had a girlfriend until I was in my late twenties. Boulder, however, was a source of new experiences, opportunities, and possibilities to be naked! We started in the locker room, which was a small area to hang your clothes up on hooks hence the lock boxes for valuables. The girls were beautiful with perky tits and great bodies. I looked at her hairy pussy. Will they laugh? Would I lose my virginity? I pushed the wooden door open and saw three naked guys and two naked girls in the tub.

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Seeing a variety of penises, asses, and pubic hair teased my bisexual curiosity, but never enough to act on those urges. What does a vagina look like up close? I unceremoniously climbed the ladder and ed a couple of twenty-year old giggling girls on the second level.

In no one trimmed their pubic hair, so we were all sporting full bushes. I never went on a date in high school. This was my first-time being naked with others, and I had mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. It was a two-story sauna with a ladder to get up to the second level. I was face to face with my first naked female ever!

Naked hot tub fun

She was the first girl to ever see me in just my underwear. We both went in the open shower area and rinsed off. I took a deep breath and went into the locker room. I said hi and quickly got in the bubbling water. At the precise moment that I unbuckled and unzipped my jeans, the door to the hot tub area opened and a completely nude girl walked in. I slipped through the cracks of healthy sexual development. Everyone walked around completely naked.

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However, I did not have the knowledge, skill, and especially the confidence to ask a girl or boy out on a date. Could it really be true? She fumbled with something in her clothing. Men and women naked in hot tubs together?

I had passed this establishment near the downtown business district many times. Will the girls stare at my penis? I went into the hot tub area. I grew up way before the Internet to learn about sex. I stood up tall and hung my underwear on the hook. Technically, she was the first girl that I ever showered together with, sort of.

Like me, the guys were circumcised.

It all started in the hot tub

Coed nude hot tubs! I was a skinny and awkward adolescent who focused on school and career. The water was so hot that we were all soon sitting on the edge of the tub exposing ourselves to each other. I mustered up all the courage I could and decided to go late one Saturday night. Would I make a fool of myself? And that was a start to satisfying my sexual curiosity, and surely fed my budding exhibitionist tendencies.

The others left after a while, and I could then safely get up and walk nude to explore the facilities. But then I went to college in Boulder, CO, in As a twenty-year old male, my hormones were raging.

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It was a particular anniversary some years ago, I forget which one, that we wanted to do something special.

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Carmen was Brazilian, gorgeous, and she knew it.

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Shortly after that, my annoying neighbor who was a 40 year old single man, came and asked me if he could me.

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Mom had taken the kids earlier to play miniature golf, and were not due back for a couple of hours still.

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We all stumbled out of the cab and began walking up the drive way while my friend Megan paid the driver.