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Erotica baby My sisters feet story boy especially for dances

My Sisters Feet Story


It would lead to a sexual pleasure relationship we enjoyed for a couple years. We never had penetration of my penis inside her vagina but close to it. We had unprotected anal sex and I entered her butt raw with no lube except for my preejaculation. I talked about these exploits in other stories.

Name: Xena

How old am I: 26
What is my nationaly: Czech
Eyes: I’ve got large hazel eyes
What is the color of my hair: Strawberry-blond
My body features: My figure features is skinny

The brat needless to say finally got her sock back So tell me what you think, I have more stories with Rachel and some of her friends if you would like to hear more.

My sister's feet (nf)

In fact I recently made a new on here but today I find this old post still circulating!! Link: Copy link. I love the story. His little bratty sister Rachel in 4th grade walks in and just starts annoying me. Switch to Print View - 17 posts. Anyway they were both really bratty and never left me and my friend they're brother alone.

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I need a girlfriend so i can quit jerking off to all of yours lmao. Yugioh lol good story.

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I, unfortunately, am getting a bit too old to remember incidents such as that very clearly. Hehehe she laughs.

My sister’s feet, the first gift

Ok as a 6th grader this is one hell of a moment in my life. Amazing man! My friends younger brat sisters feet.

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I just think that younger girls like in your story have the softest,sweetest most beautiful baresoles at that age. All of the sudden she like tackles me trying to get her sock, but to no avail of course.

Sucking sisters toes

Without missing a beat her small little feet were flush against my face! How do they taste? Of course she sees this as I challenge and keeps being a brat. But it went on for probably a whole school year.

My friends younger brat sisters feet

In 5th or 6th grade, I knew a girl named Joanie I think in my classes who would, for some reason, let me slip under our student desks and fondle her feet. Share Share with:. My man! That story was one of the best I've read on here in a while!

Smelling my sister’s feet(really rough draft)

Right now I have been kicking some old stories around in my head an how to write them. She purposely starts asking me all these questions while I'm trying to blow up the Eiffel tower in TwM 2. So right now Rachel the little brat has one sock on and one sock off her foot and I kind of let her tackle me on the bed so I'm laying flat and she's like sitting on my stomach trying to reach her sock. Thanks for your support! I mess with her back and say if she doesn't leave me alone I'm going to take one of her socks.

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I'm moaning like I'm in pain and I tell her to have mercy on me! If this happened today, I'd probably be an unwitting YouTube star!

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Excellent post dude. I for one would like 2 hear more. As far as I know, no one else was the wiser- if they were, I'm sure someone would have teased me about it.

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Feb 11, 1 T Feb 11, 2 T Feb 20, 3 T Feb 25, 4 T Mar 02, 5 T Jan 16, 6 T Jan 18, 7 T Mar 09, 8 T Mar 15, 9 T Mar 15, 10 T Apr 09, 11 T Jul 03, 12 T Jul 07, 13 T Aug 28, 14 T Sep 30, 15 T Sep 07, 16 T Sep 09, 17 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. One of my best friends is my next door neighbor who has two younger skinny sisters who I have had many foot fetish encounters with.

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So I turn around and grabbed one of her legs revealing her very slender foot with long toes. I'm sitting on the bed right now and she is 2. Amazing how the good memories just linger on and on. Reverse Psychology.

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Or Learn more Continue. I being the clever boy that I was said to her just don't stick your feet in my face! With that a huge, huge smile comes over her face and both big toes go right into my mouth and I just suck away.

Smelling my sister’s feet(really rough draft)

The she started playing peek a boo putting both her feet over my eyes and yelling, "peek a boo I see you! They were about the length of my entire face and smelled so good. Rachel was like, "Give me back my sock! The one I had this encounter with was in 4th grade I'd say at the time.

Wow guys I cannot believe this!!! I just never ed in. I moan like I hate it of course. But I can't recall how it started, how the first encounter went, or much of anything else.

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I have so many more stories I can still My sisters feet story with Rachel, her sister, her friends, etc from a variety of ages. I'd love to hear more. Write somemore stories about the same topic. Excellent story I like it when younger and in this case young girls are already aware of their power over a men, it's facinating I want more.

I've decided for this story I'll write about an encounter way back when I was in like 6th or 7th grade with my friends bratty ass little sister……… Back when I was in like 6th grade I guess I'll say twisted metal 2 had just come out and it was all my friends and I ever played. Look at the date doofus! She's in a jumper she went to a catholic school and little white socks. I would like to thank everyone for their positive feedback on my first story. Rachel was laughing and at the same time, "yelling give me back my sock! I'd ;ike to hear more too, but this post is two years old!.

At this time I come up with another idea, I want the other sock off, and I beg her, "please don't take off your other sock I don't know how much more of this I can take. Tell me moar Please!!! I get the bright idea that as a developing kid with a foot fetish this could be a good time to get some feet in my face. Anyway my friend and I were playing twisted metal in his room when he had to leave for some reason can't remember and I stayed. The MousePad. While she rubs her soles and toes all over my face I just stick out my tongue and she runs her entire foot up and down my tongue.

Great tale, Dark. DarkMagician99 wrote: I would like to thank everyone for their positive feedback on my first story.

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Erotica Intercourse Story: After many years of yearning for my sis's foot, she finally permits me personally to savor them.

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My sister-in-law and niece have both always turned me on.

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I want to make a confession, I've always had a foot fetish since I was a teenager it was mainly to do with girls who wear high heel shoes something about it just turns me on so much, anyway during college years I met a girl we started dating 9 years later still together but one thing she doesn't like is anything to do with feet and she never wears high heels.