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Muscle Morph Stories


Suggest a description for this story. Added: Jul 4, words 19, views 4. As a reporter for a major Gay publication on the physique beat, Randy had experienced the thrill of interviewing some of the hottest guys on the bodybuilding scene.

Name: Gerti

Years old: 22

Musclegrowth stories

More impressive changes came as the sleeves of his Rooster Teeth merch shirt became impossibly tight around swelling biceps. Like this and want to transformation stories?

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No doubt there were people in the chatbox that knew he was being more honest than he let on but he was refusing to accept that there was perhaps a part of him that was morbidly curious to see how he might exist in a bro-oriented world. Within minutes though, Ryan was obsessively completing the quests as quickly as possible and found himself grinning at the sense of achievement he felt at each Quest Complete!

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Why else would anybody make it in the first place? The Glory of Straight Men subpadre yahoo. The stream ticked past the three hour mark and despite it reaching midnight, the former Rooster Teeth employee felt more awake than ever as his transformation settled down and encouraged him to accept his new life.

Muscle hunks and stories — dougtfs: “how’s this muscle growth spell

Even the room around him eventually changed, the home he lived in with his wife and children becoming a single-bedroom apartment for a young bachelor who was making money off of his good looks and internet following. Even just from the title alone it sounded like one of the more hilariously awful games to be released all year so of course Ryan immediately downloaded the free demo. Redneck lover Ex Coast Guard from Az who lusting after sexy rednecks and white trash guys.

I am a big dicked white guy who loves Black Men and believes hot interracial fucking is meant to be. Consider supporting Mr Cavanaugh on Patreon! If you have any ideas for stories you would like to see then message me, but whether I write them or not is entirely dependent on the idea turning me on.

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He was strangely absorbed by the game, all but forgetting that he was streaming and certainly not playing any mind to the chatbox rolling along on his second screen. Tutorial: Call In Sick? Streaming Bro Simulator 2K Kik: typical. This blog will proclaim the truth about inferiors but it will also proclaim the glory of Alpha Men and what they do Free your mind Embrace the truth. He scratched at his chest as the RT de changed to that of a sports brand, unknowingly giving his audience a flex of his impressive arms at the same time.

Transformations ;) — muscle-morphs-and-stories: growboygrow:

You're the fag. Not safe for work. Flexing his arm, he stared straight into the webcam and stuck out his tongue, knowing his adoring fans on Twitch would be loving it. By the time his fully created character appeared on screen, Ryan was honestly a little surprised at how accurate it was. The tutorial was over but the quests remained similar - only this time they took the form of workout circuits, the likes of which Ryan would never dream of doing in real life.

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Several more tutorial quests followed and soon enough his character avatar was at the gym, which Ryan pd would be the main setting of the game. Sure enough even the main menu screen was a whole load of tacky, featuring a cartoonized gym with a of bro-type guys posing and flexing in front of mirrors. It would make for a pretty entertaining stream at the very least, even if it turned out to be as crap as he was expecting.

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I did not create nor do I own any of the images here, I just caption them with stories. Shortly after that and a gray beanie all but materialized out of nowhere, perfectly matching the hat this his character in the game was wearing.

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The recently washed and ironed jeans Ryan had picked out that morning from his wardrobe became a pair of gym shorts plucked from the dirty laundry pile and showcased his powerful qu and calves. Adult and very kinky content.

Muscle world's stories

Recently Liked. New World News All the daily news of the New World Order as black men assume their rightful dominant role, white women become their sluts and white men are cuckolds, sissies and whores.

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New World News is a fantasy and contains elements that are arousing in fantasy but which I would not condone in reality, including dubious consent, forced feminization, incest, and obviously lots and lots of fantasy race play.

The shirt struggled against his rapidly developing chest as the black fabric spread across his meaty pectoral muscles. Four sets of sixty box jumps and a less press of two-hundred kilograms? Perhaps he could switch to streaming some Destiny 2 or Dead By Daylight after an hour or so.

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Ryan personally did his very best to avoid the alpha jock types and always had done, even back in high school and college. Justin - jack of spades Black Owned white faggot. Each time Ryan found himself answering honestly, but continued to play it off as if he was choosing randomly. Swirl I am a big dicked white guy who loves Black Men and believes hot interracial fucking is meant to be.

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Moments later and he began to tent those very same shorts, a small pang of embarrassment playing at his mind as he realized he was getting hard while streaming games on the internet. Getting distracted from the game seemed like a cardinal sin.

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Over 18s only. Ryan rolled his eyes and did his best not to think of his colleagues like Blaine being among them. At least he could edit or help with any technical issues.

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Tank tops and gym shorts seemed the norm, all emblazoned with some sort of obnoxious deer logo. Posts Likes Following Archive. Contact kik: justin. Sucked back into the game, Ryan let go of any hesitation he felt about getting a little too excited.

Muscle stories

It seemed the least douche-tastic of the bunch, at least. Ha, no thanks. Ryan did his very best never to miss a day of work, venturing in even when his voice was a mere croak and he was too under the weather to perform in any videos for Achievement Hunter.

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My body measurements were below average now they have exceedingly quadrupled.

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Dean is a photographer by trade, and he normally does the typical weddings or family pictures so if the info of his clients was released on a site as toxic as 4chan he knew that the crazy people there would do something that may hurt his photography business and tarnish his reputation.

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Tumblr dedicated to the CW series Superman and Lois I will be posting videos pics gifs reviews and much more superman and lois related content.