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Muscle Fiction Stories


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Never did he imagine that one single trip to his local launderette would result in him a acquiring a pair of very such posing trunks, and b meeting the huge, gorgeous, local competitive bodybuilder who owns them! No comments:. A 19, word, six part story written in diary form something I've always wanted to dothis one focused on posing trunks more than any other story I've written, and was a particularly fun one to write!

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Of every colour conceivable. Two of Britain's most popular junior bodybuilders hold a "Posing Trunk Challenge" then hit the stage at the biggest amateur show in the country only one's secretly and hopelessly in love with the other! A 14 part, novel length love story, this is my biggest and most ambitious to date.

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PART 1. All as shiny as the rest. The feedback for this one was amazing, in fact better than I could have ever imagined, though more so on the Muscle Growth forums rather than on here link to the story on that site here. PART 6. A British muscle addict gets a work experience placement filming backstage at one of America's biggest bodybuilding shows! And a posing trunk loving muscle fan finds the shiny trunks of a local, gorgeous, competitive bodybuilder at his local launderette!

Nathan's muscle stories

It was the first thing I'd ever written from the point of view of a bodybuilder something I haven't really done a lot of. And all the time an intoxicating aroma filled the air; the powerful, masculine scent of a lbs sweat and tan drenched muscle bull. Meet Woody real name Sebastian Wood ; a handsome, sassy, self assured some might say cocky bodybuilder with a cheeky Instagram persona. They just have their "Posing Trunk Challenge" to film on their vlog first.

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Oh and a fair few superpowers too! It seemed to be a particularly popular one too! Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

Muscle fiction

PART 4. PART 3. PART 2. A man with a superpower to transform his ordinary sized, slim built body into a pound mountain of top five Mr Olympia worthy muscle whenever he likes!

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All Chuck could see before him was a mass of freaky, flexed muscle. Oscar Grimes is completely and utterly obsessed with exactly two things; tiny, shiny, brightly coloured posing trunks and the freakishly huge muscle bulls who wear them! I then posted what I'd written on the Muscle Growth Forums a few years back to see if I'd get much feedback. Noah's convinced he's in for an uneventful summer. You guys Muscle fiction stories to like it too as I received some amazing feedback for it. This was a story I started writing back in but abandoned pretty quickly.

These are just some of things featured in the several stories I've written and posted here on the blog, links to which you'll find here on this. Muscle addict Noah Cook is spending his summer break from uni at his parents in the town he grew up boring Little Denton - where nothing ever happens. Wrapped in tight, thin skin. Post a Comment.

Nathan's muscle stories

My heart was pounding and my cock was furiously pulsating as I looked down at the plethora of shiny, colourful material. And oh yeah, there's one more thing to mention.

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That's exactly what Tobey does when he turns up on the doorstep of The Transformer as he's known in superpower circles with a muscle mag packed full of bodybuilders Dan is 6 foot, ridiculously handsome and built like a brick shit house, while Jake is 5' 5, baby faced and famous for his shockingly shredded conditioning and ginormous sized glutes. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Striations appearing and veins erupting in the most unlikely of places. The feedback from for this one was awesome and I think, at the least, it's probably one of my most fun stories!

He could see the lucky be of sweat glistening on the surface of the muscle.

Muscle fiction

And it was the most glorious and downright fucking horny collection you could imagine. There's a little bit of everything in this story; gay bodybuilders, straight bodybuilders, pump room scenes, stage scenes, worship scenes, naughty bits and a little bit of romance.

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The l are about to step on stage and compete in the biggest amateur bodybuilding show in the country, where they're expected to place first and runner up. Link here.

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Set in the same shared universe as "The Day I Became A Muscle Freak" Mikey was even referenced in that story, as I had the initial idea for this story before I wrote that onethis is by far one of my personal favourites I've written. This BlogThis! Not even just two. Jake is secretly and hopelessly in love with Dan! This three part, 10, word story allowed me to do something I've always wanted to; write a story from the point of view of a bodybuilder on stage.

A very short story posted on the blog here.

Short stories featuring muscle

A writer friend of mine challenged me to write a word story based on a gif he sent the one in the post and this was the result. That is until he bumps into one of his school friends, AJ Jones, who, in the four years since Noah last saw him, has transformed into a mini muscle bull of a competitive bodybuilder, with enormous arms and huge tits which strain through the material of his Tesco's work shirt.

Even gold! But a whole host of shiny posers. PART 5. Perfectly sculpted and bronzed. Imagine if you could visit someone with a unique superpower who could turn you into any living person you wanted, for just twenty-four hours, including any huge muscle monster or shredded muscle freak you desire!

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I meal prepped for him for the six months up to his contest.

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He imploded a building with his bare hands.

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There's nasty stuff inside.

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Bulk Fiction Archive.

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Here are the top short stories, fanfiction, poetry, and posts about Muscle on Commaful, including topics like "feelings", "happy", and more.

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