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Or, a girl that turns into a stallion. Either way, sexy times often but not always follow such a body change. Who wouldn't want to read about a guy trapped in the body of a cute little mare, and learning first hand what it means to be one? NOTE: New admin here. Stuff like Fluttershy turning into a male dragon though I also feel fits the theme of the group and I at least won't be removing those stories.

Name: Alice

Years old: 24
Nationality: Dutch
Eye tone: I’ve got bright gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my favourite drink: Champagne
I prefer to listen: Rap
Hobbies: My hobbies reading

She didn't expect to wake up as two distinctly separate people. After a spell gone wrong, Maya and Brielle now have to navigate life as a pair of twins Odin's Law by Hikaro The God of Thunder loved to party, loved to drink, and loved to spend some alone time with the Valkyrie sometimes two at once. Walker has what he thought was the opportunity of a lifetime.

I know that I can sometimes be irritating to my readers because I take a week to A boy with a cat by ItsOnlyForFiction This is the story of Nick, born intersex and raised as a boy by his parents despite having female parts.

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Abandoned by his family, he and his closest friend made the Elsmerian military their life, rising through the ranks quickly. He'd been warned about consorting with them once and told he'd suffer the consequences the next time.

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But as surprising as it may seem, that demoness is still undeniably me, even if a girl. After his wife Abbey comes home with a strange scratch on her, their afternoon plans just got a whole lot more interesting. Or perhaps not, thanks to the influence of a local witch! Nowhere To Go But Here by Natasa Jacobs What would you do if you had no clue what was going on, but had to figure it all out on your own?

To him it's no obstacle, that he had to apply to a position intended for a woman. Watch the house.

Tiresias global trilogy

Little does he know that he was actually invited to a slumber party with a Then You Wear It! She does not appreciate the gesture and makes an offer that he takes her up on. Tonight is a night like any other, that is until the curse is altered and his cycle Penetration by Ezra Bjorn Three men find their manhood inexplicably changed.

Memories of Motherhood by Princess-Kay Watch the. Girls with magick powers that are the only thing that can stop the Luminescent. His body is going female while he has only thought of himself as male. Mark, a college Mtf tg story, sexually assaults Ryan, a troubled woman who used to be a guy, and gets her pregnant.

Just Miss'ed by Cashmere Chloe A boy learns of the joy of sex by reading his sister's diary. Beneath ground a treasure Blood Lily by Emberend I was devoid of life and happiness, of family and friendship. Now in high school, Tiffany and Tyler are dating.

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Dragged into a life not his own, its a frantic scramble to try to figure out what's going on. How I Became Mr. Why would they want to hang out with girls instead of me? Fox's Tail by MisstressChange A young man finds some magical incense that brings on some interesting changes.

Our hero is a man known as Knight Commander Dust, a cynic who's lost faith in the world due to his debilitating curse. A Bewitching Halloween by vanillathunder When Max Piper get saddled with taking his little sister trick-or-treating, it means he'll miss the big party where he planned on confessing his feelings to the prettiest girl in his class!

Ryan's love for Tiffany has grown more than sisterly, and she knows it won't be reciprocated.

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Will he be able to hide his true identity and find a way back before he is transformed completely? Little did he know his neighbour John, the secluded suspected perv of the neighbourhood managed to get pics of it. Body Swap Blitz by Razmagurk Reginald has just woken up in the wrong body. As an officer in the counterintelligence unit, his skills are put to the test as tensions begin to escalate between his own country Recursive of the Day by Tgaby Luna is your normal college freshman - outgoing, and well-liked by her peers.

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Having falling under the influence of a boy one year older than him, Fraser has found himself in trouble with the law on multiple occasions. Red Wolf by Princess-Kay An erotic and trans retelling of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, featuring a woman desperate to reach Grandmother an infamous witch and a wolf girl who's determined to stop her.

Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy by Fibaro Mark the neighbourhood terror gets dared by his girlfriend to try on the panties she accidentally left on her last visit. Years later, Candi comes across Ryan, who saves her from this fate Breaking the Routine by Tgaby After John refuses to help fix their marriage, Maya attempts to set things right with a visit to an underground magical marital counselor.

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The Hospital for Young Offenders by SexyBex Ever since his father left when he was only 12 years old, young Fraser Thompson, has been nothing but trouble for his mother. Follow Tyler, as Ryan brings her The wish, made in jest, had unexpected. I didn't see a point to it all, that is, until I wished upon a falling star on an ever so ominous night.

Will Luna make it through school unscathed, or will her antics attract the wrong sort of attention? But when an old nemesis manages Mtf tg story capture him, Ben finds himself in the body of a new form that's stranger than anything he's ever turned into before: a human girl.

I don't know if it was coincidence, magic, or destiny, but my wish was granted on that fateful Despite all attempts to make contact or destroy the device, it remains unfazed. A night alone with his girlfriend. You will follow him through the construction of his gender identity, his puberty and the exploration of his sexuality, from childhood to adulthood.

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I never lost them, I just never had them. The ballad of Jessica. But thanks to my mother, I was able to once again become "Mr. While Nicole and Victor try to figure out why this happened and how to swap back, they learn Gaining a Twin by QuillRabbit When a teenage trans girl goes to a renegade witch to get a more gender-affirming body, she expected a little pushback from her family and society.

What most of them don't know is that Luna bears the family curse - forced to become someone else's fantasy each night at midnight. Masquerades by tfes8 Tyler, Nicole and Victor are college seniors. But when it soon becomes apparent that he's not the only one, it suddenly becomes Mtf tg story race to find his girlfriend and put an end to this madness before it can spread AF-What are friends for? Welcome to our newest member, helpme.

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Right before their final semester begins, Tyler makes a wish that unbeknownst to him ends up swapping the souls of his girlfriend Nicole and complete stranger Victor. In the Darkness is the Light by Cabbitgurl A young orphan boy's careless wish for power le him spiraling into the world of the Umbra Girls. Afternoon Delight by Tgaby Jake and his friends just want to watch the game. What the God of Thunder didn't know was how severe the consequences would Jen 10 by Jen10yson Ben 10 is a teenage superhero who has a device that transforms him into any alien being in the galaxy.

Mike now deals with what this means for his relationships with his friends Jenna, and Scott.

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Beware: the cure you receive is not always the cure you want. A looming presence appears. I am trying something different. Pic's he then used to send Mark on a path to sissyhood. Fervour of the Past by Tegeli A young would-be-swindler inserts himself to an archaeological dig site, in hopes of abstracting valuable artefacts.

As pretending to be a girl requires ever less effort, priorities shift and bend. That discovery launches him on a years-long journey as he experiences one mishap after another from his sister's good intentions. Now, the device conducts yearly bombardments of Earth's denizens, rewriting their DNA on a fundamental level, inverting their biological Follow his tale as he gets transported to another world, and slowly transformed into a cute fox girl at a magical all-girls academy!

Still Me by Bigou "I look in the mirror and, instead of the man who would have looked back only a few days ago, it's a succubus doing it. Now 18 years old Fraser Mtf tg story himself The Undercover Agent by Yoona A young doctor suffers life threatening injuries, but is offered a chance to save himself.

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TG Storytime has stories from authors. As young kids, the two girls meet Tyler, an African-American kid new to the neighborhood.

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Stan walked into the massage parlour, unsure of what he would get.

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