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Mother Spanking Son Stories
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is about the lewd, provocative and embarrassing punishment a young man gets from his mother and sister because of his bad behavior, and, how the punishment affects all of them. It is not BDSM. All the characters are over 18 years of age and members of the same family. Please select another story from the vast Literotica library if t Ever since my dad was lost in a war several years ago, my Mom has often found herself taking me across her lap and lowering my panties for a spanking.

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I guess I must have acted nervous, because he saw right through me.

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By now, Susan had a clear grasp of her priorities. Would his mother let him go to bed tonight? In a stunning few days of irresponsibility whilst celebrating her new college degree, Susan had hooked up with a hunky expatriate oil worker who happened to be home vacationing in the states. The security superintendent had made it clear that he intended to involve the police, but she considered it a hopeful that he had called her first.

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Then he felt hands on the waistband of his briefs. So he was back somewhere in the Saudi oil fields before Susan even suspected her pregnancy. Susan originally bought it to add character to her study, but it had only found one use. Finally, she realized that she needed to take action or she would never learn why he had taken up shoplifting. It helped the swaying if he stuck his forehead right into the corner, but then his knees started to hurt!

Tell them you did something stupid, that you owned up to it, and that you paid with your ass. He tried unlocking them, and that helped for a while.

Friday, november 29,

His mind worked against his will; What if he never talked? It was a medium. Although she always spanked Owen bare, this was the first time she had ever made him get naked for the event. He cringed at the sight of her.

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Should I call him right now? Susan planned to combat that by resuming dating as soon as Owen left home. First, she needed to extract Owen from this mall security office without involving the police. Owen was a large and solid boy. But I can do a pretty good job with that paddle.

Son spanked by mother

If he did, would she have any control left at all? Have Fun! She had received a call from mall security. Thanks to a good education, and unlike many other single mothers, Susan had a good job. As Owen stood naked in the corner with his white buttocks facing her, Susan went back to her book to let the boy stew for another half hour. Grumbling, Owen kicked off his shoes, shucked off his team t-shirt and reluctantly dropped his pants. So she avoided meeting him in any private circumstance.

Go ahead and turn around. Still obediently grasping the paddle, he groaned helplessly as he felt his briefs go south. She smiled thinly at the sight of him holding the paddle in front of him so that it would serve as an impromptu fig leaf. He wore a large shirt, sometimes extra large. In his office, Susan was shown the stolen merchandise, a gaudy shirt. Fortunately for Susan, her bluff worked! Owen and his mother barely spoke on the way home. Susan had thought she was protected from pregnancy, and had assured the man so. A temporary police record or a blistered ass?

In exchange, he elicited an official ed paper acknowledging that Owen was banned from the mall for the next twelve months, plus a very unofficial but sincere promise that Susan would see that Owen received that promised corporal punishment. Simultaneously, she wondered how many other parents had said those Mother spanking son stories words in this room. Can I come out? That means that you must be man enough to cooperate with your punishment, even when it hurts like hell!

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This is really personal, but I think you need to hear it. That boy must outweigh you by fifty pounds. To this day, he has no idea that he has a son.

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The whole thing had been part dare, and part initiation into his new clique of friends. In her usual practical manner, Susan realized that there will be a big empty spot in her life when Owen leaves for college next year.

Spanking life

Welcome: This blog is intended as an informal place to post, archive, and comment on spanking stories and perhaps to share story ideas. For a week after that, I was reminded of that lesson every time I sat down. Oh Susan trusted him just fine to coach her son on the football field, but his unsolicited offer of disciplinary help had sounded just a bit too eager to her. There are few rules for now except to use your common sense and do nothing to violate Blogger. What was he supposed to do if he had to pee? They had her son Owen in custody. Owen was a senior in high school, and finally a member of the varsity football team.

You, me, and the folks in that security office are the only ones who know about this Are you ready to pay the price young man?

Spanking life

Something about it spoke to her, perhaps it was the patina on the shellac, buffed by thousands of bottoms. To nip this strange new behavior in the bud, he needs a lesson he will never forget. But I learned my lesson Owen. Perhaps she could find a nice man to spend her golden years with.

Friday, november 29,

I want you to spend a few minutes thinking about your punishment and the lesson you are about to learn. Unfortunately, Owen understood all too well that shortly after he talked, his mother would paddle his ass.

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Strip down to your underwear. For the first time it really looked like Owen might refuse. She pulled them all the way to the floor and instructed him to step out.

A mother's first spanking - taboo incest sex stories - chapter by djrom full book limited free

Also, she remembered a time not so many years ago when the teenage version of herself had been in much the same spot. If you let the police handle this, he might end up with a juvenile offense record, but considering this is a first offense they will do little else to him.

You still have a few things to learn. She could see it in his eyes. In the security office, they allowed her into a small room where she found Owen sitting glumly. She had found the chair in a second hand store.

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The constant practice had been good for him, toughening and shaping his large body. His football coach, Coach Nelson, had told Susan that Owen was no natural athlete, but that he worked hard, was a good learner, and an asset to the team. Believe me, if you let me take him home, Owen will get the bottom tanning he deserves!

Had Owen really wanted a new shirt, he could have simply asked for the money. Never again did I even think of shoplifting! Then she needed to figure out why Owen stole that shirt. You agree that the same treatment that was fair for me is also fair for you? However, it was also the first time he had tried shoplifting!

A mother's experiment

Susan introduced herself and apologized to the man before asking if he had called the police yet. In the end, Owen agreed that what he had done was wrong and also promised to avoid that particular group of boys in the future. Fortunately he called our parents rather than the police. So which do you think would do him the most good?

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But yes, we can wait a few minutes. It took another week for the belt marks to fade. Standing in a corner for a long time is much harder than you might think, unless you have actually tried it. Well she had a way to make him smarter! After that, she would see to his punishment! Rightly or wrongly, Susan chose to avoid complications by never contacting him again. She walked up to her son, slipped his briefs down in back, and gave him six sharp slaps to each buttock.

She left them in a small white pile in the corner.

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Next thing you know, he had us both! And then, Susan picked up a book and reclined in her favorite chair. It has an institutional look, and probably served in some government office for untold decades.

A mother's experiment

As you doubtless know, at age eighteen the county automatically expunges all minor juvenile offenses. Resultantly, there had simply never been room in her life for another man. After a half-hour, his feet hurt and he was starting to sway a bit. He had been caught red-handed with shoplifted merchandise. He is seventeen.

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