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Mom Makes Me Cum Story


I was My parents were divorced and I lived with my mom.

Name: Amy

Age: 31
Ethnicity: Scottish
Caters to: Guy
Iris tone: I’ve got soft gray-green eyes
What is my sex: Woman
What is my figure features: I'm overweight
What I like to listen: Dance
Smoker: Yes

It was only after I was released to go home that things turned weird. I could feel the heat from her body against mine as we entered the dining area. This went on for about a week. Things like not being able to scratch an itch or use the bathroom. Feeling excitenly vulnarable, there was nothing to hide my erection from my mother as she sat down next to me to help with my coffee. I have had erections before in the mornings and she was able to handle just fine, but this morning it was hard as a rock and pointing straight for the sky.

Telling her yes, I could do nothing but sit there and stare at this super hot body that was in front of me. Of course she would mother-up and tell me that that is what mothers do and to not give it a second thought.

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I would constantly apologize to her for having to take care of me like that at 20 years of age. She pulled the sheets down to my ankles before grabbing the waistband of my boxers. Unable to cover it or lay it down, I am sure that my mom had seen it when she returned to the kitchen.

She left the room to returned a few minutes later with a washcloth, towel, folding tray and a bowl of warm water. I was beginning feel things and understand what was happening again.

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I watched her as she walked away admiring her perfectly rounded ass. I have seen her in her underwear before. I had been made comfortable in my old room at the house that grew up in that my mother still lived. She found and then cupped my balls in her free hand and began to lightly massage them.

The night mom had to make me cum

I had never thought about her sexually or visa versa but she knew what was going on before I ever thought about it. While I was sitting, she was bending over me for support. Again, mom fumbled with my solid shaft trying to aim towards the drain.

Unsure what to say or do, I just stood there and peed. Now normally in this situation, I would take a stance a bit away from the toilet and lean forward, holding myself against the back wall. To me, this was no longer the body of my mother, it was the body of a some hot 20 year old.

She was unable to avoid the first bit of my pee from landing on the arm of her robe. Or so I thought. She was already five thoughts ahead of me as I tried to figure out what she was sorry for. I was actually dissapointed when she finished starting the coffee, turned around then stated that she was going to go throw on her other robe. There was sharp pain conflicting with the immense pleasure that her hand was creating. This, as with all my stories is a long read. I have even accidently seen her naked before.

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Needless to say, her grip on my shaft never changed. I can say that she does have taste in underwear as the lacy bra and matching panties that she was wearing highlighted ever wonderful curve of her body. Although I was on very minimal doses of pain meds, they still made me weak and tired. There was a mixed flood of feelings coming from below.

Mom made me

Now add a massive tent in my boxers. The silence was broken as she pushed my seat forward, turned towards the cabinets and asked if I would like some coffee. The upper body cast that I was in was very debilitating. If you like the build in a story then enjoy and please leave a comment. As much as my balls hated the idea, my cock had different plans. While my body healed I would be stuck in the cast for at least 6 months.

Mom watched me cum

First things first, I had to use the bathroom. Placing the towel and washcloth on the bed, she put the bowl on the tray before sitting on the bed right next to me. Mom helped me out of bed to start the day. Not what I was expecting to here from my mother. Now I was aware that while at home, it was my mother who had taken on the deed.

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But what I never thought of was that other things happen over time also. Now this beautiful woman was holding me up as we walked towards the kitchen. It all began with a car accident where I was T-boned by another car that ran a stop. Letting my cock fall to its resting position, She immediately stood up and dropped her robe to the floor. An awkward silence pierced the bathroom as I still laid there naked with my mother kneeling next to me outside the tub. One day when she came in to bath me, she had noticed my discomfort while she was cleaning around my business.

She then took the washcloth and began swirling it in the bowl of water. So after breakfast it was back to bed for me. As my bladder emptied, my erection began to subside. That way I could still aim at the toilet without having to bend my hard-on down to the point that it would cut off flow.

Mom watched me cum

Now, with the upper body cast, that is kind of out of the question. She began chatting away about anything as if nothing was out of the normal.

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It has been 5 weeks since the accident and at least 6 weeks since I have had any kind of sex. There I was, sitting at the table, arms suspended in air like I am giving someone an imaginary hug. Blood began to flood my cock flesh causing it to swell in my boxers. Standing in front of me, she helped sit me down on a chair. My left arm was shattered, I had a broken collarbone and 2 cracked vertebrae between my shoulder blades.

Within a few minutes of her leaving my room, I felt the warmth seeping into the depths of my sack before I was out. The next morning started off pretty comical.

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A couple of the things that the drugs had hidden from me was the fact that someone had been bathing me and taking care of, well, toilet needs. She had to have noticed but was playing super cool about it. Now with my head clearing up and senses returning to normal, something as minor as bathing would have me becoming aroused.

Mom watched me cum

My soft dick fell back to my stomach as it broke free of the tug of my boxers. Apparently, the drugs also had the effect of suppressing sexual stimulation. I would close my eyes in disgust and try to think of anything else that may distract from what my mother was having to do.

Along with my mental awareness returning, other feelings were starting to come back also.

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I mean, her legs were toned and very sexy and her ass rivaled most of the younger girls that I had seen. I have seen my mother in a bikini hundreds of times before. She was now slightly waving my cock around drawing shapes in the air with the stream of urine. At this point I was still flaccid but as soon as she cupped my balls, she gasped noticing how tight they already were.

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Walking straight to the coffee maker, she poured 2 cups and brought them to the table. By now, mom was also used to seeing her son with an erection and gave it a playful pat as she rested the cloth across my tight groin. Not needing a reply she grabbed the towel and prompted me to lift my butt again as she slid it under me. Hey, even if it is just a few hours, any relief is welcome, right?

She had always been thoughtful enough to clean there with just her hands knowing that the sponge may be too irritating on my sensitive skin. I came across allot of warm wash towel recommendations. The meds they were feeding me helped with the pain but it was the little things that were driving me crazy. She was doing this with one hand as the other searched out my package. The sponge baths that I had been receiving were just another thing that had come and gone without a second thought. I just knew that they were a bit sore.

Humiliated at the fact that my mother, once again, was having to wipe my ass like I was. This accident had me hospitalized in traction for 3 weeks. Anything that is done to my business is going to result in an erection.

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