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Mom Gloryhole Stories


When i was 16 years old i drove my Mom gloryhole stories to a local adult world book store and went in after she did bit could not see her,so i looked in the booth area and she was nowhere so i went outside and about 30 minits later she came out and i ask where she was she said she must have been in the restroom. Well a week later i told her i was busy so she drove and I followed her there and went in just after her and i watched her go into the video booth area and i saw the door was 6 and as i walked in a guy went into room 5 so i hurried and jumped into room 4 and saw there was a gloryholke so i rapped on the wall Mom gloryhole stories saw a finger in the hole and the wall said see finger insert cock so i shoved my dick in and OMFG i about fell over dead when i felt a mouth start to suck me off,and i did not feel any teeth as my mother had hers pulled,i tried to hold off as l;ong as i could but shot the biggest load of my life in under 4 min but she did not stop and made me cum again. I said yea gloryholes and she ask how i knewi told her i was in a room like tha5t before and she acted mad and said WHEN so i laughed and she got madder and demanded when and where so i looked her in the eye and said Tipton Store andabout a half hour ago and she turned white as a ghost and stuttered no. I said yea mom it was me,and she said be he,and i finished with what cum 2 times and she sit down on the ground and just looked at me,After a few min she said i wont ask you why,i said it is obvous,and she stood and said well son i can say you have a nice cock and did you enjoy me sucking your cock?

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They got dressed and came back into the living room. I realized that it was getting very loud outside our booth and took a peek out to see that there were about 20 guys waiting in two lines. The girls had just finished their second pair of cocks when Fred and I shot off all over the girls backs and in their hair.

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I asked him to come outside with us for a minute. We got in Mom gloryhole stories car and I drove them to an adult book store on the other side of town. Nancy just looked at it for a few seconds. So we all stripped and got started. By the way both women look beautiful and much younger than their real ages. But I said no we have one more thing to do. Just outside there was a tall, young black man and he said his name was Earl and he wanted to thank whoever had sucked and fucked him. They said soon and took 2 more guys each. We were walking to the car and two couples were walking towards us.

Before I tell this I want to tell you about something that happened a while ago. The whole time I had no idea what Linda was doing. He stood there not knowing what to do for a minute or two and then dropped his pants and started walking towards a chair.

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Earl introduced them but, to be honest, I was too excited to remember any of their names. You could see the dried cum all over them but especially their boobs and hair. Linda saw what happened and quickly put her mouth on her guys cock.

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She asked him how it was getting a blow job from his grandmother and told him maybe his mom would do him later. He sat in a chair and watched his buddies have their way with Linda and Nancy. There was a doorway with a curtain that separated the two rooms. I got in the car and told everyone I had one more surprise. It was a large booth that would fit us all and it had a glory hole on both sides connected our booth with the one on either side.

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Linda and Nancy wasted no time this round and immediately started sucking the cocks. They got up put on the clothes over their cum soaked bodies and we opened the door to leave.

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It was a nice clean motel not some fleabag but it was the old style where you entered each room directly from the parking lot. The parking lot was very well lit and their luscious tits were clearly visible to anyone around. Soon they walked out into the parking lot holding their bras in their hands. Now back to the story at hand.

I told them that maybe they should remove their blouses so they would get them covered with cum. The guy pulled he cock out and Nancy stood up. Nancy got down on her knees to get a closer look and I thought she was ready to put it in her Mom gloryhole stories when the guy shot off right on her tits. I got on the bed with Nancy and started to lick her pussy while Fred took my lead and started to eat out his daughter.

She pulled my hand to her pussy which was now bare and then put something in my hand which ended up being her thong. The guy must of heard her cum because he came in her pussy.

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Every once in a while the girls would pull the cocks from their mouths and let take the cum hit on their boobs or bellies. I was amazed at the stamina of the guys and the size of their cocks. Then she looked up at Fred and smiled and put her mouth on the huge black rod. While Fred and the girls got in the car I talked with Earl. We had been in the booth for only about 20 minutes but the girls had already each gotten about 10 guys off.

Gloryhole mommy

He shot off instantly. I looked over and Fred had his cock in his hand and was stroking it wildly so I dropped my pants and Mom gloryhole stories the same. Nancy was on the bed closest to the door and Linda the other one. Earl said they agreed but that Fred and I would also have to be nude and could not touch them of the women until after they had left. D uring one of these weekends, I had told them I was going to taken the women to an adult book store with glory holes and let them suck strange cocks.

At first she could only get it halfway into her mouth but with each stroke it got deeper until somehow her lips with hitting a wall on every stroke. Both women were a little shy at first and just started stroking them with their hands. We were there about 15 minutes when Nancy grabbed my hand and pulled me into the back room.

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Fred and Linda followed and I led them all to a booth I had checked out before. Nance told him it was her and gave him a kiss. She was rammed her ass back a forth hitting the wall with each stroke until she screamed and tensed up with a powerful orgasm. It must have been over 12 inches long and was so thick I thought it would get stuck in the hole if it got any bigger. They included very sheer blouses and mini-skirts. All of a sudden she released it from her mouth quickly turned around and backed her pussy onto the black pole.

I had bought outfits for Linda and Nancy. His cock was rock hard and true to her words, my mother-in-law sucked his cock after I had cum in her mouth. We were all at my house naked in the living room when our son walked in unexpectedly. The place was kind of Mom gloryhole stories and very romantic.

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I figured she was joking around but I decided to find a place and take them there. One of the other guys was about the same size, three of the guys were about 9 or 10 inches long but the last guy must have been 14 or 15 inches long and as thick as my wrist. The women just looked at us with a disgusted look on their faces but said nothing.

I made us all a drink with stuff I had put in the room earlier and told the women to strip and get on the beds.

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One month we would go to their house and the next they would come to ours. I told the women that maybe it was time to call it a night. I heard a couple of cars drive up and shut off their engines so I got up and looked outside. As it turned out he stayed all night and did, in fact, get blown by his mother as well and fucking her and Mom gloryhole stories grandmother.

Linda and Nancy were so turned on I thought their nipples would poke holes in their blouses and I could smell their juices running down their legs. When they returned, both women had a devilish look on their faces and Nancy reached for my hand under the table.

After each pair the girls would kiss and swap cum or lick each others boobs. I would tell them where we were going and we started by going out to dinner.

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The store was set up with a showroom in the front with magazines and sex toys and a back room with peep show booths. They did and also removed their skirts. I had also bought each woman a hot pink thong and a black lacy bra. I said when your friends get here, bring them over and the women will take care of you. I told her we should just go in and look around and that if she or Linda wanted to back out, we would just buy a toy and leave.

I had all I could do to keep from ripping off their clothes and forgetting about going out but I controlled myself.

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The cocks kept coming through the wall as fast and the guys could change places in the booth. We walked around the showroom for a few minutes until the girls relaxed and started to get turned on. I told them the two women were my wife, Linda, and her mother Nancy. Now my wife and mother-in-law were standing in a peep show booth with only their shoes on. My wife looks to be in her early 30s and Nancy looks no more than The outfits were identical except on had a black blouse and red skirt and the other had a red blouse and black skirt.

When Nancy saw the she told me I thought you were kidding. Linda swallowed his load and kissed her mother.

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We went in the store and the women got a lot of attention. They had just finished stripping when a dick pushed through the hole in the wall and then one come in the other side. They both bent over a few times to supposedly look at something on a low shelf but really to flash their ass and pussy at some guy. At the same time, Linda was doing the same thing to her father.

Glory-hole mom

We drove to the motel and went into the room. There were 6 big black men getting out of the cars. I had had a feeling something like this might happen so that afternoon I rented a motel room nearby and got two keys.

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The worst that could happen was that they would chicken out. I gave one of the keys to Earl and told him the name of the motel and the room .

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After dropping off my son at his high school, I drove towards the outer parts of the small city where the sex shop was located.

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