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Mom gets spanked stories chica seeking friend especially for humiliation

Mom Gets Spanked Stories
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is about the lewd, provocative and embarrassing punishment a young man gets from his mother and sister because of his bad behavior, and, how the punishment affects all of them. It is not BDSM. All the characters are over 18 years of age and members of the same family. Please select another story from the vast Literotica library if t Ever since my dad was lost in a war several years ago, my Mom has often found herself taking me across her lap and lowering my panties for a spanking.

Name: Kathlin

My age: I am 35
What is my hair: Silvery
What is my body type: My figure type is thin
My tattoo: None

Spanking my mother

The entire way home mum scolded me about mixing with the wrong sort and how I had had a lucky escape. Thank your lucky stars that there is only me here. After that, I was spanked every time I argued with mum. Of course, we were spotted and so we ran.

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You will either get out or you will accept a good hiding. It was awful. Then mum met Gerard. Like she promised, I had to stand and face the corner. I was never spanked as my father was totally against it. He had a full head of hair with just a bit of grey to make him look distinguished. It was then that she had snapped the dangling end of the cuffs onto the rail and run out of the house.

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Well not entirely anyway. He was the perfect stern but kindly stepfather figure. There was no way that she could have made me do it by force and the fact that I was submitting voluntarily made it all the more humiliating. Things were better after that. I tried to tell her that I was too old and that it hurt and I would be good, anything to get out of it.

All I knew was that she was called Julie something and we usually hung out at the Hope and Anchor.

Spanking mom stories

He was in a total rage. I even failed there an ended back with mum doing a succession of rubbish jobs. I was found in the back of a stolen car in possession of a tiny amount of hash.

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I bet you thought I had forgotten him. She even stopped her idle threats to spank me. Apparently, they had been playing a game with the handcuffs, as they had before but mother had got into one of her strops and tried to put the cuffs on him.

I was lucky they just arrested him and made me walk home. The police knew one of the boys and fortunately, the other boy admitted that the other girl and I did not know about the drugs. But when my dad found out I got the hiding of my life. I was so embarrassed.

Wild spanking on mommy (caught mommy watching porn)

In the end, I remembered the look of disappointment on her face and did what I was told. There was always a bit of a frisson whenever he scolded her and she blushed. The marks lasted about 10 days and every time I sat down, I blushed remembering what had happened. My husband spanks me and that is all right by me, although I would never tell him that.

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It was and I was probably the only year-old daughter being spanked by their mother in the whole town, perhaps the whole country. I swore I would never do such a thing and that it was my friend but they did not believe me. I eventually stopped arguing. I thought it was all so unfair and I became the teenager from hell.

Then one day I came home and found Gerard handcuffed to the staircase rail. To try and give her a hint, without directly raising the subject, I bought her a pair of handcuffs for her birthday. She got away and I was caught. We both had a good cry and she promised to stand by me. He had no idea what the problem was but then he mentioned that she had been drinking rather a lot and it all became clear to me.

Spanking mom stories

She told me that when she was a girl she had to do time out in the corner until her dad was ready. He was the nicest man I had ever met.

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Although he was a bit older than Mum, she was 41 at the time, he was very handsome and always wore smart suits. But if you ever get arrested again or I find out you have been using drugs then since you ask I will. Here is a story from the DJB archive that was originally intended for a fictional case study book that was never completed.

Then I went and did a stupid thing. It was all one hell of a mess and I spent the night in a cell while the police decided what to charge me with. In the end, they found Julie and she pleaded guilty and I was acquitted. After a very long intense discussion, she finally lightened up a bit.

Mother spanks daughter - the best friend

She was evidently fumbling for the car keys in the hall. As I was trying to calm him down and we talked about how to remove the cuffs, mother having taken the key, when the phone rang. She was spanked until she left home, as she never stopped telling me. She was always trying to argue and I overheard her complaining about her sex life to friends. But ended up sitting on the doorstep with nowhere to go. My grades suffered and I had to go to Mom gets spanked stories college.

She had only put it on one wrist and then stormed out of the bathroom. Mother stopped drinking quite so much and I gave up hash and got a better job. Mum countered with a lecture on taking responsibility and that I was never too old. She even swore at me, which was something she never did. Not this time, we have had enough upset. Mum pulled me down across her lap and tugged down my pyjama bottoms. She spanked me with a will and did not stop for a very long time. In the end I was just cautioned for possession.

The next hour or so was very embarrassing. I could hear my mother crying on the other side of the door. She certainly lost the will to give me any direction.

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The last remark surprised me, but I gathered that she wanted to be in control and I thought that was probably not the best way to get Gerard going. I was crying and begging for her to forgive me. The amount found in the front of the car was rather more.

Mum of course did her best to mess things up. Mother finally loses patience with her adult daughter.

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He had followed her down the stairs to dissuade her from driving in her current state. Then one day the police arrested me. She blushed but saw the funny side. I have had enough. You can have an extra half hour in the corner before and afterwards for that.

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By the time she finished spanking me I was not only crying hard but was definitely thoroughly sorry. I think I was a happy well-adjusted child who did all right at school right up until I was Then my lovely daddy died and things changed. We had another row. My mother fared little better. She sometimes said such things in front of others, much to my acute embarrassment, but that was as far as it ever went.

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I went to my room and got into my pyjamas then came back down to the living room as she had asked. I say the end but it was not quite the end. It was around this time that I began having weird fantasies about Gerard spanking me. I think she had a lot to get out of her system. It was the truth and but I know how it sounded.

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