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Miranda Cosgrove Sex Stories


Celebrity Story Site. Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy were in Japan for a reunion episode for iCarly, but the show wasn't for another few days so they decided to spend some time hanging-out in Japan. They had already seen a ton of sights the few days that they had been there.

Name: Etty

How old am I: 22
Meeting with: Male
Hair color: Blond
What I prefer to listen: Opera
My piercing: None
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Did you set fired to the Nick studios? Is there really a sex tape of you with Ari and Tori? My hand raced in and out frantically as if it had a mind of its own while my tongue caressed her clit. I turned in disbelief at the sight of the petite, dark haired girl with a very short dress that hugged her body so nicely.

I teased her a bit before I introduce a pair of my fingers to her sopping cunt.

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I had my back to the door when I heard it open. Not wanting to let go Miranda moaned, the vibration made my body tremble and the sensation in my groin let me now that I was close to finishing. I still had some time until I closed the shop but the store was empty, the whole day had been slow so I sent the two other workers home. Were you arrested for beating up a camera man? The sight of drugs made Miranda uneasy. She opened her mouth for me to see the mess I had left in her mouth and with a loud gulp it was all gone.

I stumbled before but was able to recuperate my footing in time. I unzipped her dress and removed the straps from her shoulders, letting the dress fall on the floor. The thong slipped down but I had to give it an extra tug as it was still slightly inside the young starlet's shaved Miranda cosgrove sex stories. It is solely for entertainment purposes. My penis had a similar reaction as it was now throbbing to get out.

I tried my best to hold off but looking down at her innocent looking ayes as she sucked me off and played with herself sent the final message to my head. We were on a date and while we were waiting for the valet to bring my car she disappeared.

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The ice cream shop was small and cozy with large windows all along the front and located in glitzy part of town. I stood next to her gesturing her to look down, a smile of approval filled her face.

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Miranda brought her head forwards, we looked at each other and burst out in laughter. I grabbed he right leg and wrapped it around me and repeated the action with her left leg. The nerve of this girl first she has me lie for her, then she lied to me and now she had taken my weed hostage. Her head swung back, her arms getting weak and letting go of my neck. I lit up the t and took a hit then continued with our conversation. I needed more than just a hand job, I need to feel her luscious lips around my manhood. I walk behind her laughing at the young brunette pressing her face against the glass.

I was now near Miranda Cosgrove's womanhood. I admired the beauty of her body. Remember Me? What's New? 1 to 4 of 4. Her small supple breasts, the erect nipples that focused their sight on me, the flat tummy with the cute belly button in the middles, the legs that seemed as they went on forever and her cute little toes.

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My pants dropped to my ankles revealing my massive erection as the teen stared in disbelief. Fixing my composure I pretended to pay attention while imagining the girl looking for a great opportunity to run away. Cosgrove made her way closer constantly licking her lips as if she had seen food for the first time in weeks. In my short time working here I had become the manager which wasn't really hard since all my co workers were teenagers that stood around glued to their phones.

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Not covering herself up Miranda dropped the ice cream and quickly moved towards me until we were so close she could feel my bulge through my pants. With a smile from ear to ear she responded "Yes, please. I felt confident to make my move but the drugs made another effect on her. Forum Rules. The petite teen was indeed light as she seemed so it was easy when I grabbed her firm ass and lifted her higher until she was towering over me.

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I reached into my pocket and took out a t. She looked at me before she crouched down and to a hold of my stiffness. Serving ice cream isn't the most demanding job but when the customers are kids it can be hell. I could feel her body shake as she pressed my head against body causing her to moan loudly.

Miranda gagged and when ever I took my dick out of her mouth a stream of saliva ran down her chin and neck as she gasped for air. I held her head in place as I came inside her pretty little mouth.

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This time I kneeled at Miranda's feet and took a hold of her tiny black thong and slowly pulled it down, adding to the suspense. I would have been angry if it hadn't been for the fact that the drugs were taking effect and she became handsy. Instead I grabbed from the waist and leaned in to her kiss her, our lips made contact and drove me crazy.

My jaw almost dropped the floor, Miranda Cosgrove giggled at my reaction but gave me a hug as a token of appreciation for helping her out. I decided to catch up on paper work when some one came running in and went into the bathroom. I looked up at her and into her anticipating eyes. The brunette's hand moving all along my length not once blinking as if she were to miss something if she did.

I stopped for a second once the young star had a mouthful then tried to pull out. Her tongue slowly ran along her full lips licking them clean. Not noticing that Miranda had caught me leering at her body, I began to get hard.

I locked the door, and knocked on the bathroom door. Miranda Cosgrove's little pale cheeks now on full display. I finally told her Miranda cosgrove sex stories my job at Nickelodeon and she let out a loud shriek. My new job wasn't as bad as I had initially thought it would be, except for the rare occasion. The young starlet kissed my neck while I tried to unbutton my pants but having little luck. She ran over squealing every time she saw a flavor she liked. The brunette leaned into the freezer, her dress hiking up more and more every time she leaned in to scoop the ice cream.

We talked for a bit about how it felt to be recognized by so many people and what she liked to do with her money.

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We flirted, she occasionally ran her hand up and down my arm. If you are easily offended stop reading now.

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Every little detail about her seemed flawless but I still had one place I hadn't had the pleasure of seeing. Separated only by her underwear the young starlet penetrated herself, her fingers wrapped by the thin fabric.

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I ran my hands up her legs until they met at her center. I stood there confused when a well dressed guy came in. Every time I stuffed her mouth I could feel the back of her throat open up allow me to go in even further. Feeling the hotness run through her body Miranda spread her legs running her hand along her cunt. I took a cone and opened the freezer ready to scoop the ice cream. How about you having sex with all the "Victorious" girls? With that in mind I grabbed the back of her head, knowing perfectly well what I wanted the "iCarly" star opened her mouth wide.

I pushed her off me which didn't make Miranda too happy until she saw why I had done that abrupt action. Thread: "Two Scoops" with Miranda Cosgrove. Her underwear dropped to the floor as well leaving her in nothing but a sexy pair of high heels.

As I took my satisfied dick out of the Miranda Cosgrove's mouth one last squirt escaped and landed across the teens lips.

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Almost, and no I got fired before I hooked up with Daniella Monet" Miranda was amazed with my answers. The view almost making me copy Miranda and jump from excitement but I controlled myself. As I stood up I licking every inch of her body on the way stopping to give extra attention to her hard nipples. I shook my head as to focus back at the beauty in front of me.

Miranda stood up and wiped her mouth.

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I watch it all the time.

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