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Mature Caning Stories
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Top women enjoying long inches of angry dicks to ruin their existent tight stock holes in uttermost orifice scenes. A petition of rarified orifice sex videos with babes in the feeling to try hindmost access visits until exhaustion, also hoping for rivers of jizz to elite their exaggerated butt holes in prim modes. Spanking stories involve characters who like to beat up or be spanked. They could be over the knee otk discipline stories, or multitude beingness spanked with a cane, paddle, flat of the hand, tied up against an X-shaped subjection device, or any other ingenious ifier of perceptive 'punishment'. The to the highest degree common taxonomic group of erotic brisk is administered on the bare buttocks, but can also be combined with bondage, in magnitude to raise sexy arousal and feelings of dependency in the spankee.

Name: Sephira

Years: 37
Nationality: Slovak
My gender: Girl
I like to listen: Rock
Hobbies: Reading
I like tattoo: Yes

I tossed them aside and d my onslaught, spanking hard and relentlessly. Not straight away, anyway. Yes, a good leathering like I used to get back home in Poland. I walked up to him, cane tucked away under my arm.

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Twigs and branches littered the ro like the aftermath of a sound birching. In true old perv style, I held them to my face. And again and again and again. The pants were a bit musky, but not what you or I would call dirty. This was sounding better by the minute to me. And the third stroke. At my place. Even through the filthy weather, I recognised the pert little bottom straight away. I also have a leather spanking strap at my home. I watched intently as he initially seemed cocky, but a second or two later the pain overwhelmed him, as he gasped for air. That sort of thing. Instead, I made him give me the cane back.

I need not have worried as truly he was gagging for it. Clean underwear. Dutifully he obeyed, bending over when instructed. Musky and unwashed! He obeyed meekly.

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I slapped his arse hard. I gazed lovingly at his pert red rump. Eventually I gave in and pushed him off my lap. And then I thought about it some more. By this time he was gasping. There would be plenty of time for my tongue to explore his mouth, cock, arsehole, tits and pits later on. It was Pawel from the car wash round the corner from my workplace.

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Could you do it for me, give me a spanking now and then, as a favour? Eventually we stopped for a coffee break. There was something very tempting about him, and of course seeing him spraying cars my mind had often strayed to thoughts of ejaculations and even watersports.

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I squeezed and massaged it gently, getting stiffer all the time. I let him go in first, and smacked his bum as he passed by.

A very shameful punishment ch. 05 - fetish -

I was minded to the tell him to kiss me as well. I laughed out loud. I was going to enjoy this. My cock was straining and aching as I enjoyed him squirming and bucking around on my lap.

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I was about to say something daring, when he beat me to it. I paused at the roundabout and noticed a youngster hurrying along the footpath. A cane virgin and a willing virgin to the pleasures of man on man fun!

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Somehow his laddish charms brought out a sadistic urge in me. I felt his arse, resting my hands to absorb some of the raging heat. Nonetheless, I issued a quick rebuke for him to keep still, backed up by some extra-hard strokes. I did it again.

Hot consensual spankings and canings for discipline and erotic pleasure…

It was a thrill; a pervy thrill. Straight away I had him over my lap, spanking first his rigger trousers, then lowering them before I assaulted his navy blue briefs. I could clean your car for you, for free, in return. I stopped and asked him if he wanted a lift home.

Judicial caning

The one hitting the jackpot was me, really. Many disciplinarians do. They actually treat us quite well, although I probably do deserve a sound smacking now and then! A satisfying crack of black-stained hide on willing teenage hide! I lashed the first stroke down. I wanted him to see my erection tenting in my trousers when I made him turn around.

I swished a warning stroke throught the air.

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What a terrific sound it made! At the risk of mixing metaphors, this lad was just like putty in my hands.

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After a few minutes I started to rub my cock through the thin material of my suit trousers. Then I pulled the briefs down, and then I pulled them right off. He kissed the rattan shaft of the cane. Pawel followed me to the door. It was heaven.

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But I do like to entertain a guest in my bed afterwards. I smiled. He turned and grinned at me. I examined them further. You know, showered. A few more strokes and he was begging and pleading for respite. I made the second stroke harder. The weather seemed to deteriorate even further, and then we were home.

A very shameful punishment ch. 05 - fetish -

They were warm. The wipers on my car were working overtime, as the heavens opened and torrents and rivers of the wet stuff gushed everywhere. I think six of the best for you. This was sounding better and better.

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I then picked up his musky pants and inspected them further. I do have a shower, you know. I produced a strap and a cane and checked that he really did want to proceed further. A yellow weather warning was in force, with a danger of gales and flash flooding. I raised the black leather strap and crashed it down purposefully. Especially when the others are fooling around.

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As the cane whistled through the air, only stopping when striking my innocent palm with a crack, I yelped at the pain emanating from my hand.

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