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Masturbation In Public Stories


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Name: Annabell

Years old: 32
What is my favourite drink: Red wine
I prefer to listen: Jazz

Several incidences have resulted in two girls getting in their car and laughing hysterically at me. It's the most intense orgasm I've ever had if she looks down through my open window and sees me explode like a porn star as I'm looking at her ass or face. Rubbing my pussy so close to someone felt so naughty I just loved it. But I'd rather cum looking at a hot teens ass than to fuck 2 girls at once. My hubby doesn't know it but almost everyday I secretly masturbate in close proximity to other people.

Masturbation Masturbation public masturbation exhibitionist. Public-masturbation Confessions Public-masturbation confession stories and sins.

pretty gal Astrid

As of late I hardly ever masturbate alone, it's always in the same room or close by another person, stranger or friend, man or female it's my favorite pastime. I knew they could smell my juices and it got me going even more. My favorite is to wait in the back of the mall parking lot until a cute young babe pulls in.

It all started around 15 getting a ride home from my friends father.

passion moms Chanel

It was such a thrill I had to go back for round two You need a Premium to access that feature! This is the first time I've ever said a word about my secret and I'm curious about opinions. I always looked forward to my solo shifts just so I could masturbate. The risk of getting caught on video just turned me on even more. I always got a hardon when I took my clothes off before I went into the light booth. I'm super careful to pick a place that doesn't have cameras.

Sex stories in public

When I couldn't take it any longer, I would go behind a curtained area that was out of the cameras view, lift my leg onto the shelf, and rub my swollen, throbbing clit while plunging two fingers deep inside my pussy until I came. I'm an attractive guy and have no trouble getting laid. I've actually had several girls put on a little show for me when they saw what I was doing. I'm embarrassed to say I masturbate in public to hot teenage girls. We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium.

Masturbation Masturbation work public masturbation. Cumming in the company of an unknowing ,sometimes suspecting, person or crowd is the most euphoric feeling. So I stepped into a women's bathroom went into a stall and got completely naked.

eye-candy madam Aviana

On one occasion, I just had a massive orgasm, and as soon as I squirted all over the floor, a customer walked in. That reminds me its lunchtime and I'm not wearing underwear! I'll follow her around a bit staring at her ass until I get rock hard. My new fantasy is being tied blindfolded naked to a tree and fucked or touched by every person passing, man or woman.

fit mom Adele

I secretly hoped someone would walk in on me fingering myself and teasing my nipples. Report Please to report. Years ago I went to a dermatology clinic at a local hospital for UVA treatments.

Public-masturbation confessions

Fetish public masturbation. I would sit on this one chair in particular that was out of the cameras view, and pull my short denim shorts to the side, exposing my wet pussy. I've been caught before which is embarrassing at first but then fuels my need. There were cameras covering just about every area of the store, so I had to be careful.

slut singles Kai

Shamelessness Cum masturbation public masturbation exhibitionism pee. In the backseat I realized he couldn't see me waist down and I started touching myself over my panties. Confession Stories Confessions Current: public-masturbation.

fit mom Ava

I wait until she is between the cars unlocking her door to ejuculate. After she goes inside I go park beside her and go in the mall and find her. I'd love to do it again but there are security cameras everywhere.

27 people confess to masturbating in public (nsfw)

Then I head back out to my car and watch the rearview mirror for her to come out. One Saturday after my treatment I was still hard, I really needed to cum.

gorgeous wife Katalina

Then find me here my Nick Grace - verrywet. Views Recent Upvoted Comments. I hope they take it as a compliment of sorts and even better if it gets them wet. Getting caught would have been exciting.

lovely cunt Harper

The best is year old blondes wearing shorts or a miniskirt. I would rub and finger myself until a customer came in.

sexual whore Natalia

I'm a married man in his mid 50s. I would never actually touch anyone or follow them out.

horney wife Frida

I've did it many times and many ways and never got caught. When I get the urge I sneak off my panties and using a desk or bag for cover rub my clit to orgasm. Several times I've saw them get on the phone and call someone or take a picture of me. I can't stop doing this because it's the biggest rush I've ever had.

Public masturbation on a road trip

I was nervous but I stepped out of the stall and masturbated and peed into the sink. I would watch porn on my phone for hours until my pussy was dripping wet. I was so excited I shot my cum up onto the mirror.

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Today I am going to enlighten you about the time I masturbated in public and actually very much enjoyed it.

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I sat in the back and just abused my Vienna until it was a Tic Tac.

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