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Master Wade Stories
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Waking, Kerri admits her interest in sexual slavery. STY Monica's Early Training: Part One Following an extended period of long distance relating between Monica and Master Wade she at long last moves to be near him, where her initial hands-on training begins.

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How to know if you're in love? Where can I find Is she being safe or am I gonna be papa arquin?

Sunday, september 10,

Well, she didn't. To the best of our knowledge, the text on this may be freely reproduced and distributed. Getting back together. STY Raping Brenda: Part Three Brenda slowly begins to admit her true nature and her attitude changes from one of rejection to one of total submission.

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Master Wade discusses his profound appreciation for women with great legs and some of the women responsible for that interest. Bad Ideas. STY Michelle, College Coed Monica introduces a new friend to Master Wade and Michelle visits them in their home where she displays her bisexual hunger and delight in the succulent slave Monica.

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Some of the adventures related here are true and names have been changed for the protection of those involved. Jennifer sells hers. STY Julia's Begging: Part Four While watching an x-rated video she was ordered to rent, Julia is surprised by a phone call and an unnannounced visitor.

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Does "Taking a Break" Ever Work? STY The Delivery Boy Monica is encouraged to seduce and please a young delivery boy who has appreciated her beauty for some time. Uncategorized Erotica in Alphabetical Order. Finally she and Master Wade are released. STY Julia's Ass: Part Three Julia returns to the hotel, recounts the events of her shopping trip, and is surprised by some unexpected?

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Master Wade travels to meet her and they do in fact have a "dog-gone" good time. STY Whoring Pauline So far deprived of that for which she hungers, slave pauline is sent down to the bar to sell her body. For Golden Shower fans.

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My dad's a porn star Master Wade describes his new invention, the "Slut Meter". STY Surprising Sandy Master Wade receives a surprise himself as he observes a friends wife in her backyard "petting" her pet. Hot Topics. She becomes Shannon Wade and meets Master Wade for a first encounter.

STY Out For Drinks One of Monica's personally favorite experiences, she is taken to a bar for the purpose of picking up two men to service at her home.

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Other stories were written for the enjoyment of particular women I have known, and as such may or may not include activities which Master Wade particularly enjoys personally. Erotic Fiction: 0 to 9.

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This story is not actually about rape, nor does the author condone the activity. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. The stories are available on many adult BBS's, and in many cases you may address any comments you may have to Master Wade via the message portion of the board on which you find them.

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STY Raping Brenda: Part Four Continuing her training to the point that she is now hungry for more and more, Master Wade gives the pretty young secretary a taste of what her future holds before returning her home. presented by the AdBrite Ad Network. Those offended by racist terms used in this story are reminded that it occurs inan era of rather un-enlightened racial attitudes MRWADE STY Ashleigh Part Three Ashleigh's punishment in a converted gym used by Master Wade's Grandfather for the training of slaves continues, with the introduction of Razley a huge mixed-race man and Lu Sing an oriental bisexual.

She finds her activities are known by her Master and tries to explain, once again.

Master wade series - the poker party - part 2

If you have any questions about this, please check out our Copyright Policy. In most instances where Master Wade is not a current user, the sysop will be able to help you locate him, or you may contact him on compuserve at user idSome information explaining the reason for the existence of the Master Wade stories. STY Ashleigh Part Four Having watched with interest the usage of the beautiful blonde Ashleigh, the other slave-sluts in attendance put her through quite a bit them- selves as the story concludes.

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It's all in your head. Erotic Fiction. After being teased unmercifully for months by an attractive secretary who is obviously fucking his boss, Master Wade has the opportunity to give the young slut a ride home from a company party.

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STY Fax About Max Master Wade receives a fax from a west coast couple who know his tastes in women and who have met a young woman they know he will like. STY Ashley Presents Herself: Part Two Ashley arrives at the converted old plantation where she is escorted to the restored slave quarters and prepared for service.

Erotic Fiction: D. Erotic Fiction: E. Erotic Fiction: F. Erotic Fiction: G. Master wade stories Fiction: H. Erotic Fiction: I. Erotic Fiction: J. Erotic Fiction: K. Erotic Fiction: L. Erotic Fiction: N. Erotic Fiction: O to P. Erotic Fiction: Q to R. Erotic Fiction: T. Erotic Fiction: U to V. Erotic Fiction: W. Erotic Fiction: X to Z. Dear Reader, The Master Wade stories are not for the faint of heart, but for those who enjoy such subjects as Dominance and submission, female bisexuality, public exposure, humiliation, bondage, group and interacial sex, and almost every other type of sexual relating that the mind can conceive.

The evening's climax involves three young men who discover what a delightful slut Monica will be for her Master. STY A Nurse For Monica Following Monica's ride she is introduced to the bisexual nurse Donna who examines her to make sure she is in good shape after her day's activities.

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I hope this index will help you discover stories that are of interest to you and that you will enjoy them. STY Raping Brenda: Part Two The drunk secretary passes out, and Master Wade takes her to a motel where he ties her and begins conditioning her for her training as a slave. STY Monica's Virginal Fantasy Monica describes a fantasy concerning how she might have enjoyed losing her virginity.

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