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Male Prison Sex Stories


It's your shift. Waking up at Zero Dark Stupid for radio watch was not much fun. Of course, listening to the teaming rain outside, sentry duty would be worse. I sat up, but still encased in my mummy sleeping bag. The worst part would be getting dressed.

Name: Kial

How old am I: I am 34
Where am I from: Norwegian
My orientation: Man
I know: Spanish
What is my figure features: My body type is thin
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In my spare time I love: Fishing
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Everyone in the prison does his bidding. Instead it was a disastrous one involving one of the prison's Black Godz. One day the door of his cell opens and in comes Harry Anscombe, one of the wardens. Mike is in prison for fraud. Click to watch now on GayDemon. But Harry ends up being depressed and Mike notices it, talks with his wife and they phone Harry to calm him down.

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Under normal circumstances he wouldn't bother to talk to me, but he's guessed I'm a bit strange. Davon White is Boss.

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He also meets the Deputy Warden with astonishing. The inmates live in a closed society with unspoken rights and privileges for the most aggressive and dangerous prisoners. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon! He is an intimidating figure, trim but very muscular which helps him in his job as a prison guard. A young white kid who needs to be trained to serve. While awaiting to be released from prison for a crime he did not commit, Damien tries to adjust to prison life, only to be befriended by an unlikely inmate. No, on top of that I had to fuckup.

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Hanging out with two ex-cons at the No Tell Motel turned into one of the hottest scenes I've ever been a part of. He starts to enjoy gay sex and as big surprise for him, he also enjoys his master's excrements. Davon sees a devastatingly gorgeous guy and wants him bad.

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He comes with boxing gloves and he tells Mike that he is gonna humiliate him for three hours and first Mike suffers the pain test and later the gay test but he only feels humiliated at the mention of his wife as the bitch of your wife, the way Harry names her. A true story of sex with a murderer that loved cock in his ass.

Prison lesson

With it, everybody's needs are fulfilled. The two fall in love but there is one problem, Xavier is the property of three very dominant older men.

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He does what he wants and takes whomever he wants whenever he wants. While Jonah is struggling with the aftermath of the events from the shower, Ashley on the out side of the Prison tries figure out how Jonah ended up in Prison in his Brothers place.

And one day at last Mike is free again and meets his wife.

Gay prison sex stories

But Belinda's words convince him he should do what they had asked him to do. Davon White, the superstud prisioner and Boss of his Baltimore Prison takes on a new fuck boy. Mike is obeying Harry now with different feelings. Not just a run-of-the-mill fuckup, either.

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What will happen with Mike and Harry now? After being pent up without sex for weeks, what will the Guards do to the main protagonist? That was why he was prepared to admit to me that he had been sexually assaulted, something he had confided in no one else.

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It was bad enough that the prison guards uniformly hated me, and seemingly every inmate was intent on scoring my ass and turning me into a trophy fuck because of my teen-model looks, surfer blond hair and bubble butt. So at last they Jack each other off and Mike tells Harry a lot of things, convincing him to be his master for the rest of his stay in prison; he just has to ask for Belinda's permission and if she grants it, he would become Harry' slave and toilet. Harry confesses he has fallen in love with both in that couple.

Why showering in prison is hell

Mike becomes Harry's slave in prison and his time in jail slips from his hands. This is a rewrite and resubmition of the story; The Good side of Prison written in Coach brings the main protagonist to his second job where he works as a Prison Guard.

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At last Harry has the courage to meet Mike's wife and the three of them go up to have sex together and Harry never forgets to suggest that hot couple to have sex with each other at the time he uses his slave and also has sex with Belinda. The weaker survive by "rolling over" and making concessions to the stronger. Kevin is a builder of my acquaintance: rough, dumb, prone to violence - hence his time in prison - and, naturally totally straight.

Gay prison sex stories

Before Mike can become Harry's slave, he has to ask his wife's permission. Finally everybody's feelings erupt and they decide they should become a threesome.

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He shows Harry a copy of the letter he's sent to his wife and some days later his wife's letter answering. I was so screwed Darren finally nails Jameel, the last of the four men who kidnapped him, tortured him and gang-raped him. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics.

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Derrick a tall, black neighbor of mine came over one evening, after much pleading on my part. After reuniting his wife again with passionate sex, Mike meets Harry again and tells him he will continue to be his slave.

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Aside from a couple of blowjobs, and some mutual masturbation, I had never had sex with a man before.

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Coming from a family of several positive male role models, I never had to hide who I was, so I never did.

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Looking up, I see James waving me toward the hallway.

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Aside from a couple of blowjobs, and some mutual masturbation, I had never had sex with a man before.

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I never expected prison to be like it was.

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A boy"s gay journey that starts from the prison to his being kidnapped.