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This story contains some kinks such as macro micro and destruction of a good amount of tiny cities. Then they could move to the cerulean suburbs, and never have to worry about macros again. A collaboration with of sao and macro stuff.

Name: Sibley

Years old: I'm 24 years old
What is my nationaly: I was born in Japan
Service for: Gentleman
What is my hair: White

I felt for these two all the way through the story. And at the same time, not entirely safe to be around.

white females Lana

I enjoyed pretty much everything in the story. I got my start in literature through role-playing on second-life, and I was sort of famous for long, intricately detailed posts. That was really cool! She does her best to avoid them, until she finds one in particular, one who's always dreamed of meeting someone like her.

Hehe, if you thought my post was detailed then … hello! Okay, here's a curveball Macro furry stories you then, what's the worst part? The characterization is wonderfully done! Personally I was hoping for some awesome miracle that furries and humans would get along. Good on you for sticking with it! JFswift Watcher link. A size changing Arctic vixen, seeking adventure and change from her normally boring life, leaves her race's underground home and enters the world of humans.

Oliver for example is a social outcast, has contempt for authority, is really, REALLY awkward with conversation on top of not being very bright, while his unending childlike enthusiasm makes him seem like an annoyance. N'aww, thank you for the lovely compliments! When I first read your prologue, something usually glossed over or ignored by a lot of writers, the fact it was longer than what most people pass off as the entire story should have tipped me off.

Thanks a lot for it. Where do you get off putting the same effort and thought into this as a professional writer would? If you still request a favorite "part" of mine, I'll try to pick out one upon the story's completion.

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Your supposed to be blind to those potential bits of plot like most everyone else! I like how you handled the character interactions. Prev Main Gallery Download. Oh, this question.

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I am usually a fan of violent macros and i tend to avoid peaceful macro stories, but this one, this is one of he best stoties i have ever read, no doubt about it. My Stories. Btw, you could draw a scene or two from the story, i bet lots of people would enjoy seeying azure and oliver.

single woman Milana

Hope you enjoy ed the read! Where do I begin? Phantom Art Whore link. Is that you? The characters were absolutely wonderful!

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You focused entirely on the characters, and the plot was driven by character interaction. Brilliantly crafted character development, merged seamlessly with the plot. A Welcome Visitor Story. And now how in the 9 Hells do you compensate for this otherwise glaring weakness of having a boring main plot? Well, I've given it enough thought to state that my favorite portion of the story lies toward the beginning, around the time that they both still held skepticism for one another, and to the point they finally concluded that they wanted to be together.

Well, I'm still yet to be finished, but I can see the end is coming very soon.

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The Furry just stared at him. Part of me was in tears because I felt so emotionally connected to the characters. DarkVrain4 Traditional Artist link. And to think that I logged on a few hours ago without the slightest thought that I may stumble across, what is now, one of my favorite stories on the internet. The vast majority of works on most any sight featuring prominent writing is ridiculously short, misspelled, filled with leet speech and poorly paced.

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The main characters were cutesy and likable but without sacrificing too much common sense. Contains some mature cuddling, though considering the target audience it's really pretty tame.

talent biatch Penny

I've considered it, believe me, but somehow it always fades in importance to other commission ideas. I must applaud.

ebony milf Rory

Thank you for reading! WoW I really don't know what to say. Aww, but the pleasant surprise compounds in on itself, I knew from the first story that were a very talented or at least attentive writer, so surely a properly sized tale from you would have been a great read. I love it! Well I'm happy that the story kept you interested until the end.

File type : Word Document. Then I read on a little bit more and nearly fell out of my chair in shock … I mean, wha?

eye-candy floozy Marleigh

I loved the characters, their interaction, their inocence. If you could delete one section, what would it be? Phantom Art Whore link parent.

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Ok, Wow … Just … wow. Arbon Writer link. Thanks for your praise, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! My name is Arbon, a pleasure to meet you sir! You have done an Macro furry stories job with it. Something akin to the comedy relief characters, serving as a foil to a more serious one. Assuming the story had not already caught my interest, my enthusiasm for the plot would have sparked during the time the government came to inspect his house. General Rating. Your ideas are supposed to be mediocre at best! You're welcome. But one of my favorite parts in particular was when Azure realized she could grow or shrink others when they were physically close to her.

I can't tell you how often I'd like to say that I enjoyed the entire item, rather than a specific part, but no one likes hearing that answer anymore, huh? And I just love how I can point out problems and flaws with the characters, and have that pertain ONLY to the character within the story. And then … gah! She comes across as young, and prone to mistakes, but not evil. DarkVrain4 Traditional Artist link parent. Ich link. Again, this is an absolutely fantastic story! Perhaps his memory had been affected. I'm very pleased to have satisfied someone who prefers violent giants, that's a tricky task!

I mean, wow … just wow. She's so nice and kind and not afraid to defend people she cares for. Now my least favorite? What part did you like the best? This was actually pretty good. Gee, thanks a bunch! You did a good job on that, thanks a lot for sharing it! Download Submission.

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However, the ending did suffice. Well, I can't say I'll be adding the ending to any of my lists of top 10s, but I wouldn't make a point about any particular dislike, seeing as I've not one worth mentioning.

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Thank you very much! Maybe if I learn to draw I'll do some It balances perfectly both emotion, thrills and drama.

gorgeous girlfriend Lyric

Thank you for creating a wonderful story to read! When I was about halfway through and already deciding parts of a full critique, of which my impression was that the works was simply above average and worth mentioning, I wrote down a few paragraphs expressing my disappointment at a missed opportunity. So I finally finished reading this after 3 days I've had to work inbetween and I absolutely love this story! It really makes me wish that Azure was real.

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This is a luvey dovey romance of a sort and as such makes the perfect move by emphasizing characterization and dialog over exciting events.

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They want as many friendly mega macros around as possible in the event that things should go poorly at the negotiations.

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General Rating.

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He heard someone calling his name in a thunderstorm.

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