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Lush Stories Net


Lushstories is an erotic story and poem site where users can their personal stories for the world to fap to. A very active community is sure to read your story, provide feedback, and talk about how hard they busted their nut to your Charles Dickens of fucking. All kinds of stories are presented here. On the other hand, more extreme and taboo topics are sadly banned. That includes underage shit, rape, murder, drugs, and basically anything that would land you in jail in real life.

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Members also share their stories with their friends to obtain positive criticism. It is already enough that most people are living in fear of the stereotypical societal norms. There are various groups for people into same-sex relations, people who enjoy watching others have sex, those who enjoy getting watched while having sex, extreme sexual practices lifestyle, lingerie fetishists, cum lovers, lactating women who enjoy breastfeeding their men, and so many others. Also, they are spontaneous and way open-minded to cater to a larger audience.

Sites like lush stories

They also have adult books, condoms, games, stripper poles, among other things. In case of any issues navigating the site, you can always pull out the site map below the with buttons to all site sections, including your profile.

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The basic requirements include a valid username, secure password, and sex. The registration process to enjoy this service is free and fast. It is — literally — the only sex stories site you can spend the whole day on and never get bored. Not to mention, the site features an incredible collection of audio stories that you can always jerk off to. Members of LushStories indulge in writing discussions over at the forum section. is also a total bliss with enough sorting tools and features to cater to browsing, content viewing, and Interactivity.

There are plenty of published and non-published awesome intimate romance writers that know exactly how to infiltrate your mind causing you to relive the sensual fantasies over and over again. As of writing this review, new members are automatically given free membership that expires after a month.

The major erotic stories categorizations are audio stories, competitions, editor picks, recommended, and author eBooks. On the other hand, Bronze members can use discount coupons in the Lush Store, get one free e-book on Amazon from a specific category, and send private and instant messages. Otherwise, you can always make do with Lush stories net basic search engine available on top of the s. Great writers are made through guidance, awesome works are created, and more people are linked to queer sexual ways of life.

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It is also an informational hub on matters of relationships, BDSM lifestyle, sex toys, gaming, and so much more. The site is enhanced with lots of interactive opportunities for readers, writers, and authors.


LushStories lushstories. You can tell this simply by the of steamy hot books of authors from the platform that are already selling on Amazon.

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The main agenda revolves around erotic stories writing, and reading, whereby writing resources and advice for or from upcoming and existing authors are provided. According to the various thre available, some users even go as far as sharing explicit photos of themselves and their loved ones for others to drool over and possibly get off to.

Besides, there are always hundreds of sexy and horny cam models between the ages of 20 to 49 years to get off to live for a few tokens.

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The writing competitions for notable awards keep writers on their toes to produce quality works. But dreams cannot really get you anywhere without a partner to explore your sexuality with, the required tools in this case, toysand sensuality enhancers.

Otherwise, it is a super cool corner for people to speak their minds over absolutely any topic. There are lots of discreet payment services, but more importantly, make sure to utilize your discounts to maximize cost and get yourself as many goodies as you want.

Everyone on the site is all about having erotic fun; therefore, you can easily find sex chat mates or even masturbate to gorgeous models from across the world via their Webcams with amazing sex toys from their store.

Top genres

LushStories is definitely a marvel for anyone who has visited a sex stories site before. However, there is the likelihood that the home might be a little too detailed for some people. LushStories seeks to revolutionize the world of sex stories into a fun interactive experience where people read, learn, and experience sensual satisfaction together.

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You never realize where the sexual fantasies start or end, and you will sooner or later be battling a mighty boner. Free services on the site include; Submitting stories, providing feedback on stories via votes or comments, using the forum, receiving private messages and random friend requests, and accessing public chat rooms.

It is also notable that most of these writers apply their sexual experiences and prowess into the scenes to cater to the varied sensual fantasies of the readers; hence, fetishes, extreme sexual practices, and perversion are nailed right on the head. So it is such a nice touch for LushStories to have varied groups that share the same erotic tastes to promote better-unhinged interactions.

Erotic stories

Otherwise, the rest of the process is easy and might only take a minute of your time. Anyway, there are two major options for anyone visiting the site located on the left side of your screen. The site gives you a month to explore the site on limited features terms, after which you are left with no choice but to upgrade to the available premium plans.

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There is also a long list of niches to choose from below them. You can always take a break to chat with strangers on chat rooms, forums, or live cams and explore your sensuality more with the best sex tools and supplies from the Lush Store.

Unfortunately, LushStories is not precisely free, contrary to speculation.

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There is an intriguing sideshow on the home giving you a glimpse of all the sensual fun you stand to discover in this place. The Site Roadmap Unlike most sex story sites, LushStories has a rather interesting way of introducing itself to the world.

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It includes; wife lovers, incest fantasies, horror, mind control, Taboo, MILF Stories, and anal sex, to mention a few. Writers keep sharpening their ideas with the help of other great authors via the support thre on the forums section. Either submit a story or read some random story. LushStories might be more inclined to erotic fantasies with thousands of intense sex stories to read and listen to. You will most certainly find the girl of your dreams since there is a hugely diverse lot of Asian, White, ebony, Latina, etc.

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All the top authors for the 31 days period are listed down, and you can always take a look at their individual profiles to find out more exciting facts about the writers, the badge awards they have won in various competitions on the site, and the stories they have published and co-authored. There are over 3M posts on close to 60k sexual and non-sexual topics and over half a million registered members.

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There are lots of very talented amateur and established writers on LushStories. Our advice is for you to choose a particular niche you like rather than hoping around for random stories; you might come across ideologies you consider squeamish. The primary condition for anyone looking to LushStories is that they should be of majority age. For most of the groups, you can request to be added; however, other members can always invite you via the forum.

This site breaks free from the boring sex stories set up norms. Either way, some stories are well written from the beginning to the end. More sorting features for the erotic stories, poems, and quick re include the latest, popular, and most viewed. They also can customize your profile regarding who may or may not contact you, the ability to hide your last seen, priority technical support, and 10 free e-books on Amazon belonging to a specific niche.

You can also take the opportunity to report technical issues or get a deeper understanding of the entire site and how to get the best of it. From the rich section, you can tell that you can always choose a sex story or poem depending on your mood or current fixation. While Lush stories net Gold membership plan might seem a little far-fetched for most people, it is the only way anyone can get the most out of the site. They can also profile images, send friend requests, create private chat rooms, comment on videos, and enjoy an -free browsing experience.

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