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Love Making Short Story


Nauk pulled back and inhaled deeply savoring my sweet scent, as my arousal increased so did the aroma of flowers within the air. My own sweet scent is one that is a mixture of spring flowers. Nauk ran his fingers down the front of my shirt, looking at me with dark pools of lust, his eyes had clouded over due to his arousal and his once dark green eyes were now black with desire.

Name: Leonelle

How old am I: 34
Ethnicity: Welsh
My hair: Brunet
Languages: English
What is my body type: My body type is skinny
I prefer to listen: Reggae

I could see her pain, tears pouring down her cheeks. Sometimes she laughs, and I love that.

My best friend, my true love

It could happen in real life, well. Didn't see that coming : Great story :D. Who knows? I am very close to my apartment and just about to walk up the stairs then in the side of my eyes, I saw someone very familiar. Cassie stands up and hold the baby in her arms. I feel like I feel like dumb. Romance love romance lust friend true jhanery.

She is enticing but very shy and I knew I had to be completely gentle. Someone who would never think of hurting you, leaving you. I decided to make the first move; I casually walk towards her and draw smile on my lips to lessen the tension.

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My mood suddenly just fell, made me wanna leave her apartment as soon as possible! I walk towards them and I managed to observe that the boy looks exactly just like me when I was about his age. Of course. I was staring outside my window in my room, listening to songs, I am not really an emotional-type of person but that moment, I felt like I needed to drown myself to thinking and come up with some idea to enlighten myself a little bit. Stormbird Throneshaker. You look dazzling. God bless : Now, it's time for me to check out yours!

Tech True Story.

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If only you opened your eyes Cas! And see me! I thought he was the one! We come to my apartment, I serve coffee for her. I missed that. It was the first time our lips met. And that night, we made love in rhythm. I gazed her in the eyes, making sure I heard the right words. Kissed her in her most sensitive parts, sometimes making her moan and arch her body around.

We were eating then in a restaurant, it was like a fairy-tale Ron. I did not know that until this afternoon, and it hurts. Re: Likes: 19 Shelves: 3 Comments: More Details. Cassie turns, her eyes fixed in mine.

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He surely has a wonderful time now having these 2 people in his life. I was stunned when she said nothing and then kissed me. I would love you even greater, thousand times better than any other person ever did!

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Thanks for the comment. Having a date without telling me? Why did you leave?

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Cassie also started moving her belly. Ahh, wait. Thus, I find myself very inspired to Love making short story a short story. The movie is about best friends, something that makes my mind fly back to the past, 3 years ago. Her soft lips moving against mine, tongue exploring in sensation I was feeling so hot inside. And I did! Add to Read List. I faced her, held her in her chin. But only for awhile okay? I reached her arms and wrapped them around my body.

Just Let It Out. Author Reply. I know we looked like a romantic couple, but I only wanted to comfort her and nothing more. She burst into crying, tears pouring down her face and I was saddened. You deserve someone better. She supported us when I did not know how to survive without you. If only I could just turn invisible, I would! I ahh I moved to her seat. Hold her in her shoulders with my two hands. My best friend, my true love is now here in my arms. Have a handkerchief nearby and ready. I just want to make sure nobody owns Cassie now. When I made love to you. My head seems like exploding, tiny needles are poking my heart making it so hard to breath.

Together honey, our love will last forever. I am so fucking mad about his dad! You just have to open your eyes and see the best things of life. When I left, she served as my shelter. Even though its just a short story, you captured all the emotion perfectly!

Cabin fever

I did as I finally combined our body into one. Without saying a word, I took all our clothes off our body; I caressed her, feel every inch of her beautiful body, whispered soothing and sweet thoughts to her ear. I thought you were starting to feel something for me. A very cute little boy on his stroller, the child is so adorable, I admit. Thank you sooo much.

My best friend, my true love

I knew something had happened. She nodded softly, in her eyes; I could see lust and burning desire, but above all, the passion. Then after realizing whom his mom is. My fist just closed, shaking, because of anger. It took minutes before I had the courage to break the silence.

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Are we? Or maybe have some coffee? And it was nothing but heaven. He got his girl and had too! So to forget my feelings for you, I tried so hard to find love with some other men, but I failed, because my love for you is so strong. How I hate it when her eyes shines for other man.

I knew she was lying. I might not be able to pick you up when that guy takes you into some places, hmmm, you know? Suddenly, two soft arms hugged me and I did not need to turn around to see the person who owns them. Cassie tells me all her experiences in the past from the time we separate ways. She was hurt and it was my fault, it was the first time that I caused her so much pain and I promised myself it will never happen again.

Cabin fever

What a huge surprise. Cassie was virgin; she never slept with any other man. Whenever you comfort me, how I wished you were doing that because of love, and not just pity.

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After all baby makes three and all that crap.

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Mark called me one day wanting to arrange a special birthday present for his wife Tracey.

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