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Home » Couple » My Naughty Nipples. I was driving the car as my boyfriend was in inebriated state.

Name: Caitlin

My age: 37
Nationality: Syrian
My orientation: I love gentleman
Iris color: Lively green
Languages: Russian
Favourite music: Latin
Body piercings: I don't have piercings

I then pulled up her top and brought my nipple to hers and started to move it from side to side as it grazed back and forth across her own.

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Grabbing my legs Beth instinctively began to rub back. Her face was flushed through the wantonness of our act as we both became very aroused. She became like a hungry dog sucking, licking, pulling and twisting my buds to yet another quick orgasm.

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Our clits collided and ground lewdly together causing electric shocks of pleasure to ripple through our bodies. Then, taking both sets of nipples between my forefinger and thumb I began to rub each set together eliciting low moans from Beth. As the teat came into view it was my turn to gape. I lay on my bed, my legs apart as forefinger, thumb and third finger closed around each nipple, flicking, rubbing and pulling my lust filled tips.

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I could play with them all night and still want more. Excitedly Beth then started to swing to and fro rubbing her breasts back and forth across mine. Her skirt had ridden up and I could feel warm jets of her cum spraying onto my legs as her pussy spasmed out of control.

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Although I will confess that her long blond hair, beautifully chiselled features and voluptuously curvaceous body would be a body to die for — be you man or Long nipple stories. I pulled her top off and reached behind her to unclasp her bra, at the same time allowing my nipples to rub across her cleavage. As I continued to play with my nipples I began to lift my top up revealing them in all there glory. We stayed like that. Her other hand went to work on my other nipple — fingering and pulling my bud to complete sexual satisfaction. I could see that she was frozen, fighting her instincts to lick and lap up my sensitive bud — she was, if anything confused.

We came together, moaning and panting — our cum sprayed into each others quivering sex hole only causing us to spasm again and again, grasping each others legs and grinding to sexual satisfaction.

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Then she suddenly stopped and pulled back, as if coming out of a trance — breathing heavily and just staring at my erect buds. Beth continued to stare open mouthed and wide eyed as I began to knead and play with my naked nipples. I began to lose control as I raped her nipples. It had been six months since Katie left to go back to South America.

In a moment we were both cumming again, only this time I began to experience a multi orgasm.

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She seemed so desperate. My instinct was to encourage her by pushing her face to my nipple and hope that she would take the bait — and she did!

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Not content, I took Beth into my bedroom and pushing her back onto the bed I lowered myself onto her so that my head was level with her nipples and hers with mine. It was just the sight of your nipples… and they looked so…. It was too frustrating for words as I dragged myself from my bed to see who was there. She then told me the whole sordid story of how she arrived home early, and unannounced walked into their bedroom to find this woman on all fours receiving a thorough fuck from her boyfriend.

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Simultaneously I felt Beth on my sex lapping like there was no tomorrow, rubbing her nose against my clit as she probed in and out of my pussy with her fingers to bring me to another throbbing orgasm. I need to talk to some one! Oh how I miss those lust filled sessions with Katie. My fingers were now working hard to bring me to my rapidly rising orgasm, raking back and forth across my tips, eliciting moans of pleasure as my back arched up to meet my fingers in their wanton rape of my sensitive buds. Our bottoms rubbed back and forth as we continued our primitive act.

Switching from breast to breast we fed upon one another like starving children sucking as if there was milk at the end.

Nipple to nipple play

Rubbing our breasts together, nipple to nipple, pulling, licking and sucking on each others pleasure points. I then held my breasts and guided my nipples to hers as she did the same and we began to rub our naked nipples together up and down, back and forth. Oh yes girls, I am one of those lucky women who can easily orgasm from a few wondrous moments of nipple rubbing.

Sliding my long tongue up and down her lips, my fingers pumped in and out of her gaping hole as my thumb worked furiously on her clit to bring her to yet another series of quaking orgasms. Shedding my G-string I Long nipple stories her and grabbing her legs for leverage I began to grind and mash my pussy against hers. With both breasts released from their confines I continued our lewd act with, now both sets of nipples rubbing back and forth against one another.

Beth never struck me as being anything other than straight. Enjoying climax after climax. I then released her nipples and moved down to her sex and began to lap up her juices.

Nipple to nipple play

Total 0 votes. I was aroused beyond belief! She was panting and moaning until, all of a sudden, her body went rigid and then started to shake as she felt her first orgasm through nipple play. My pussy was still spasming and squelching as I made my way across the apartment to the door. I could feel our nipples rubbing over and over flicking constantly against each other.

Six long months without anyone to play with — six months of frustration with only my own fingers to satisfy my sensitive nipples.

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Beth licked, sucked and fondled me to a quick orgasm. My fingers played with her other nipple and in union we both moaned our pleasure. At the same time my breathing had become shallow, I was fighting my aroused state — trying to think of her wellbeing first when, all of a sudden, I felt the tip of her tongue touch my nipple.

Her lips wrapped around the nipple as she took it into her mouth and began to suck and flick it with her tongue through the cotton top.

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The Princess and her Captor. It was all too much for me, I could only think to take of my top. Wet and warm, our pussies slipped and slid together. Beth under me was also losing it as she pulled my body into hers in order to assault my breasts further. I realised that a strong sexual aroma was emanating from between my legs and my nipples were still stiff and erect.

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My top rubbed against my erect nipples as I walked, only serving to maintain my aroused state. When fully erect and aroused like this, my nipples extended a full inch. Keywords breast feeding breast play breastfeeding lesbian breast play lesbian nipple play nipple orgasm nipple to nipple tribadism.

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With my arm around her I lead her to the sofa. Like long spikes of super sensitivity that send shock waves of pleasure through my body every time I touched or rubbed them. Beth broke down again falling into my arms.

She holding her bra down, me holding her top up as I rubbed my nipple back and forth across her erect bud. What else could I do? Then it happened again, only this time she allowed her tongue to graze and push the nipple from side to side. I lowered my body until one of my nipples dropped into her mouth and I began to devour one of her teats as she did mine, licking, sucking and flicking her long nipple.

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How Not to Major in Business. Her nipple was fully erect and as long as mine.

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I realised that Beth had stopped talking and crying now and seemingly, in a very natural act of comforting, was stroking the underside of my breast whilst staring at the cotton covered inch long nipple right in front of her nose. When I reached the video interface I was surprised to see the face of a work colleague, Beth, staring up. My fingers worked at the same rate as my tongue on the other sending Beth into spirals of unknown pleasure.

Never before had I ever met anyone who could so completely satisfy me in this way. I could feel the spasms of delight emanating from my soaking pussy as my fingers start to tug on my shoots — when all of a sudden the buzzer on my intercom sounds.

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