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Long Hair Fetish Stories


s Home photos haircut longhair longhair 2 longhair3 longhair4 video links. Tuesday, 9 July Hubby's Fetish. My husband Syam Sunder introduced me to this site some six months ago. Since then I have read almost all the stories in this site.

Name: Dinah

How old am I: I am 29
Ethnicity: I'm portuguese
My orientation: Guy
Hair: Black
Music: My favourite music techno
Hobbies: Mountain climbing

Candy said since she had to remove her top, maybe I would like to also.

‘long hair fetish’ stories

I followed her into the bathroom. I told her if I drink any more I might fuck up her hair. The sudden buzzing and vibrations came to life and Candy sat there playing with the clippers. I told her I was a little leery of cutting hair after drinking, and she assured me, I could cut her hair any time….

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I looked through blurred eyes…This lovely half-bald woman, the same woman I had spent hours cutting and coloring and curling at the shop, was the most attractive almost bald woman I had ever seen. My scissors and comb, edging clippers and hair clips were set up on my dresser, ready to go.

Her head was the perfect shape. My lap was filling with long red hair, Candy eating, the cut off hair falling in her mouth.

In love with long hair

I was to wash and set them. Home Haircuts. We sat and drank, the wine was going down very smoothly, when as usual in my line of business, the topic turned to sex. We started to giggle, and Candy filled my glass again. It looked like a large white cock eating my bald pussy. I started to play with myself, the sight of a nude bald nymph did turn me on…. She pulled off my skirt, and almost tore my panties from my body. Accidental Haircut.

I remember the sound of the clippers, but not too much after that. Santo Domingo. The next day when I entered the shop, Michael asked me if I changed my hair style or if that was a wig? She said she would feel more comfortable, and after all she said I did have a nice figure.

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Well it was then that Candy revealed her sexuality to me… I was a little uneasy at first, but I was also intrigued with the idea that another woman could find me attractive and sexy. I reached for the scissors and placed the blades about 2 inches up from the Long hair fetish stories of her long hair. She said that she had heard that the feeling of the clippers was exciting and that she wanted to turn them on.

I took another drink, and noticed in the mirror that my nipples were hard…I was getting turned on, after all Candy was a good looking woman, and I was wondering what the clippers would feel like on my neatly trimmed pussy. I passed her the face cloth so she could remove all the traces of the cream.

Candy said she wanted a trim and would be over around 7 pm. I think my face turned as red as my hair…. Candy brought the clippers down to her crotch and said she enjoyed the feeling the clippers were giving her. When Candy heard the scissors close on her hair, she started with the sex talk again, how sitting here in my bedroom, being groomed by such a pretty woman would make most guys jealous.

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Story of Karen. She screamed not to stop, she wanted to feel the clippers on her head. I continued to shear her long hair off, the sight of the shaved head was turning me on. Candy finished as strong as she started. I told her mine was in the wash and I could use a towel to stop the hair from falling onto her silk top. Candy sat down and looked for the hair cutting cape. I watched in horror as a bald strip emerged as this crazy bisexual woman ate my pussy. True Blonde? Long Distance Calling.

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The bell rang promptly at 7, so I went to answer the door. She took the clippers and turned them on. Candy stopped me and quickly had hers off. I was a bit flattered, but of course my hair is bobbed off at chin length, and my severe bangs cut high on my forehead gives me a more professional look. Candy noticed this and suggested that maybe I need a little trim also. I turned the clippers on and removed the remaining hair.

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I told her I would finish the job, if she would let me. When I opened the door, Candy was standing there, in her hands was a bottle of booze.

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She still had hair on the sides and back. She removed her skirt and panties and sat back down on the stool.

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Kendra Shaves Everything!!! I smiled and took the compliment. I closed the scissors and a two inch section of her bright red hair fell to the carpet. Mail Order Bride. I took another drink and flicked the switch on for her. Her head a gleaming white. She had insisted I color her hair the same as mine. I told her I had a closet full of wigs that belonged to the shop.

Candy suggested I open the wine and pour a couple of tall glasses. Revenge Haircuts. I started to protest, but she guided my hand towards her long hair. Short, Sharp, Shock. She shaved her own head, as I watched. She took another drink and passed it to me for a quick one. She asked me if I was adventurous? I never knew she was bisexual but I never knew I was also, until tonight. I continued to cut as I listened to her talk sexy to me. I took the vibrating clippers as she thrust them into my hands. Once in there I needed the counter to steady myself, the wine had worked.

Long haircut fetish and hairjob student stories

Forced Haircuts. The buzzing clippers ploughed into her bangs, her head bobbing up and down on my hot cunt. I took my shaving gel and lathered her head. As she was eating my pussy, she pulled my right hand towards her long hair. Her face was covered in cut-off hair, and the top of her head as bald as can be. I reached up and gave my hair a little tug, and shot a smile back at him.

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New Girl in School. Then she pushed my legs apart and started to ram her head between my legs…I tried to resist, but the booze, the mood and the moment just prevented me from stopping her. I was drunk with glee, the excitement of it all motivated me to shear her hair clean down to the scalp. Another Me. My Encounter With Amanda. In our conversation we discussed who was doing who at the shop, what turned some of the male stylists on, and whether the guys were gay or bi.

I was overcome by the feeling, her tongue eating as fast as I could shear her head free of hair. Candy stood up, wiping her face free of hair. Punishment Cuts. Time for a Change. Candy said she had an idea. I looked up and she was playing with my edgers.

Surprise Haircuts. She said she was attracted to me and that was why she was here. When I was about to come, I leaned back onto the end of the bed, my pussy exposed to the world.

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