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There had been, he admitted, a trivial blemish or so in its rate of progress, but this was exaggerated and had been entirely owing to the parsimony of the public, which guilty public, it appeared, had been until lately bent in the most determined manner on by no means enlarging the of chancery judges appointed-i believe by richard the second, but any other king will do as well. Annie is a cute, bubbly, sexy, strong, musclerippling, young teenaged girl. Perry had told somebody, and was extremely happy about it. It could have been sandra farraday or it could have been stephen farraday, or it could have been both of them together.

Name: Annamarie

Age: I am 28
Nationality: Finnish
I prefer: I like man
Tint of my iris: I’ve got cold dark eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Figure features: I'm quite overweight
Favourite drink: Absinthe
I have piercing: I don't have piercings
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It is written before but I want to mention again. It helped spawn a slew of stories, of which Djubre's Megan story was so titillating with unstoppable size, strength that kept exponentially increasing, and kept you on edge in your seat with each passing chapter One of the biggest losses for the FMG scene, is that this series of stories has been lost with Brawna down.

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He has some of his stories on DTV but he used to have his own website. User Tagging Statistics. I like some stories of Valerafon so much. Display Modes. I would have also thrown in Jim Priest, one of my alltime faves for his girl's martial arts themed trouncings but as someone mentioned a few s back he is still active on his own blog he shares with a couple other writers. Thread Tools. Thanks for the kind words. Such an utterly amazing story.

Fragilistic definitely had talent in writing about females reeking power. Still his penmanship is definitely worthy of Hugo Awards. SeldomLasts : One of the top masters when it comes to Little annie ample stories, has so many stories lined up in his old DtV bookshelf, that were left midway or barely starting. You don't look like you could bend match sticks, and with such a tiny dick, you don't look like you could satisfy any female.

One that I don't recall spending a lot of time on DTV, but was a good friend and writer who did his own blog for a while and just went away back a about 3 years ago, not to be seen again, Reallydude, really miss bouncing ideas back and forth with him and just miss him in general. I have checked in here once in a while for a long time but never even made a profile until your comment.

By ample, annie

I wrote the MilesEndeavor stories way back in time. Go to Re: Authors you wish would write again. Some of his latest stories deviate from his usual stomping grounds, though Wish he'd retake old stories. I have been remiss in not giving kudos to stories I enjoyed that are usually not the sites favorites and pass through here without comments so I apologize to those authors as I know how good the feedback feels.

MrNobody- Her Chrissy girl was progressively more and more powerful and her body bursting with more pounds of muscle, that you could only marvel at the sheer ease she usually crushed her prey, while mentally dominating them utterly with unadulterated, casual self-absorbed narcissism she loved her own body.

lonely women Elliot

Loved how the girl was progressively more muscular and hotter, within each chapter, in a natural progression, not those time skips that eat up huge chunks if time. He must have over a thousand crudely written stories on DtV but I don't think anyone is as 'balls deep' into his fetish.

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9 of Last ». Now I tend to release my energies on the visual rendering side of things but I always like to throw in a line or two for fun. Remember Me? Members List. A couple other early favorites for me were Alpesco and his Brionne character with her cement block fists and a little later on, Musclehead and the amazingly intricate holds his jacked athletic girls could apply to their helpless and hapless toys. Want absurdly huge sizes and utterly outclassed matches of strength? IndustrialFlesh: his story My girlfriend's little sister is a seminal masterpiece, where a girl's legs are painfully described to perfection and the whole story ends up with a cliffhanger, where the younger sister drags her new boyfriend stolen from her sisterupstairs What kind of encounter could we ever expect??

Muscle sexy annie ample

Last edited by Mastron; Nov at Demented is maybe the best ever when it comes to muscle and a plot. I kind of lost the muse for witing when he died back in and only do it for my own amusement these days. I have been on the fringes of this fetish since the days I would make up a character to show up in an AOL chatroom and have Diana the Valkyrie perform one of her stories on him - back before she had the idea for a website.

Silentcrs : His Ultimate Power Corrupts series, was so jaw-dropping good, that left you salivating for more His stories had it all, dominance, ridiculous size and strength. Fragilistic: Want power? This story had it all, arm-wrestling matches, wrestling moves, sheer power and displays of strength. Best author ever. Moxie : Superfan of Suanne. I agree with Mastron about a couple of his picks, SeldomLasts, who I communicate with regularly with and of course Mr.

Nobody, whom, without his mentoring early on, I would have never have taken Heidi in the direction she went after the earliest story. With all these muscles and all this strength, I'm more man than you'll ever be I have the strength to bend and twist steel in my bare hands, yet I still have the sexual appeal to drive any straight man rabid with lust. All of his stories were worthy of emulation, always a tight fight between erotism and simple dominance. And MLG is still around but I sure do miss his stories. Want some of the most Little annie ample stories written descriptions of anatomy in your stories?

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Really wish the anthology series continued to see how the girls became increasingly more and more powerful. Dominated: His Tamara stories left me craving for more Such power, such beauty and scope of size that was beyond scary girl shoulder to shoulder larger than a garage door? I will always remember Penny Edwardsand her muscle-packed abs and heaving bosom Whoever wrote the Leg-Breast-Ass Man storywhere a girl gets pissed at her potential boyfriend after he and his hick friends disrespect her at her own house, and she proceeds to demolish each one with the object of their adoration.

Little annie ample

Man, sure wish he continued where he left off, with the werewolf chick practically melting an anchor as her hormones kick in and gets even more powerful Definitely, the descriptions of how huge, massive, this girl was were awe inspiring. KMalone : Left some unfinished stories that had all the good stuff.

tight lady Alayna

Look no further. Cheers Jim if you happen to read this.

stunner ladies Ruth

TK: Another writer that wrote some of my favorite stories, full of muscle worship. User Name. GBM : So vivid descriptions of muscle growth so beyond cartoonishly proportions.

Thanks to Mastron for the mention. Imagine being killed and having a attached to your deceased body saying you were killed by a woman! I also favored stories where the women were not so evil and nasty and that limited short fetish stories for a site like this where people aren't as interested in the moral of what the character learns as they are interested in kicking the door down and getting to the action. All times are GMT. The time now is - Archive - Top. Authors you wish would write again.

The bare facts: my life as a stripper.

A fine line to walk, indeed. Coyote's arts were definitely the cherry ontop of each installment, accentuating the level of strength, muscular girth and power this girl had. There's so many: Paul Smithher girls were MASSIVE and so powerful that sometimes their feats of strength and muscles were hard to conceive ie one of his Caroline Everson stories, Caroline has sex with a star while destroying an entire galaxy, casually, while trying to show off her strength at some outclassed superbeing Michele LeMuscle: His Annie Ample stories are simply the best stories where it comes about tales about sheer massive muscle size, strength, and so well-written that it was soo easy to imagine the events therein.

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Utterly entrancing once you got into it. I have dozens of old half finished stories where I lost the thread or figured the story would need to be way too long for what people want here. Dmaynard: Massive girls, most of them sadist, and utterly indestructible.

Most of the time my stories appeared to me to go out of control and if continued by part 3 or 4 the women would be superheroes rather than just a strong woman. How Miles was capable of imbuing detail into action scenes and descriptions of women's bodies That is the stuff dreams were made off.

pretty girls Ryleigh

Hamlet You've got to hand it to this guy. Anyone else remember Beatenman? When I was much younger, I liked the one about the hanging of the inspectors. Girls whose bodies alone could utterly decimate and destroy humankind. Has defintely one of the most powerful lines that simply drill your head, excerpt of Tamara 2: Tamara held the pose without any apparent exertion and asked"Doesn't it bother you, Andy, that I am so much bigger and stronger than you?

Especially Lily. I mean, where's your pride?

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There had been, he admitted, a trivial blemish or so in its rate of progress, but this was exaggerated and had been entirely owing to the parsimony of the public, which guilty public, it appeared, had been until lately bent in the most determined manner on by no means enlarging the of chancery judges appointed-i believe by richard the second, but any other king will do as well.

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