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Lesbian Sm Stories


Lesbian bondage stories that will make you so wet and juicy. Here are quick teasers, A few seconds later, she held something up in front of my face. My thoughts got even more evil.

Name: Constantia

My age: I'm 41 years old
What is my ethnicity: Hungarian
I prefer: Guy
My favourite drink: Champagne
Piercing: None

The two women spent several minutes in silence as Miranda sipped calmly at her coffee and Jane stared helplessly at the floor.

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She had never even had oral sex. In a way it was kind of peaceful not having to worry anymore, she had lost. Miranda climbed purposefully off the bed and advanced toward the cringing, naked form in the corner. But then she had the time to stay in shape, not quite a trust fund baby, but she had a nice allowance from an inheritance paid into her once a month.

Worst of all was how thoroughly humiliated and degraded she felt. Despair settled on her, as she lay there naked, wrists bound behind her back, her abductor still sitting on her back.

Then the helpless woman felt the tip of something cold and hard sliding into her ass crack. What had she been doing all these weeks? Had she really ed control of herself to this mad woman? She fought and squirmed, but she was tied tight and Miranda was too heavy to move. Through the renewed panic Jane suddenly realized what she actually had wedged in her mouth. Jane woke before the sun came up. Jane felt very pleased with herself as she drove to the gym, she had more money, her lodger was clean and respectable, had a steady job; and seemed really nice on top of that.

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She looked in the linen cupboard. Jane said nothing, but began busing herself around the room, clearing up. She also had a slim waist, and shapely legs. Jane gagged and tried to think of other things. Strangely it was empty.

Jane slowly unwrapped the little towel and handed it to the blonde. Her room was always a mess, and she seemed to get though so many pairs of panties that Jane began to wonder what she was doing with them.

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She saw Miranda in the kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee. Perhaps Miranda took them, part of some sick joke no doubt. I bought you a present today.

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Jane leaned forward and tried to reach the bottle with the tips of her fingers, Miranda looked down at her unwilling maid with utter contempt. Jane felt sick. It was a mess, clothes and empty beer bottles lay everywhere, cosmetics lay strewn across the vanity table, Jane even noticed pairs of worn panties thrown down apparently wherever the young woman had taken them off.

You are such a fucking loser you know that?

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She ached everywhere from being trussed up like a pig for the slaughter all night, and the wrist Lesbian sm stories ankle cuffs chaffed her. The girl was an energetic blonde called Miranda, all long, tanned legs, flowing golden hair and white perfect teeth. On Saturday Jane climbed out of a hot shower, and pulled a towel off the rail. Jane felt a strong hand grab her wrist and pull it up her back, she winced in pain, she wondered if her arm would break but by then Miranda had grabbed her other wrist. Jane had been cleaning up after Miranda for a couple of weeks, and the blonde made no effort to improve her habits.

Jane Sullivan was forty-nine, and in what she would describe as okay shape. Miranda sat on her bed watching MTV and drinking a beer, she drained the last drops from the bottle, then threw it on the floor in front of the naked woman.

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Give them back… please. She was beginning to taste an odd flavor. Jane felt a sense of alarm building in her belly, like nervous butterflies, something was wrong; there were no clothes in her closet and no underwear in the drawers. Jane wrapped the towel round herself, so that it covered her breasts, but it hung barely half an inch below her crotch, so she walked slowly and carefully to her bedroom. Still, there was always room for a little more cash.

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Then one morning Jane noticed that the kitchen had been left in a real mess from the night before, she probably should try to be more relaxed but Jane was fussy about that sort of thing. She was laying on her own bed, still naked and bound wrist and ankle. This young, twenty- three year old woman controlled her money, her property, her mind and now… she controlled her body as well. She never let anything dirty in her mouth. It was a small one, the sort the usually wrapped around her hair.

Reality broke in on Jane like a thunderclap, washing through her numbed mind like a splash of cold water. Who would something from a lawyer without reading it first? Her long, brown hair brushed a pair of slim, tanned shoulders, her breasts were not that large and sagged just a little, but only a little she reminded herself. Miranda laughed, the sudden sound Lesbian sm stories Jane start like a frightened antelope as it spots the lion that has been stalking it.

Jane had even started to cook for the young woman.

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The same afternoon the ad came out Jane got a phone call from a nice girl and they agreed to meet at two in the afternoon. My clothes? After sharing a couple of glasses of wine Jane had made her decision, she asked Miranda to the simple lease agreement, then she put the answer-machine on and went out. Is that what you think slut? Things went well for the first couple of weeks; Miranda was hardly around and had paid rent up front.

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In fact Miranda had begun to treat her landlady like a maid, and just expected Jane to do these things. Anyway, I have a better use for it now. She had two rooms, and used the spare for junk that really belonged in the attic; if she cleared it out she could take in a lodger, and bingo, cash problems solved. Miranda was going to ass-fuck her with the bottle.

Miranda held out her hand and glared at the frightened woman before her. A defeated calm descended on the naked woman and she felt Miranda attach cuffs to her ankles, no need to worry now.

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Her bruised ass hurt like hell, but she could do nothing to soothe it. Now it was out of her control, Miranda was in command. Jane realized with a groan. It was while she sat in the lounge with a glass of red wine, looking over a hair salon bill that the idea came to mind. That evening Miranda sat her down and explained that she was up for a promotion at work but needed a reference.

Jane resolved to tackle the Miranda problem as soon as she got her clothes back, things had definitely gone far enough.

That I want to stare at those ugly tits of yours? Jane went limp. There was no of a break in. To Jane the young woman seemed perfect. Jane had just wanted some more cash and freedom, not to become a domestic servant. Miranda snatched it back and put it in her bag. And now they were in her mouth — her clean mouth! Miranda was twenty-three, and worked at a local law firm, a just out of college lawyer.

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I pay you enough fucking rent bitch, and I get precious little for it! The bottle, she realized with horror. She padded carefully downstairs, bare feet on the soft carpet, acutely conscious of the far-too-small towel that barely concealed her nakedness.

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She had that one chance to end this, and she had failed. Suddenly Jane felt two strong hands grab her buttocks, forcing them apart. She was helpless. Utterly, utterly lost. Why had she let this happen to her? She was in real danger, she suddenly knew it with alarming clarity. Somehow Miranda looked even more menacing today, or perhaps Jane was just aware of her near nakedness.

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