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Leg Fetish Stories


When I was 23 I took a role as an inside sales associate for a manufacturing company. This was my first role outside of a construction background. A few months after getting settled into the role our administrative assistant was moved to our corporate office and we hired a new lady to fulfill this role.

Name: Violante

How old am I: I'm 18 years old
What is my nationaly: Hungarian
Who do I prefer: Male
Color of my eyes: I’ve got cold green eyes
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There were two of us receptionists which was helpful but because the company was growing at such a high rate, we were consistently experiencing technology problems. I even wore pantyhose a couple of days each week to really get him going.

There was a small window on his big wooden door so I stood on my tiptoes to peer inside. Thank goodness we received a company discount as a walking advertisement. I knew then that someone was playing a joke but the entire building was empty with the exception of an older cleaning lady and AJ. The cleaning lady was in another wing so I began to look for AJ. He was probably playing a joke on me so in my pursuit, I went to his office. Even though my starting position was to be one of the receptionists at a growing internet fashion company, it was still such a lucky break for a twenty-two-year-old to get her foot in the door.

AJ just about jumped out of his skin.

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What if someone came in? Did you need something? As I tilted my head so I could watch, AJ was on his knees, sitting on his feet and bunched up pants. What is going on in there?

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I caught him just as he was shooting his load. It seemed strange that only one went to miss. It actually excited me to think that I could tease and play with AJ. I also knew how to get to the top of the priority list when my technology went down. At first I saw nothing then I caught a glimpse of AJ sitting on the floor behind his desk.

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I spent a small fortune on clothes but with all the blouses, skirts, dresses, hosiery, leggings, high heels, boots, belts, blazers, and hairstyles, it was all I could do to keep up. You need to take care of that for me. for Free! As the weeks turned into months, all us girls working there started competing with each other on who could dress the best.

I wore my Sperry slip-on shoes home but when I returned on that Monday, my high heel had also returned. He would have Leg fetish stories this up for hours but seeing him in that blissful state started making me a little horny and I needed more. Also on Fridays, we were allowed to sit our heels and boots in the company cubbies and bring a comfortable pair of shoes to work in, but we were still required to wear our heels entering, leaving, and at lunch.

I went home that evening and instead of being weirded out, I knew I had to help this poor guy. AJ had dark hair, round cheeks and would shyly smile when he was around us girls. sociální síť pro dospělé

Ok then, just come on out of there. He looked toward the ceiling, closed his eyes, and then inhaled deeply. Who would have ever thought that only one month after graduating from college, I would land such a great job?

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You are, what, thirty something, and have never been with a woman? On one of those Fridays, I went to change my shoes and strangely enough one of my red high heel pumps was missing. It drives me insane. I allowed him to tell me all about his foot fetish and how he loved nylon covered feet and the musky smell they emit after being trapped inside sexy shoes.

I just burn and yearn for you. He was also ecstatic that I was so understanding.

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He was good at solving our tech issues but was only one man and very overwhelmed trying to keep up. From my angle, I could see his head and it was slightly bobbing like he was shaking it to say yes. A smile or wink from me would make him put his head down and keep walking. All through the week, I made extra efforts to put my feet out and show them off when AJ walked by. He almost seemed ashamed to tell me, figuring that I would think he was this nasty perv.

AJ was massaging both of them which actually felt really nice. I was wearing a short sleeveless pink business dress with a short black blazer and a black belt cinched around my waist, nude hose with matching pink pumps.

Foot fetish stories

The girls were fit and looked amazing while the guys were buff and dressed in suits. I never knew that. The door was locked, which I found peculiar. He would alternate between each foot but also continued massaging them while he kissed and smelled, which was a plus for me. Our regular tech guy, Scott, had taken an indefinite personal leave of absence, so our intern AJ was filling in for him. What are you getting together? AJ was a sweet guy in his early thirties who was very shy, introverted and never spoke much. I would wiggle my toes and press them into his face.

I was going for that business s, retro look. Foot Fetish Fridays 14 Votes Score 4. I was so excited! I wore my dirty blonde hair up on my head with a cute pearl necklace. Then almost immediately I had a change of heart. sociální síť pro dospělé

You are just so beautiful and you have amazing feet. My cute feet need your lovin. Leg fetish stories was a decade older than me but I felt the obligation to be his sexual mentor for both our pleasures. Do you like my toes, AJ? Do you like purple nail polish? Her company was growing and she was highly demanding and held everyone able. The problem with fashion is you trade it for comfort.

After a week of training, I was ready to report and when I entered the large building, it was so modern and revolutionary. His mouth hung open and he started twitching like he was…and that is when it hit me! I need you to get under my desk and massage my feet while I get some things caught up.

I was more taken back by the fact he had never slept with a girl more so than his foot fetish. I raised up on my toes once again and while looking through the window, I knocked real hard. Oh my God, he was jacking off while smelling my boot! I thought I was losing my mind until the next Friday, I had stayed late to finish up some work and when I went to change shoes, one of my favorite pair of black leather knee high boots had went AWOL.

Poor AJ was secretly masturbating to the smell of my shoes so in the spirit of fun and sexuality, I was not going to allow him to keep it a secret any longer.

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Somehow my shoe would fall off or be dangling off my toes the minute he showed up. He knew how to use his thumbs on my arches and just under my toes. I need to talk to you. I knew he was enjoying himself.

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At first I was horrified and thought we have a pervert on our hands. He would rub and softly smooch the tops before lifting my foot up and kiss the bottoms. He was startled at first then was trying to either clean up or hide what he had done.

We would try to top one another and every Friday, we had a small trophy we passed around to the winner. Scoot back in there so I can have some room. Huge flat screen computers filled the tables and very attractive people using them. That was as about as casual as our Fridays ever got.

His six inch cock was hard as a rock and had a stream of precum hanging off the Leg fetish stories from all the arousal. Have you seen it anywhere? We would flirt with him not only to tease the little cutie but to jump to the top of the priority list of solving our tech issues on our own computers. We talked a little more and I retrieved my boot.

Are you serious? He was almost relieved to be able to tell someone.

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