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The dome of an umbrella bobbed along the top of the fence, beneath the dripping horse chestnut branches. Pink, blue, white stripes. It had been raining for days, maybe weeks. Lots of umbrellas bobbed along her fence, but she recognised this one.

Name: Sherry

Years old: 55
Ethnic: Sudanese
Sexual identity: Gentleman
My Zodiac sign: Virgo
What is my favourite drink: Liqueur

Spirit Dog. Alzheimer's and the Last Song. Flash Scribble. I don't mind school, but I do hate math!!

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I'd rather keep it that way. Czechstaw, May Part One Wednesday, May 14, Interest priqued? The crutches and braces are a part of my normal routine. Cheating Death. A lot. I have always used some type of assistance, be it a wheelchair or, when ambulating, crutches, or even two canes.

I was hoping that I wouldn't have to use crutches again, but I was proven wrong. I lost My Car Today.

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Member Book. I use them to help stabilize myself when I am walking.

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Views from a Hospital Room. Well, I'd best go. My friends. My writing. I have never let the fact that I am disabled slow me down any.

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I have schooling. In addition, I wear braces on both legs 'cause my ankles are weak.

Wheelchair friendly workplace

Recent Short Stories by this author. It's about time for me to go to my next class, which is College Level Algebra.

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All Short Stories by this author. A Stroke of Luck - Chapter Dental Braces and Head-gears. I will write in here again soon; until later, this is Ronee' Reaux saying so long! Constance Sinclair is a. What if those wishes came with deadly consequences?

So many things to keep me busy so I don't have to even think about my pain or what I happen to be facing.

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I've really never known what it is like to walk under my own power. Featured Book On of a Wish by Curtis Cooper What would you do if you were suddenly given the ability to have all your wishes come true?

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Herbert The Hermit. I refuse to give in to my pain. That saves a lot of headaches on my ts and it doesn't tire me out nearly as much. Survivors Of Dementia.

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May God bless you as much as He's blessed me over the years! When I was a little over a year old, I was in a bad accident and the mere fact that I am walking again is a miracle.

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Sometimes it's a drag, especially when I am in a lot of pain due to my JRA flaring up again; I have it really bad in my hips, feet, and lower back; I also have it in my neck and shoulders or when people tell me I'm holding up the line. Under-utilized, under estimated, yet understood by everyone the fart is made to odor jest for you. I would rather be ambulatory than sitting down all the time 'cause when I get up, I'm stiffer than stiff and it takes me twice as long to get going. Sleep Deprivation.

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I now use two canes, but as I alluded to earlier, I still have my crutches in case they are needed. I guess I should be grateful that I can at least walk. Surfer Girl. Sometimes when there is a lot of walking required or I'm hurting badly, I resort to my wheelchair. What would you do if you were suddenly given the ability to have all your wishes come true?

My balance isn't that great, so this is why I rely on my braces. The wheelchair is too, but I try not to use it unless it is absolutely necessary.

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Sometimes the JRA tries to get the better of me, but I am a fighter. They do help. I walk with two canes usually, but if hurting more than usual, I use my crutches. The Blue Velvet Box. You are Very Special. Doctors didn't think I would ever walk again, but I showed them: I had the last laugh on them.

I have too much to do, and I have a life to live.

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My job at the college bookstore. Because I S. Dancing With Da Stars. Necrotizing Fasciitis: A Flesh Eating. I'm sorry; I can't help it. Voice lessons.

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