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Latex Maid Story


You've been cleaning there for three months. I've only been into one room upstairs. Besides, like I said, it's more a companionship thing. Jerry's taking me to Key West and I think he's gonna pop the question.

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Maid for excitement

Stop playing around. Whilst Jessie carried on cleaning. She stood there as the machine continued to wash her and the suit. Valerie stood there waiting for the system to finish; once she thought that everything was ready she spoke to Jessie.

Now come with me. Every inch of her felt alive inside the suit, her skin tingled with the touch of the suit. You can try the suit on if you like? Leaving Jessie to explore herself, Valerie walked behind her and picking up the suit closer, she started to pull the latex suit closed.

Valerie had explained to Jessie that they had come with the house, her Father worked for a large international corporation and they had moved into the house Latex maid story taking up his position, and the house and the three maids were included as part of the executive package. Valerie now knew that Jessie was under the house systems control, she doubted that Jessie would go anywhere near her feet, let alone spend time massaging them like she had.

The occupant had dressed them this way; she apparently liked the powerful, unified look they gave off coated in latex. Next, now that she was dried, came buffer p spinning on arms and they rubbed all over her body, the suit protecting her but also allowing her to experience the intense feelings that the buffers were doing to her body, whilst her breasts were rubbed her nipples stood out at attention, the buffer then played with them sending incredible sensations through her body.

Once satisfied that Jessie had indeed covered every inch of her body, she handed Jessie the latex suit. Jessie remembered to close her eyes and only got a small taste of the liquid, which was bitter to her palette. She lost herself in the feeling she was enjoying, it was only when Valerie walked behind her and attached something around her neck did she come out of her own little world.

She looked straight ahead like the others and stood to attention. Jessie stood there savouring the smell and the sight of the latex; she had her arms folded across her breasts trying to hide her hardened nipples, but Valerie was on to her straight away, smiling at Jessie and looking directly at her breasts knowing what this was doing to her friend.

They both gave up after five minutes. They all looked magnificent standing there in a row, even Valerie had to admit that they did. This will be tight. If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!

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Jets of what seemed like water shot out of the walls surrounding her; the liquid was warm and seemed to get everywhere. Her chest felt flushed and her nipples were starting to stand out, which made her even more embarrassed and she tried to hide them from Valerie. She also spotted another of the maid-bots bending over whilst working to clean the lounge, the tight latex revealing the curves of her bottom, her eyes looking from one to the other as she watched them move whilst they worked.

Jessie followed her eyes still looking at the maids; she walked behind Valerie still unsure of what they were doing, but feeling excited at the same time. Jessie stepped warily inside as Valerie smiled at her, closing the door behind her and pushing it closed.

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Today was no different, she watched the maid-bot that had answered the door as she walked in front of Jessie, the suit covering her, tempting Jessie, her eyes fixed on the way the suit moved on the maid-bot when she walked. The boots soon followed after Jessie managed to sit against the table, she was still having trouble with the corset but it was easing. She got very hot inside the suit, the machine blowing hot air over the suit to dry it, but it was over very quickly. Then just as she thought it was over anther stream of warm liquid rinsed off the foam.

She was supposed to be learning to cope on her own without the bots to help her.

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She started to feel her inner sexual arousal start to rise again, so did her nipples which pressed hard against the latex covering, causing her to feel even more aroused. Jessie turned beet red. Jessie turned and walked away to the kitchen, she received instruction as to what favorite drink Valerie liked and how she liked it. The suit was closed by the gun type device Valerie held in her hand, this excreted a powerful glue that sealed the opening, leaving a small seam in the rear where a zipper would have been in years past.

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Continued in Part Two o0o. And being company property her Father was not allowed to change their looks, so the family accepted them as they were. Jessie worked her left foot down the opening for her left leg; she pushed against the latex which clung against her skin the closer she got to the foot part. Jessie moved her hands behind her feeling for the zipper only to find none, her hands reached up behind her neck and found nothing, she was encased Latex maid story the suit with no way out.

She continued to adjust the hood until she was satisfied that it fitted properly. Jessie continued following her instructions, she loved it that she was freed from the responsibilities that she had, her mind now clearer and more focused. Valerie brought her out of her reverie by pulling the suit over her breasts, the touch of the latex on her nipples sent electric shocks through her body, her knees this time did buckle and she had to hold on to Valerie for support.

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This then activated the system to start cleaning. Once they reached between her legs and rubbed her sex it was all over for Jessie, she came like she had never cum before, the intensity of her orgasm sent her into overdrive and she collapsed on the floor, shaking from the climax that was running through her body.

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Jessie quickly took off her bra and then slipped her panties down her legs, still embarrassed to stand naked in front of Valerie, she tried to cover herself up, not knowing really where to place her hands, and she had a little hand dance until she settled on her crotch, her hand over her sex. Her foot popped into the bootie with some help from Valerie.

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The smell of latex assaulted their noses as the door opened and wafted the fragrance into their faces, Jessie was starting to feel the first stirrings of her arousal, though watching the maid-bots as they worked in their uniform had started the process. Jessie could only nod her head, her voice not working at this stage.

After a few minutes the information slowed and she could start to gain access to the information, she also felt the house computer system connect directly with her mind, giving her her duties for the day. It was painful too for Jessie as she felt that the hood was pulling her hair out. Jessie stood next to one of the other maids; she looked at their posture and tried her hardest to repeat this in herself.

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They walked into the lounge and Valerie summoned the maid-bots, they all formed a line standing at attention waiting further instructions. Now both feet were encased inside the suit, they both began to work the latex up her legs towards her hips.

The machine then whirred overhead and she started to feel heat, the machine was drying her off. Making the maid-bots seem even more powerful were the knee-high boots and corsets around their waists, again completely unnecessary for domestic duties that they were deed for but a wet dream for some kinky person — like Jessie, she giggled to herself. To Valerie she looked the same now as the other maid-bots, she moved the same and she certainly spoke like them. Once this was done, another liquid this time with a white foam that formed on the suit, once drenched and covered head to toe, she stood there as the machine seemed to have stopped.

Then she followed with her right foot and leg.

She always felt turned on when she first caught sight of these maid-bots, something she tried to hide form her friend Valerie, sometimes though she would be caught gazing just a little longer than usual at the maids, and then be caught by Valerie, who then teased her about it. The remote controls you whilst you wear that collar.

Gromet's Plaza Maid-bot Stories. The other arm soon followed and Jessie admired her hands inside the latex, each detail of her hand was shown through the latex.

Valerie responded, nearly giving herself away. Valerie even went looking for her and when she found her just watched as she made the beds perfectly, brushed down the covers and tidied the room until clean. She prepared the glass, poured the drink and brought it back to Valerie on a tray.

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Jessie ran her hands up over her head, the latex on her fingers rubbing against the latex hood, she could feel herself through the two layers of latex, and her hands ran over her face, her nose and around her mouth, her lips opened to taste the latex that covered her fingers. And she dismissed Jessie, who went off to her next job that the system told her to do. The gun also emitted a UV light that caused the glue to cure instantly, sealing Jessie inside the suit.

Jessie again looked at the two maid-bots working in their suits, she was in two minds, here was the perfect opportunity to try one on, but her inner fears and embarrassment at being caught out by her friend was playing on her mind.

I think.

Our new persons

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Phil stared at the items on the bed with disbelief.

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Andy, took a breath, the memory of the last time he had entered a fetish fashion shop filling his mind.

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I reluctantly rose and checked the clock; I had been out for two hours.

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Now I was clad head to toe in the shiny black latex catsuit and had managed to bind myself to the cross that was on the wall in the playroom just as the doll had been.

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She grasped the door handle and with a small intake of breath she pushed open the door.

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