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Knocked Up My Sister Stories


He's the one who went away. I knew I shouldn't have, And yet I did.

Name: Lidia

My age: 41
Available to: I'm hetero
Gender: Female
Other hobbies: Shopping
I like piercing: None
My tattoo: None

I've read about doing abortions with a coathanger, but I don't want to hurt my sister, I do love her, in more ways than one.

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She's too young to get an abortion without our parents being notified. You know shes like 12 or Fuck you im a mom with two young. Maybe the reason I am here is my parents were so up tight about the importance of abstinence including no masturbation that I never got to work out how to just be normal.

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Just to update, i had my sister seduce a guy in her class that has a crush on her. I would have my husband rip your head off and my kids bottons would be well tanned by my husband and I. We are in our early teens. This site is Knocked up my sister stories of sad old men like me. I woild do as i said in my posts and tann bought your bare bottoms good every evening for a month. Yous are selfish little brats and your lucky i am not your mother as you and your bratty sister would be grounded for a long time and your bare buns would be roasted every evening for two weeks with early bedtime.

Most Comments. Screen Name shown to the public. Hopefully if and when she has the baby it will look like him so our familys are not suspicious. How old is your sister. As does your sister also. I think it's bullshit too. I caught my twelve year old son and ten year old daughter naked in bed together not long ago and bought my husband tanned there bare bottoms good and i can tell you they never will do that again. It was her idea to start having sex, so don't blaim it on me, I told her no the first time she mentioned sex with me, but she climbed into my bed one night when I was asleep, and it happened, and it was wonderful, for both of us.

All Posts. He looks sort of like me, same skin, hair and eye color, about the same size also. You dont want to live with this for rest of your life. How dare you be even on this site at your age.

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Excatly what are your ages. I came to confess that my son and i I've posted two stories on here now as How would you make NaughtyPosts better? If you do not receive your shortly, please check your spam folder. If they brag it's on snap chat and Instagram and whatever app the parents are no on.

But that would not ever stop me from being there for yous. Post Something. Good wanking material though. Our parents will be furious that my sis is pregnant, but not as bad as if they knew her own brother knocked her up. Tan thier bottoms,, but 2,3 days later I guarantee they were having hot sex again. There's no way in Hell I'm going down for this, so I'm trying to figure out what to do. So i take it shes 12 or My goodness you need to tell your parents. I've never admitted this one to anyone I just absolutely tore my My wife was a bit promiscuous back in It was my daughters 20th birthday a few I've been reading all these post for a My friend invited me over for drinks Like the title says im up for anything I had only been going out with Wanda So this happened a few weeks ago.

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No teen is going to wast their time here. Most Popular. Me too. Sort Newest. Its excatley what you and your sister should have being getting or still getting. Cancel Post. I bought a pregnancy test kit at the drug store today, and sure as shit, she's knocked up.

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Yeah, that's exactly why we wont tell our parents the truth. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you. If anyone has any suggestions, please help. You say your sisters a few years younger. She let him cum inside of her and next month she will tell him he knocked her up.

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Send her here. You answer me son. Want to read posts and comments uncensored? So, yesterday, after school, my little sister told me she thought she might be pregnant. If yous were my children i would wany to know. I love my sister, and she loves me, and I don't think anything will stop us from making love to each other at this point. When we are old enough, we plan to move away together and go some place where nobody knows us so we can live together as a couple.

I am 16 and my sister is a few years younger. Tell your parents son.

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Great for you both, can be a great thing, i hope your family supports you. Stay logged in. Your so lucky i am not your mommy. You realy do need your bare buns spanked.


You and your sister made of each other knowing that she could get pregnant now be a father and a mother love you baby and be happy with each other 3 months ago. I will wear her out and they will think baby is mine.

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They would shit bricks and I can't even imagine what they would do to us. So I now wank myself silly and wish I had a wife. Your parents must have not brought yous up well. Screen Name or. You and your sister made of each other knowing that she could get pregnant now be a father and a mother love you baby and be happy with each other.

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Has your mommy or daddy ever spanked you and your sister or do they still even spank yous now. I'm thinking about telling her to fuck one of her classmates so she can blaim it on him, but if they do a DNA test, or if the baby comes out all freaky deformed, we will be fucked. We really don't understand why that is wrong, if two people are in love, it shouldn't matter what anyone thinks.

Random Post.

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I asked her if she's been fucking anyone but me and she said no, so now we're in deep shit. Password Forgot? Your both so very sorry now Hey? My mother found out my sister 15 and I 16 were having sex so she immediatly put her on the pill, before we started having sex we fought constantly but were really lovy dovey when we started intercourse my parents were so happy with our attitude they put us in a new king size bed in the second bedroom and we rooted whenever we wanted even if we were cuddling on the couch and got horny we would just get up holding hands and excuse ourselves to have sex often we would leave our door open and shower together in the morning it was fantastic, she is interstate at university now so I am wanking a lot and desperate to see her home on vacation.

Ok, your in deep shit, but whatever you do please don't do and abortion with a coat hanger for fuck sake, trust me I've tried, I've only seen that much blood back in the cold war, and the abortion is running around in my basement I can't get it to leave. You said shes a few years younger so 12 or My goodness i have boy 12 and girl 10 and they get their fair share of spankings of bought my husband and i.

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For fun-loving party animal Ben Stone, the last thing he ever expected was for his one-night stand to show up on his doorstep eight weeks later to tell him she's pregnant with his .

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So, yesterday, after school, my little sister told me she thought she might be pregnant.

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So, yesterday, after school, my little sister told me she thought she might be pregnant.