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Kaley Cuoco Sex Stories


Kaley Cuoco is not a face you could easily forget. The following happened right after her divorce from former tennis player Ryan Sweeting in What I need now is not to think about it. I had a few drinks, and then I made a move on this cute guy. Man is always in shock when a girl is trying to seduce him, but he picked up his shit soon.

Name: Abbie

My age: 21
Where am I from: I'm french
Eyes colour: I’ve got clear hazel green eyes
Body type: Slender
I like: I like singing
Body piercings: I have surface piercing

Kaley waited for the audience to calm down before starting again.

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Her legs were a perfect golden tan and very toned, not enough to look masculine but her calves and thick thighs made it obvious that she worked out. She quickly zipped up and smiled warmly at the three guys, keeping the smile as she slowly pulled her zipper down, taking several moments just to reveal the middle of her sports bra.

Nobody hated a quarter inch of fabric more than the 3 contestants, the purple fabric the only thing separating them from seeing her naked from the waist down. Finally Kaley made her way around the audience, her jacket left on the floor next to her shorts and break away pants as she made her way back to her podium and then faced the contestants.

She turned around slowly, stretching her legs out, flexing her ass, letting the contestants and audience ogle her body that she worked so hard to keep in shape, and as the cheers of the audience vibrated the walls she knew that her hard work was appreciated. It was almost like the wave done at sporting events, but vocal.

Nobody ever came to the Quiz Show just to see her dance. You guys ready? He remembered at the Con last year only one out of the four Subtractions were answered correctly and the over eager fans in the audience had kicked the crap out of the contestants that had missed their questions. From behind her it looked like she was flashing the contestants her bare breasts as Kaley held the jacket wide open. Kaley replaced her mic on her podium and turned back towards the contestants.

As Kaley turned away and walked back to her Kaley cuoco sex stories, swishing her succulent ass back and forth, Francis grinned. She placed the front of her body towards the audience and began slowly pulling her shorts down, thrusting her ass back towards the contestants. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

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Kevin tried to ignore the throbbing in his pants as he concentrated on trying to get enough blood into his brain for it to work. Nobody came to see the contestants she knew and they were usually met with jealous stares. Everybody knew what a old perv the Promotional Manager was, but he was so sweet and never hit on any of the celebs that he worked with so everybody just considered him harmless.

The material of her tight shorts slid snugly between her muscular ass cheeks and pulled up tight around her pubic mound without giving her a camel toe which she preferred, camel toes always looked icky to her.

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Kaley looked from Francis to her card and back again, drawing out the tension but mostly teasing everybody for her own amusement. As the audience quieted down again the rest of the stage lights came up revealing the whole stage and the bank of flat screens behind Kaley came up. Kaley timed her dance perfectly and was standing straight up as the legally different enough from Jeopardy music started and the curtain began to open back up.

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Francis enjoyed a four question streak before hitting the next Everyday Subtraction. Her athletic shoes squeaked on the stage floor as she moved her hips around. Kaley cocked her hips, showing off her body just a bit, a little treat to the overweight man. She let the jacket fall to the floor and twisted around to the audience.

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She grinned wolfishly for a moment before tugging at her waist band and then yanking quickly up, pulling her pants away from her toned legs and exposing her tight volleyball shorts and causing the audience to erupt even louder in cheers. She continued to toy with her zipper as the contestants stared at her in wide-eyed awe. Francis had edged ahead of Kevin and was feeling pretty good but now Bill was picking all the high point questions and creeping up on them as he glared at him angrily with each right answer.

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She stepped out from behind the podium again, her muscular ass-cheeks flexing with each step as she approached the halfway point between her podium and the contestants. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person.

09/02/ – going out

Well, maybe not harmless to the booth-babes. Spider-Man had the Black Cat. As her giggles began to subside he finally manged to tear his eyes away. This is a work of complete fiction. The furthest edge of the audience got louder as she slowly made her way around and then quieted as she turned farther away but making that part of the audience cheer louder.

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Furthermore Jeopardy asks answers and are answered with questions, The ComicCon Quiz Show asks Questions that are answered with answers. Mel looked over the erupting crowd with pride. There was of course no help anywhere he looked and he remembered hearing the stories of contestants getting their asses kicked for not getting the answer to a Everyday Subtraction right.

08/02/ – finding a guy for fun

Kaley released her shorts, leaving them pooled around her ankles and stood up slowly, seeming to take forever to finally stand up and reveal the brief bit of purple material just barely covering up her pubic mound. She went back behind her podium and lifted up her answer cards. She stopped again, her thick rear end towards the audience with her toned legs spread shoulder length apart as she bent at the waist with her hands flat on the floor.

A new found confidence filled him at the beautiful stars words.

‘kaley cuoco’ stories

Francis got the first two questions right before Bill took over. Um, Silver Age Comics for please. He certainly seemed to have a silver tongue as far as the young actresses looking to make a break for themselves were concerned. She was dressed conservatively enough with sneakers, blue jeans, a white button-up blouse and just the barest hint of a bright purple bra barely visible through the material.

Still trying to help find the next hot, young starlet? She wore a purple G-string the same color as her shorts and sports bra, the small strap of material sinking between her muscular cheeks. Where as Jeopardy used a bank of televisions the ComicCon Quiz Show used the flat-screen LED screens which was legally different enough as the and point values flashed on.

Kaley cuoco sex stories grunted as the wanna-be actress who had apparently hid inside his podium without him knowing swallowed his cock whole. With her pants and shorts gone only her jacket and sports bra remained to be subtracted and she playfully enjoyed watching Francis stare nervously at her chest. She took even longer to reveal the strip of flesh from her sports bra down to her belly button, and finally the zipper reached the bottom of the hoodie.

Could be you!

Kaley pirouetted like a ballerina, making sure to give everyone a good look at her thick, round ass. She sauntered over to her podium and grabbed her mic before strutting over to the contestants and stood in front of Kevin, her round ass pointed at the audience. Except for her white sneakers which just made her sexier some how. She stopped dancing as the music wound down, her blonde hair slightly curled and artfully framing her beautiful face.

Kaley cuoco stories

She shimmied her whole golden body making her cleavage jiggle for the contestants. Bill croaked before mustering enough saliva to answer. Is that true? Kaley made her way behind her own podium as partial lights came on. She held the hoodie together again with one hand as she undid the zipper completely with the other hand before gripping both sides of the jacket and then with a quick yank pulling the sides apart, revealing her sports bra encased breasts and torso.

An hour later Mel stood at a podium in the large conference room set aside at the Con. On one side of the room was a large stage hidden behind a thick, red curtain and on the other side set the over two dozen Fanboys and girls filling up the room to capacity.

It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down.

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She turned around to face the audience and began popping her shoulders back, thrusting her chest out and causing her purple sports bra encased breasts to jiggle up and down beneath her zip-up black hoodie. Issac Newton for four Kevin and Francis battled over the top spot, their scores never more than a few hundred points apart as Kevin hit on the next Everyday Subtraction and causing the crowd to explode. The further she pulled her shorts down the further she bent forward, keeping the audience from seeing her ass as she presented it to the 3 contestants.

Please feel free to repost this in any non- pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where. Music very much like the Jeopardy theme song but legally different enough began playing as Kaley began swaying side to side.

I, uh Bill licked his dry lips, wishing that they were allowed water during the show instead of just during the breaks.

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No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Everybody in the audience had come for a shot at her special prize but by now the only ones with a shot at her were these three contestants. There had been enough light for him to see the young model wearing a black PVC catsuit swallowing his cock and sucking as hard as she could, momentarily startling him, but as the cue was given to start the show and with no way to sneak the model off-stage he just shrugged his shoulders in acceptance and started.

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She loved that look. The crowd roared as Kaley smiled coyly and began playing with the waistband of her tight, nearly transparent purple shorts. Kaley continued playfully zipping her zipper up and down all the way to her neck and then down to the bottom of her waist. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. Bill, you get the Everyday Subtraction so nobody else can chime in. She had purposefully bought a sports bra 2 sizes to small for the specific reason that it made her cleavage seem to spill out of the top, it gave her a horrible uni-boob look but the delicious things it did to her cleavage, and also making her hard nipples more prominent, was worth it, especially when she shimmied.

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Kaley looked down at her cue card before speaking, wanting to make sure she got the name right. Her tight shorts fit like a second skin and were the same bright purple as her sports bra but the color was slightly muted as they were pulled nearly transparent across her rounded ass. Right, sorry, right. For some reason the thought lifted him up like a life preserver in the ocean. The scores stayed pretty low at the start of the game but they usually did until after the first Everyday Subtraction.

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