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Injection fetish stories girl hunt for male for slappers

Injection Fetish Stories
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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. If you've never read those two words in that sequence and don't know what it is, this is going to be boring for you. You've been warned. The needle will muscle a bit slowly so you can enjoy the sensation okay?

Name: Crystie

My age: 23
Ethnicity: I was born in Austria
What is my figure type: My body type is quite athletic
I prefer to drink: White wine
I prefer to listen: Heavy metal
Hobbies: Drawing
I have tattoo: None


I moved my hands to the fabric of her panties and slowly pulled them down to her knees. I started preparing the injections in front of her. But a week ago we realised that there was another level to this dream. This was a like a dream. Then we talked for an hour about work and academics and other stupid shit that we find interesting.

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Something about a internship thing. I settled back in the chair near the table. Her mid length hair floating on her back. And finally 6 tiny packs of alcohol wipes. Her calves naked and soft slippers in her feet. But do you? I took the vial out of its protective plastic packaging. And i started emptying the contents of the pouch in the steel tray.

Injection stories

And I had a lot of preparations to do. She faxed me the prescription and I brought the little red B12 viles the next day. And took it off her body. I get a smile in return.

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There was a awkward silence. I knew she was waiting for that text.

Injection stories

She nodded. We were going to live our fantasies. Her eyes watching the tray carefully.

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Her fit body was complemented perfectly with mid size breasts and a cute butt. Her blood work had showed a little bit of Vitamin B12 deficiency, As expected in lifelong vegans not serious at all but enough to get a prescription for B12 injections. She leaned and placed her hands and breasts on the table.

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But I know I want to. She closed the door and gestured me to the bed. I was gonna remember this beautiful site forever. I spent that day planning everything once again. She was wearing a white bathrobe. She wore nothing but a lacy black bra and matching panties.

Constructive criticism and feedback please. And the second syringe occupied the rest. The room was cozy and nice.

Hyperdermic injection fetish stories fetish

I picked my little pouch and shoved it into my backpack. I placed the items on the table and settled in the chair. We started talking, and kept talking for hours. We had 5 days. Vitamin B12 shots of course.


A solid wooden table and a chair stood in front of the bed. I fetched the pouch out of my bag and a stainless steel tray. We both were shy and had agreed upon not trying weird small talk techniques. Took a couple of clear syringes out of their packs. We found out we were from the same state, just kilometres separating our cities. Slowly I untied the knots of her soft white bathrobe. A ambient yellow table lamp showered light on a neat bed with white sheets. And a pair of needles with their caps on them.

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Though I could sense her nervousness and felt like I need to relax her a bit. I broke the vial and sucked approximately half of the tiny amount of red liquid in the first syringe. In a week she was going to be here. In a couple of days one of my long awaited fantasies was going to become a reality. Brought a set of different needles and syringes off the internet. Her buttocks in the air.

This is my first story btw. She gave me the glass if water and sat besides me in the bed.

Getting to the point: a brief look at injection fetishes | drmarkgriffiths

Not at all. The tension in the room was about to rise. This was it. Her laughter told me how nervous she was. I knew what I was gonna do. I took her to the table and moved the chair aside.

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In a couple of minutes I was out of my apartment and in Injection fetish stories car, on the road to her hotel. I already knew how to administer intramuscular injections thanks to the the amount of time I had spent in my uncles clinic as a teen.

Every night of last week we planned tiny details and went over the plan again and again, and satisfied ourselves with mental images of the oncoming events. A 30mgc dose split in two injections for more effectiveness. And you look more beautiful than in the pictures. Her eyes following my every single move. Exactly two months ago on a lazy Sunday I was browsing a boring medfet community. Next day she went to her doctor and complained about fatigue.

Her clean shaved vagina was exposed to me. Exactly 24 hrs later I was going to be in her hotel room. I unpacked 4 of the six alcohol wipes and placed them in the tray. I moved the tray, towards her. I put the glass on the table and ed her on the bed. So I wrote a story. We shared experiences and fantasies and became decent friends that Sunday.

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And english is not my native language so take it slow okay. We even discussed the possibility of sex, but decided to leave it to the impulses of the hour. I was a bit nervous but confident. And also the amount of YouTube videos I had watched on the topic and a very good guide book for nurses that I found in a book sale. We were perfect partners. I stood up with her. Two injections ready in the steel tray. Then her stolen looks to my bag told me we were clear to proceed further. I took the needles and attached them to the syringes on their hubs.

The clock struck 10PM. Her almond skin looked beautiful in the yellow golden light.

Hyperdermic injection fetish stories fetish

Anticipation in her eyes. Then I remembered the day and my eyes lit up. All in the steel tray. With a tiny click the door opened and a beautiful smile greeted me. I made some bad jokes about Bombay traffic, which she found hilarious. I want to. My brain made so much dopamine that day. Three 30 mgc doses.

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He was so charming.

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This is a continuation of a story about my experience injuring my hip and needing to get some scans done to diagnose the problem.

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