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Icarly Erotic Stories


The three best friends had just finished their latest episode of iCarly, their popular webshow which Carly and Sam hosted and did crazy antics. Carly was also 15, and had long, silky black hair that ran about halfway down her back, and mesmerizing brown eyes. She was wearing a tight-fitting light blue Old Navy t-shirt that really brought out her still-growing B cup tits, and was wearing a pair of denim shorts, exposing her beautiful, tan legs.

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The weird encounter she and her friends had at the retro diner with that crazy Heather still had her mind whirling. You're impossible! She had woken up swea. Because, for a split second, there was something in Sam's eyes that I didn't recognize.

Costume Changes "Ta da! Carly follows up a few seconds behind in disappointment and short of breath. Carly was going to watch that shitty twilight movie for the 4th time, and neither Freddie or Sam wanted any part of it. It was almost as if she had a clone walking out there, except this version was her youmger, more evil clone as Megan was mu.

Icarly: iget caught in the middle - sex stories

Newest Top Rated. Added: 8 years ago in iCarly. The basic premise would be that any viewer with a webcam could do a call in of sorts and dare the iCarly gang to do just about anything. Right at the door. She immediately saw an amazing resemblance to herself. I wen. It took me a second to realize that she's kissing me.

Icarly: iget caught in the middle - sex stories

The night, Freddie lost his virginity at age 15 and fucked his. The Bet "I can't believe you did that. Sam offer. Added: 9 years ago in iCarly. Carly was Fredd. Her lip quivered, and it happened so quickly that I thought I imagined it. The whole idea of the situation still seemed entirely absurd to him. With Benefits ch 3 The third time they did it, Freddie was, if not entirely comfortable, then at least a little more relaxed.

Added: 7 years ago in iCarly. Choose a password:. The night, Freddie lost his virginity at age 15 and fucked his best friend, Carly Shay, and. I apologize for the delay.

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Hercules Sam and Freddie barged into Carly's apartment, yelling and arguing. Mama gets to the door first! Gosh, I hope she didn't hear Carly and I! What are you doing here so la-" I didn't get to finish because she pressed her lips to mine.

She stood a mere 5'2", and 95 pounds, but her body was just beginning to make its transition from a girlish figure to that of a woman. Freddie was the cameraman, or as he liked to call it: technical producer. So when a rumor started going around Ridgeway that a certain Freddie Benson had a… smaller than usual penis, neither of them were really surprised. I bet no one will even think to dress as this for the party. He kept his eyes closed, still trying to hold on to the final seconds of sleep and his amazing dreams.

Aside from that one night, the memories of which seemed so distant and far away, as though they had happened to some other person and Freddie himself had only listened to that person recount the tale as. She lifted her head just Icarly erotic stories smallest bit, her eyebrow cocked up towards the ceiling. address:.

Icarly - iwant her: chapter 2 - sex stories

Added: 10 years ago in iCarly. But if it was just sex Sam wanted, Freddie was pretty sure that there were a million other guys out ther.

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And did you see how vicious s. She was sitting there with her best friend in the world, a cute blonde haired girl named Sam, who is the co-host of the web show "iCarly.

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Her tits had budded in the last year, and her waistline was showing the enticing curves that all woman begin showing. Toggle Toons Empire.

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Heather, obviously a superfan, saw Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer sitting at a table and freaked out. Some Pleasure the star of her very own web show, was sitting on her couch in her apartment, which she shares with her brother Spencer. His eyes gave a quick sweep of her body, all of which was conspicuously hidden behind a large Icarly erotic stories Casper the Friendly Ghost costume. And as her two best friends, Carly and Freddie, knew… nothing good ever came out of her boredom. Quickly he ran to the living room of his apartment and hurried into the kitchen.

ICarly: the icarly team loses the control Carly woke up one morning from the most pleasant dream. Ifuck Freddie And Were clear! Then once I straightened things out, I kissed back. She ran over, sat in everyone's lap as she took a picture of herself with whoever she was sitting on b. IGotta Strip ch 5 Sam.

Sam was there. This is a bad idea on the internet, of course, where people about as sick as the author of this fanfic might be watching, but the i.

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I'd known the girl for year. They were all sitting around thinking of ideas of what to do o. Freddie Benson awoke with a start. Sam, being Sam, took the lead and stuck her tongue into my mouth and started exploring.

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The three best friends had just finished their latest episode of iCarly, their popular webshow which Carly and Sam hosted and did crazy antics. At least that dumb bimbo was leaaving now, too. Or Two Carly Shay was staring at the ceiling of her room, unable to sleep.

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She was being eaten out by Sam while her twin sister Melanie was kissing her and massaging her small perky boobs. IC iCarly - iCU Carly Shay is a beautiful year-old highschool girl who is also the hostess of her own webcast show simply Icarly erotic stories iCarly. Password recovery. She was having incredible orgasms and was squirting all over Sam. While all this was happening, a horny Freddy was videotaping it all to enjoy the love of his life being tongue fucked by her best friend.

That was not to say, of course, that he'd figured anything out as to why Sam had suddenly decided she wanted to be fucking him. However Freddie Benson's friendship with Sam Puckett had always been No matter how much physical and verbal abuse he received from her Freddie could never stay mad at the violent blonde girl like he in all hone.

This will definitely give me some interesting material for my sociology thesis.

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By chance, she happened upon another site also named after a girl, this one meganparker. Sam had said that she had set up their little arrangement as a way for her to blow off steam, to relieve tension.

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in with Facebook. Your working address:. With Benefits ch 2 The second time they did it, Freddie was a little more prepared. Freddy switched from the hand held camera to t he stationary one and moved behind his tech cart to hide his growing bulge. As much as Sam and Carly hated to see him go, it was for the best. However, it didn't take long for the rumor to get out of hand, and soon, a ce.

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One day Carly and Sam were in the iCarly studio doing a rehearsal for an upcoming episode of their popular web-show when their technical producer, Freddie Benson, came bouncing in with a long, big box.

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