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Human Toilet Sex Stories


Angela was sitting at home once again not having a date on this Friday night. Slumming it on the couch catching up on TV that she has missed in the past few weeks. However, she did have one friend Emily that she talked to quite often and shared everything with, even her deepest darkest fetishes.

Name: Eyde

How old am I: 21
What is my ethnicity: I'm malaysian
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got misty blue eyes
Sex: Female

She had big tits, and a flat stomach. The moment quickly turned sour when I smelled her pussy.

‘human toilet’ stories

As she sat on my mouth, I felt a drip of what I thought was pee. Her skin was perfectly tan, and her black lace bra and matching panties looked sexy against it. Her eyes were closed in deep concentration. Chapter 9 A few minutes later, a Latina teen entered my stall. She wore a shiny black dress with a grey belt, which she quickly took off over her head. Her pussy had coarse hair around it that shined with oil. I have never been with a Latina before. The woman who entered my stall was not like the rest.

Her ass was pale with red dots of acne and blemishes scattered about.

‘human toilet’ stories

I was excited for her to use me. She was short, with her messy brown hair forced into a bun.

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It scraped roughly against my tongue during its descent. Her asshole tasted awful, and was covered in hair. I looked up at her face. Her accent was beautiful, and it returned the blood to my dick.

Human toilet at the club pt. 03

She blew a loud, long fart into my mouth. Once it reached halfway to my throat, I began mushing the shit with my tongue so I could swallow. I scanned her body. Her pussy was also ugly, the inside part of the vagina hung below the outer lips.

Human toilet at the club pt. 03

Her piss was more salty than it was metallic, and that made it extra hard to swallow. Unlike the gorgeous women who used me before, this lady was much less attractive. The stream gradually built up pressure, and I struggled to keep up. She was a welcomed sight after the last girl. It smelled sour, like she didn't shower today. She wore a black crop-top with grey leggings.

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Before I could lick her clean, she moved her asshole over my mouth. But I realized what was going on when she took off her panties. Human Toilet at the Club Pt. Posted Fri 26th of July Report. IT was extremely pungent. Her waste had chucks of food in it, and they scratched my throat as I forced it down.

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However, I noticed her face looked pained. I watched her thick, blemishless ass cheeks fall on each side of my face, squeezing my chin as she put her pussy on my mouth.

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I silently gagged on the smell, which was violently attacking my senses. Around the edges of her ass were stretch marks. She was a little chubby, and her tummy fat rippled slightly when she moved. She seemed irritated and uncomfortable. Her shit was particularly dense. She looked at me with large brown eyes, studying me. After a few minutes, she started to pee.

Only for a day

It was a small, knobby log. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? She sat on my face with her pussy in my mouth. The tip of my tongue went inside her ass for a moment, and met her shit early. Register here to post. She turned around and pulled down her pants.

I entered this club with the hope of seeing my ex-girlfriend Lauren.

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She was indecisive, this must have been her first time using a human toilet. Her soft brown eyes were gorgeous, and she had long lashes complimenting them. Her shit pushed my tongue back into my mouth, and began inching towards my throat. The tampon was soaked in her blood, and she discarded it somewhere before turning around to use me. I heard that periods can make your pussy smell, but I had no idea.

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This girl was bleeding in my mouth. Stone's diarrhea was brutal. Eventually a few drops of hot piss fell into my mouth, followed by a stream. I figured it was because of the smell in here. My tongue was pushed against her asshole, and I felt her hole begin to open. She sat on me for a while, and I suspected she was having difficulties peeing because she was nervous. I had no dignity left. It was a welcomed way to wash out the blood pooled inside my mouth.

The telltale clicking of high heeled shoes grew as my stall door opened. I cringed so hard that I felt dizzy, and my cheeks burned red from the humiliation. It's as if I'm turning into a real toilet, losing my humanity one shit at a time. But the reality is inescapable, the only human connection I can expect is having my lips wrapped around an asshole.

My teacher is a human toilet

However, it was far too metallic and thick to be pee. The leftover piss from her pussy dripped onto my nose, which was pushed into her unkempt folds. There was a string hanging out of her perfect pussy.

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I was drinking this beautiful girl's blood out of her nasty pussy, and there was nothing I could do about it. The blast of hot air from the rancid fart found its way into my lungs and made me shiver from disgust. Introduction: All characters depicted in this story are over the age of All characters depicted in this story are over the age of Chapter 8 I have only been a toilet for a few hours, but time moves slower when you have shit in your mouth. Her hair was long, straight and black. I felt shell-shocked, and was convinced the shit inside me was eating away at my brain.

Her navel was toned, and so were her thighs.

Only for a day

I licked the remaining shit off of her asshole, and she stood up and left. I watched her bow her legs, and slowly pull the tampon out of her shaven snatch. It took all of my willpower not to throw up.

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My girlfriend Lauren had broken up with me.

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