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If you are looking for the best Harry Poter fanfiction stories out there, you should know that the world of Harry Potter fanfiction is vast and all-encompassing. The next 12 best Harry Potter fanfiction stories below have surprised me with their creativity, cheekiness, and intensity. They may not be your typical Harry Potter fanfics, but they each have an interesting, thought-provoking story to tell. These writers did a wonderful job and some of them display tremendous talent.

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During Horcrux hunt Harry wakes up and finds Hermione sitting in his bed playing with herself.

Harry potter: the untold tales #1 (harry and hermione)

Images, coding, and any other potentially liftable content may not be used without express written permission from their respective creator s. Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Whether it is a stroke of luck or pure coincidence that he had chosen to rest in a tree overlooking the front yard of Four of Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey is something that matters little to him, though it will later be the subject of a vicious debate.

Update. If you get guilty pleasure out of that sort of thing, then this one's for you. This is a mature one-shot between Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. She had lied to herself for years after they had traveled alone, convinced herself it was all nothing.

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After repeatedly being teased by Fred and George about her feelings for Harry and them making a bet if she would or would not do it in public, Hermione proves just what she is willing to do to prove in front of everyone in the Great Hall how she feels about Harry Potter. First through third year near canon, more AU from fourth year on but ificant changes in the timeline begin towards the end of second year.

For an experimental potion Hermione needs an ingredient that only Harry can help her get.

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Challenge fic: prompts: Something outside my comfort zone, pile on the nasty fetishes! One by one, the Engineer will Hp sex stories his traps. What does matter is that the child had been left on the doorstep of Four with little more than a baby blanket and a letter on a night that promises rain.

The AFF system includes a rigorous and complex abuse control system in order to prevent improper use of the AFF service, and we hope that its deployment indicates a good-faith effort to eliminate any illegal material on the site in a fair and unbiased manner. And why is it making Harry even angrier than he thought it would? It is impossible to avoid them. Thank you. While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

35 harry potter erotica fanfics to fulfill every fantasy

One by one, the Doll Maker will punish those deserving with her creations. Search Archive Catergories :. That matters a lot, and it is unforgivable. What if Hermione met Harry before Ron did? Needing distraction from her departure from the Ministry she hopes to focus on helping the students, but instead she finds herself face to face with emotions she stamped down when Harry Potter arrives as the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. Opinions stated in profiles of users may not reflect the opinions or views of Adult-FanFiction.

Hermione and Hp sex stories discover that Hogwarts isn't what the brochure advertised! When McGonagall offers Hermione Granger a position as the Librarian at Hogwarts she decides that returning is in her best interest. Hogwarts has two individuals working together to torment all who have done them wrong. So hope you enjoy :. Harry to start, Fem! Harry to follow Not for fans of my usual fare! But why is Hermione hanging all over McLaggen when a short while earlier she had been trying to get away from him?

As they study for their exams Harry made Hermione take a break so they could get off. Sex in later chapters fourth year. Other than that, it's a pretty decent story in my humble opinion. All characters are off age, everything is outside the canon story. Please review.

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Trigger Warning! All works displayed here, whether pictorial or literary, are the property of their owners and not Adult-FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. After Harry rescues her in first year, Hermione decides to share her lifestyle with him Benzedrine Published : April 23, Harry's determined to win back Hermione's heart, but can he do it without sticking his foot in his mouth?

Quid pro quo - I help you, you help me. When Harry Potter is given the opportunity of a lifetime to fuck his best friend, he learns a lot about himself, love, and intimacy. The backstory will come at a later time, but the gist is: Harry and Hermione have a pact of helping each other fulfilling fantasies in the Room of Requirements.

LGBT positive, some characters are bi or gay. Minimum 8 characters8. This abuse control system is run in accordance with the strict guidelines specified above.

51 of the best harry potter fan fiction stories on the internet

Exceeded 32 characters. Filthy, filthy smut! Ron is dead.

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Impossible to separate them. Abuse mentioned, but not prominently featured. Invalid E-mail.

10 of the best sex fanfictions out there on the internet

Password: password is required. Plot w Sex. Mostly Harry and Hermione. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Or rather, she can help him get it out This is the first story in a planned "series" that takes place in Hogwarts, all about the room of requirements. Password Reset.

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This is story of one Harry Potter from his first year to the end. No longer SFW as of chapter Not for the timid! Finally, proof that Malfoy is up to no good. Do not read if underage, and I'll also ignore any negative feedback on the pairing or intimacy issue.

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Harry realises that he has more in common with Hermione than Ron. Their friendship gradually blossoms into something more. Thank you for visiting! There are no explicit rape scenes in this story, despite the tag, it is only referenced and its after effects--hence the trigger warning The rating has changed as of chapter 10 for Explicit consensual sex scene, and future sex scenes but it's not technically a smutfic, Lol!

What if the wizarding world is just slightly more perverted?

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While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

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So you like Harry Potter.

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By wolfwriterin Harry Potter.

Spit Roast Stories

Male lead Female lead.

Trait Swap Story

Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback.

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback.