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Espanol chica seeking boy especially for How i cuckold my husband stories

How I Cuckold My Husband Stories


I love my husband. My husband is the light of my life.

Name: Valerye

My age: 23
What is my nationaly: Nigerian
Sexual preference: Man
Color of my iris: Dark green
What is my hair: Brunet
Body features: My figure features is quite slim
Other hobbies: Listening to music

When it came up, I admit, it always turned me on. Fucked in every room of the house. I wondered if I could DP a guy like they did in the pornos. We had already discussed the subject, so when it came up more I barely noticed. In retrospect I now know that Craig was on his own path.

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In fact we dated a while before we fucked. He was 5' 10" about and handsome. I did not notice the change.

Did i really cuckold my hubby?

We masturbated in front of each other. I was 19 when we met. I never really thought about it being sexy. She was supportive. He was smart, handsome, had a good job, was good to the people around him, and good to my family. Even so, it led to great sex afterwards. He treated me like the wife I wanted to be. After college Craig would try to get me to wear sexier clothes. Craig would always ask how the movies made me feel.

Nothing outrageous. A cock in my mouth, one in my pussy, mmmmm.

Cuckold fantasy type & probability assessment

I have to admit the scenes turned me on too. I now know that Craig had found an author that he loved. The stories Craig showed me always involved a woman getting fucked by two or more guys. The reality is we do make love, but we also fuck.

We dated seven years before we married. They turned him on so much he wrote the author to tell her how much. Craig liked to read erotic stories, mostly literotica. My husband and I always had a great sex life. I never really felt men noticed me. I always said no.

Annie's tale: cuckolding my husband

All our friends pictured us as the perfect marriage. So did I. Our sex life was never dull. Sometimes we watch porn. The other thing she suggested was to try and get me to pose for pictures. We always had great sex after.

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One day Craig asked me if he could show a picture to a coworker. Craig was long lasting, just the right size, and knew where to touch me to get just the right response. It seems the author had helped her husband cuckold men before and had a few ideas in what things worked. For my part I tried to keep him equally satisfied. The goal was for me to let him show off my pics and see the reaction i got from men. Craig went through my pictures and found one of me in a black, see through, spandex, tube dress.

She wanted to see if I got turned on by being shown off. Also afraid that meant he wanted another woman too. In the correspondence Craig explored his fantasy about seeing me with two or more men. She suggested that he bring it up in bed anytime he could.

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I thought he could have had any girl so it felt good when he asked me out. If it was during sex I would moan and could feel myself getting wetter. His favorite included watching a woman with two or more men. Although outside the house I kept my girl next door image, sometimes, when I was feeling naughty, I shed the image and became a bad girl.

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I prefered the girl next door look, lacy tops and jeans. Craig loves my bad girl.

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The thought really turned me on but it scared me too. Sometimes I just wear something slutty looking. I was flattered when Craig asked me out.

Annie's tale: cuckolding my husband

Craig seemed really turned on by the idea of her husband, an older man, fucking me. I just thought I looked cute. She told him that the first positive was that the porn of multiple men turned me on. She also suggested that we watch the porn together as often as he could get me to.

Craig and I met at a college party. I still am. Craig had asked me before if he could show off my pics. It seems most of the stories she wrote were wife sharing stories. Even today I am 5'7" lbs. Like I said, a great sex life. He tried to get me to read some, but truthfully I preferred watching porn to reading.

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My name is Annie. They turned him on. She responded. In college I was the smart one.

Cuckold fantasy type & probability assessment

The idea of two men treating me as a slut turned me on. We were comfortable with each other and our bodies. They were in a category called loving wives. I admit, I did masturbate to the fantasy. There were s before then.

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Craig and the author started devising plans on how they might get me to cuckold him. Truthfully they really turned me on but I was a little too embarrassed to say so. In my mind the porn started it. When we married I was madly in love with Craig. I have a flat belly, Auburn hair, that falls between my shoulder blades, and a great ass.

He was loving and worked to make me happy. Well not quite true. The porn was hot. Click the picture above for more details. I used to wear a lot of crop tops and short skirts. I love both.

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My wife has always had a thing for her boss, she always used to tell me how attactive he was and after a while the chemistry between them built up so much that I let them have sex.

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What if it were true that just this afternoon, I'd met secretly with my lover at a hotel, and we'd made love for 3 hours in a steamy hotel room?

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