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They had been married for several years and their sex life had been wonderful, although less frequent since the children had arrived. Candace loved to fuck, there was no question about that, she enjoyed every kind of sex her husband and she had shared, but it had become insufficient because Housewifes sex stories the infrequency. Donald worked a lot to support them and she found herself having to masturbate to make up for her lost lover, she needed to cum at least 5 times a day and she felt insatiable. One day, as she sat at the computer, she received a link to a site and when she clicked on it, she was presented with pictures of women tied up and being fucked, it made her pussy throb, Donald had never done that to her and the thoughts of submission made her very wet. Before she knew it, her hand was between her legs and her juices flowed almost like a garden hose as she looked at the image and masturbated herself to an earth shattering orgasm.

Name: Marigold

My age: 47
What is my nationaly: Hungarian
My sex: Female
My favourite drink: Absinthe
I prefer to listen: Opera
My tattoo: None

The housewife

I had perfect access to his asshole and pushed my rubber cock up his ass. We discussed how much we both just loved fucking each other and we agreed we fuck as often as we could. It was also much more intimate than being on my hand and knees being plunged from behind like my husband always does to me. I keep my pussy shaved bald because I like it smooth and I think most guys appreciate a bald pussy when they go down on a woman, not that my husband goes down on me often!

We cleaned up and I changed my sheets as soon as he left.

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It felt so good and he even let his tongue wander to my asshole, which my moans told him I enjoyed so he made it a point to keep returning to my asshole each time spending longer and longer. He admitted to getting fucked by her with a strap-on. Looking for serious relations? He did exactly as I told him and pinned my wrist down and started to jackhammer my pussy and my firm tits bounced back and forth uncontrollably. I was so starved for affection and sex I was having a hard time separating my emotions from the hot pounding sex as he gradually increased the speed at which his cock was pumping my pussy!

About three months after ing the site I made a surprising discovery. Wanna casual sex? Log in to comment or register here. The next day he squeezed his big cock into my asshole as I was on all fours. When he finally made me cum his tongue had been working my asshole for Housewifes sex stories minutes straight as he fingered my pussy with three fingers. For the next 15 minutes I experiences wave after wave of orgasms overcome me.

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I work out five times a week and have kept my petite body firm and tight. Permalink Reply. He fucked me slow and deep as we kissed and he talked to me so sweetly. After I lubed the dildo I had him grab behind his knees and pull back his legs.

Share Story. He then grunted loudly as cum squirted from his cock with such force.

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About a year ago I ed a swing site, I guess with the hopes that I could talk my husband into letting me fuck other men or meet other couples to swap with, but I never had the courage to tell my husband about the site. Wanna see? David not only let me tongue his asshole but he moaned loudly showing he really enjoy it, which turned me on. His eyes lit up at the though of fucking my tight little ass and he promised to break my ass in gently and also promised Housewifes sex stories keep give my pussy a work-out on a regular basis. It was beautiful! With the biggest smile on his face he told me not to be embarrassed and I tried to play dumb.

Eventually he sat up and was ready to dress and leave, but I pulled him back and told him I still had some free time and wanted to Housewifes sex stories with his awesome body. I started him off slowly as he requested but kept fucking him faster, waiting for him to tell me when to ease up, but he never did. This is a true story. Another thing I found frustrating about my husband is he never did anything around the house as far fixing stuff.

I asked him numerous questions as I slide a second finger into his ass and although it was difficult to talk as I fingered his asshole he answered every question. Story Details. My pussy is at your disposal! Finally after a few months I got the courage to start chatting with him online not letting him know who I was of course. I was impressed at how hard he was taking! Once inside out of the view of any neighbors we quickly undressed get other and kissed passionately.

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I totally loved him for letting me do this to him and told him how hot all of this was. He looked so hot struggling to handle the cock pumping his ass! He then pushed his big thick cock back inside my cunt and continued to pump my pussy hard. He fucked my ass for a half hour straight as he pumped my pussy with the same dildo I used on his asshole the day before.

You must to do that! I told him Housewifes sex stories was going to cum and begged him to fuck me harder. I stroked his cock as I fucked him in the ass very fast. I was touched by what he said. No ? Within minutes of David fucking me faster I felt a big orgasm building. I used to swing too fucking a lot of married women and I also pleasured a lot of married women while their husbands watched and filmed it.

He climbed on top of me and slowly inserted his big cock into my soaked pussy. I have well defined long legs, tone arms, a flat belly and a very firm round ass. After he finished ejaculating all over me he stuck his still hard cock back in my cunt and began fucking me more. now! For some reason I was expecting him to say no, so when he said yes I was surprised and was very curious to hear all about it. As I was getting my brains fucked out I felt a sense of liberation!

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One day I was dressed in a very tight gym outfit right before I was ready to go to the gym. What a beautiful story sexkitty! I think your husband is an ass for ignoring you!

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After that we laid in bed for like 15 minutes both trying to recover. My pussy immediately exploded and he pulled his cock out and watched me spray my juices all over him and my bed. He laid me down on the bed and knelt down between my legs and began licking my bald pussy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. We have sex at most once a month, sometimes going up three or four months without having sex.

When he is not working he is more interested in spending time with our two children than with me. Desperate Horny Housewife. He hit himself across his face with stream after stream with the last couple of streams landing Housewifes sex stories his muscular chest. I was moaning so loud that later David mentioned the entire block probably heard me!

As my finger sank into his ass he let out a deep loan moan. Can you handle this size? He never pressured me to meet him, in fact I thought he was so sweet and understanding. After I finished cumming he stood up and his thick 8 inch cock was fully hard.

You deserve so much better! I loved watching his face and watching the dildo sliding in and out of his ass at the same time. My husband has a very good job but does work long hours and even when he is home he often works.

Housewife confession stories and sins

I was speechless and felt my face get warm as it turned red. He also had naked pictures and sex pictures and I saw he had a huge cock. My arm was actually getting tired from thrusting the dildo in and out of his ass, but I felt precum start to ooze from the head of his cock and could tell by his moans he was going to cum so I pumped his ass deeper and faster. My 9" erection leaking its pre cum proves I loved your story! Punish me with your dick in my mouth. It was so most incredible thing I ever did to a guy or witnessed. Who Upvoted this Story.

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I constantly get told that my tits look great. I saw him staring at my tits as my nipples were clearly visible pushing against my white tight top. He obliged and just laid back down as I lick, kissed and sucked every inch of his body. We kissed as my pussy clamped down on his cock milking it as he shot his cum deep in my pussy, it was so incredibly intense and beautiful! After a huge orgasm he told me he was going to eventually get me a second guy so I could experience it with two real cocks.

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It was a great orgasm! I started fantasizing about him all the time and made excuses to see him Housewifes sex stories whenever we talked my pussy got wet. It was the biggest orgasms of my life, definitely better than anything I ever felt with my husband! I approached David about the work and he agreed saying he could use the extra money. My young stud fucked me for another 10 to 15 minutes until we both started to cum at the same time. Stream after stream of thick white cum splashed onto my face, tits and stomach. Only here real single girls are ready to mingle!

Every word he said and every touch and every thrust of his cock made me fall harder for this charming young guy. After he said yes I started finger fucking his ass as I stroked his cock. I said okay and we went inside my house.

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