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Name: Amabel

How old am I: 40
Ethnicity: Chinese
What is my sex: Girl
I understand: Spanish
What I prefer to drink: I prefer to drink cider
Favourite music: Classical
What is my hobbies: Roller-skating

If you would like to skip the background, I have placed the word "Meatball" right before the part with all the sex for your reading pleasure. The bus arrived earlier than usual and I hopped in. Then I noticed Jessie. I had hit my cheek on the side of the bus when it turned abruptly. She screamed and dropped the phone to the ground, clutching the side of her head. I shoved it in the pocket of my hoodie. I started to take off my hoodie to better hide my new phone, but this was a mistake. The last one to get on wasted no time in pointing the gun at the driver of the bus and eschewing him to his feet.

In the blink of an eye, they had ascended to the front of the bus.

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He made a move as if to stand aside to let me through, but instead he grabbed me roughly by the shoulders and shoved be back into the first seat. He slides a tape recorder from his jacket pocket and places it smoothly on the table, sliding it closer to me, yet still between the two of us. There was a small commotion at my feet as I looked down. They traded places quickly, the driver with his hands up and the masked man pointing the gun his direction. One man denied having a phone and he was immediately struck in the head. I glanced back up at them quickly to see if they had noticed, but they were all looking out the window, giving directions.

It had horrified me, not for their actions but for my own. The Hostage sex stories never took his eyes off me and I found myself unable to take my eyes off of him in return. I gasped and immediately felt fear welling inside me. The robbers had forgotten about it during the exchanged. Finally we stopped by some railroad tracks and the bus slowed to a halt.

So we waited awkwardly for our chance to get off the bus. The bus started off again, now with three robbers in tow. But, I would classify myself as a looker. Dazzling brown hair with a hint of auburn streaking down my shoulders, with big, round and brown eyes. A couple of the other Hostage sex stories behind me gasped, but none of them stopped to help me.

There had definitely been assault, both mentally and physically. If I concentrate hard enough I think I can still feel the semen dried on my thighs. Both the girl and I could clearly hear snippets of their conversation. Simply go to find on in your browser and search for "meatball" and be taken directly to the sex.

I had a bad habit of dressing a little more slutty for my sex addicts meetings lately. Finally, I reached him in line. I had been clean for a year now, at least in terms of sex with another person. He could tell I was lying, but it was my choice and I was choosing to keep quiet. A couple of them cast sideways glances at me, perhaps pitying me.

While not outrageous, my chest is an average size with perky and round breasts most men care about the shape anway and an admittingly out of shape ass, that still had traces of its former high school track days.

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Even though I was a couple people back in line, I could feel his eyes boring in to me. The driver quickly sat down and shut the doors. She screamed and cried when the doors closed and the bus sped off again, leaving the other passengers stranded in the middle of nowhere behind us. The Hostage. I checked around and sighed.

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When I finally did, I lost the words to say, so I just mouthed my name to her. With one man driving and another giving him directions. The good officer sighed and looked away. So sweet and innocent. They were all almost off the bus by now. If the men were trying to hide their intentions for us, they were doing a poor job of it.

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He was the same one who had stared at me earlier. He continued with the interrogation and I told him everything I knew.

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I watched in horror when the man smiled cruelly at her and grabbed her by the shoulders just as he did me. She was last in line, a girl all alone by herself on the bus. I can feel his eyes hovering over the bruises on the side of my face. I conveniently left out Jessie. Occasionally a passenger would ask a question but we were ignored. The third man stood in-front of us serenely. Our staring contest was broken when the lady in-front of me stupidly began dialing on her cell phone.

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I caught eye contact with one of the robbers and he eyed me up and down coolly. In a panic all of us began rushing for the aisle, trying to be the first one off the bus and away from danger. Reluctantly he gave up his cell phone and everyone else in line were much more urgent about surrendering their electronics.

The bus was really speeding now and I could only stare helplessly at the little girl across from me sobbing helplessly. Suddenly the bus came to a sudden stop at a deserted intersection. We stared at each other for awhile, me out of fear, him out of…attraction?

I nod, biting my lip and crossing my legs. Even though it happened in real time, I watched it in slow-motion, to horrified to actually scream any kind of warning.

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The trouble started once we passed the bank, just a couple blocks from my self-help meeting. Nobody listened. Unfortunately my plan backfired as the man took notice of my chest. I especially left out the part where three men viciously assaulted us in a cabin hidden away in the woods. So we drove for a long time in the country. It is exactly the way it is shown in the movies. I sat halfway back of the bus, scared just like the rest of the passengers.

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However, I strongly recommend reading the background. In a perfectly choreographed getaway, three men wearing masks sprinted out of the bank, just as the bus pulled to a stop and opened its doors for an elderly woman on the sidewalk. Either my answer appeased him or he was distracted by my cleavage.

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But it was her cherubic face that made her attractive. Second, this first part contains a lot of background. As I got closer to him, I was able to assess him more clearly. With little effort he shoved her into the first seat opposite of me.

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I put a finger to my lips and slowly bent to pick it up. I definitely left out the part where I enjoyed every last minute of it. The second one started moving down the aisle, holding a large sack as he went. It was a city bus so the clientale were less than admirable. His eyes scan me up and down with pity. I looked at Jessie and caught her gaze.

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The extra movement caused one of them to turn around. He hesitates for a moment before finally asking. First, I would just like to say that I am writing a story about sexual assault, whichI do not condone, however it is fun to fantasize. I tried to catch her eyes and let her know everything was going to be okay. The girl took a moment to compose herself before mouthing back to me through a tear strained face. He was taller and carried more importance to him than the others. The cell phone the woman had dropped from earlier had rested at my feet.

He was just smiling at me. The walls are grey except for one wall which has a one sided window to it.

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Her whole body was both excited and scared.

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Yes, the family already had their minions busy choosing which real estate assets, treasury bonds, etc.

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This is my first sex story and I hope you guys will enjoy it, it is different from many sex stories on this site.

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Amanda hurried through the heavily falling snow on the way to her dorm room from the library.