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Home Improvement Sex Stories


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Name: Allyn

Years old: 19
What is my ethnicity: Kazakh
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got huge gray-green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair color: Golden
Body type: Thin
Favourite music: Easy listening
Other hobbies: Roller-skating

Then suddenly Brad came in a great spurt of cum and Jill felt her own orgasm coming as she continued to move up and down on Brad's spurting cock.

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Randy started to suck on her tits while Jill started to move her hips closer to Brad's face. Brad and Randy could not tear their eyes off her pussy and their cocks got even harder. Jill felt Brad was about to come and she sucked harder on his cock, Brad came with force and Jill swallowed his entire load.

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She moved up and down with great speed as she neared an orgasm herself, "Oh yes, fuck me Brad, fuck me," she yelled out as she impaled herself on Brad's cock over and over. She grabbed the shampoo bottle and then started to slowly rub it over her cunt. Brad and Randy looked at each other and then they snug upstairs when they heard their mother drawing a bath.

Home improvement heidi babysits the boys.

The boys smiled as they heard her and then stared at her exposed cunt. They jumped with surprise as they felt a hand on their cocks. She went into the bathroom and started to draw a bath. Don't mind me I just finished some garden work and I'm going to clean up" Jill said and went up the stairs. Only seconds later Brad pulled Randy away form her and jumped onto her, "No, no Brad let's try something else" she said and pushed him off her.

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After Brad had come she moved to Randy and then took his cock in her mouth. The boys looked disappointed as they had both come and believed that it was over. He immediately put his hands on her tits and started to fondle them.

Home improvement sex stories

Jill felt him come and she clenched her cunt tight around his cock to milk him for all he was worth. He grabbed her hips and enjoyed every inch his cock slid into her hot and wet snatch, working harder and harder inside her pussy. She quickly dried off and then she went to one side of the room, out of sight of the boys. Brad started to tentatively lick her pussy.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered. You are certainly big enough" Jill said as she looked at their still erect cocks. She heard a bump on the door and smiled.

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Kathryn sucked on Randy's cock with great joy, although it started out as acting she was really getting into it. She slowly walked into the shower and got all wet. Randy quickly did as he was told and slipped his teenage cock inside her wet pussy and started to fuck his own mother.

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She sucked Randy quickly and soon felt his load shooting down her throat. Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this story.

Home improvement - jill's story

For the first time ever Brad's dick entered a pussy and he felt a sensation that no masturbation had ever given him. She got down on the floor and stood on all four, Brad quickly realized what she was doing and then moved in behind her. Randy felt more ecstasy than ever before; the girl he had had sex with was nothing like this. Randy thrust into her with a last effort and then he came in a huge explosion of cum, which made him see stars. Jill pushed Brad down onto the floor and then sat down on him, as his cock slipped in she started to pump her ass up and down.

Jill heard something rustle outside the bathroom door and thought "it's show time", she knew that her sons were looking at her and she was about to give them an eyeful.

Home improvement heidi babysits the boys. - sex stories

She quickly threw the door open and exposed the boys both with their cocks out. She knew that they were masturbating by now and felt that she needed to turn the heat up.

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She heard a faint "ooooohhh" from outside the door as she started to shampoo her hair. Brad could not believe what was happening as he felt his mother's mouth on his cock, Brad was a virgin and he could not hold back for long. Randy, unlike Brad, was not a virgin but still he had trouble holding back too as Jill took him all the way in.

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I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions. She slowly took off her clothes making sure that she did not show her tits or pussy to the boys, then she slowly turned around to give Brad and Randy an eyeful of her naked body.

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Randy quickly climbed up on the bed and she positioned him between her legs, "Now push inside me and then slide it in and out". They went to the bathroom door and Brad started to peek through the keyhole while Randy moved a picture and looked through the hole he had drilled a few weeks ago.

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Jill was satisfied with Tim in spite of Tim spending more time with this tools rather than with Jill.

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Jill was satisfied with Tim in spite of Tim spending more time with this tools rather than with Jill.

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Jill was satisfied with Tim in spite of Tim spending more time with this tools rather than with Jill.